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 Issue 11- November 14th 2510
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GLN: OK, What about the new sounds? what are they, do you like them? Are there key sounds missing you'd like to see added?

Sinnyil: I LOVE the new sounds. Love them
BooAhl: They are nice
Malitrius: all sounds are there I think, with lot of really nice additions!
Sinnyil: The new ones like the hypnotic gaze, the TTM, the wild animal/take root/bonehead/really stupid sounds...the sound when a vampire bites a thrall...
Calcium: the sounds are great, they really add to the game
Sinnyil: Probably my favorite is The sound a troll makes when he eats a goblin. Omnomnomnom. Its a shame my trolls never seem to be hungry. I make TTMs with my troll instead of my ogre with my pact just for the chance to hear that sound.
Calcium: TTM is the best. WEEEEEEE! damn, havent heard the 'nomnom' sound yet
Lakrillo: There are key sounds that we have planned to add. But they will come eventually. My favorite is the Nom Nom sound.
Malitrius: they are better then in the old client I think. Some additions are duh for confused, ewwww for foul appereance
Sinnyil: Ooh, yeah, the FA sounds is also awesome.
Lakrillo: I am very happy with how the take root turned out, i did the sound-engineering for that one and played away with stuff and it came out great i think.

GLN: Sounds fun. What about the poor spectators, what can they do? Do they have fun things to look to use?

Malitrius: they can call for the ref and tell us that they are bored (when we do not foul)

GLN: Is that too similar to coaching? (call boring to ask for fouls?)

Sinnyil: I think its really a given that specs want fouls period.
BooAhl: I think specs should be able to make sounds all they want. More power to the specs
Calcium: I love that feature personally! specs rule, let them have sounds.
Lakrillo: Specs will want blood no matter what, it is in the spirit of bloodbowl. So i don't see it as a bad thing.
Malitrius: I was just joking GLN, you get boo for all kind of moves
GLN: I do, yes
Calcium: should specs be anonymous? You can see who has specced when they leave, which is a nice heads up for me to find out about my 'haters'

GLN: onwards now to the new rules. Do you like?

Malitrius: I love them. feels well balanced and thought through, those rules will setup a really nice structure for how fumbbl will develop I think
Calcium: mixed feelings with them. Rules are ok, inducements are a joke
Sinnyil: I learned bloodbowl on LRB5, so I'm a bit biased here when I say unequivocally yes. Although playing LRB4 did get me used to an apothecary who wasn't a raging incompetent. And a ref who wasn't on my back on the first foul what seems like 99% of the time.
Lakrillo: I have been longing for LRB5 to be implemented on fumbbl for years. Now it is finally here and i so look forward to playing leagues in that ruleset.
Calcium: dirty tricks etc are crap.
BooAhl: Evolving rules are good. But this was a major change from the original. I personaly think they added to many skills
Lakrillo: Compared to TR, TV is a huge improvement.
Calcium: TV is like LRB6 bending over and saying 'C’MON FUMBBL..please abuse me'
Sinnyil: That's like me every time I put a team on gamefinder...
BooAhl: Why Calcium? I thought TR was a broken way to compare teams
Calcium: we already see more stockpiled cash than the outgoing owners of Liverpool FC.
BooAhl: So...?
Calcium: when cash becomes relevant its gonna drown games in stars etc.

GLN: Sounds like it's going to make the Tournament admin teams life tough...

Lakrillo: The only problem with a lot of cash is that people don't understand that it is no problem.
BooAhl: Only way it could be bad is in a big tourney and your team loses a lot of players in one game
Calcium: The FC next year will be like celebrity Big Brother
Malitrius: you can not hire stars with ffb
Sinnyil: You can its just not implemented yet, I thought. Petty Cash isn't yet implemented
BooAhl: But Petty cash adds cash to your opposition as well

GLN: What about the new skills, whats your favorite? and what was just utterly unnecessary, or just crappy?

Calcium: baboom! OMG they've killed DP!
Sinnyil: Juggernaut is my new favorite skill, by far. Probably because I like minotaurs so much.
Malitrius: dirty player got tuned down, which is good
Calcium: no malt...BAD!
BooAhl: Sneaky Git seems pretty worthless
Calcium: Fend is gonna become my new favourite skill
Sinnyil: You like humans, that makes sense. Fend and wrestle are awesome.
Malitrius: ive been a bit conservative, not taking the new skills. Took wrestle on a human lineman, and that has sucked badly. Everyone rolls pow against him
Lakrillo: Sneaky git is bad except for goblins. I like all the new skills, but they are not going to change the game. They are used a few of them per team in my experience and makes for a more varied game.
BooAhl:I like Frenzy as a general skill. Wrestle and fend is the only new skills I take seriously, and not just for testing. I will probably take Jugg if I start using a Minotaur or RO
Calcium: the new skills has made this game more thoughtfull. Now there's more emphasis on defensive or offensive team skill setups
Malitrius: and do not get fooled into taking stand firm, since you can now fail a dodge
Sinnyil: Stand firm is still good in its own right
Lakrillo: Grab is nice too
BooAhl: I dont get grab really

GLN: Big Guys have been raised, which is funny, because so have their prices. Are they a thing of the past?

BooAhl: No, Big Guys are still the conerstone on some teams
Sinnyil: Doubtful. They're more useful, if still unreliable, with Loner instead of Big Guy
Malitrius: …which means they get to reroll on 4+
Calcium: big guys are now players. Unless you're a Chaos pact coach. Then you suck by default
Sinnyil: Everyone's hating on my pact
Lakrillo: Big guys have gone from being a necessary thing to being a good player that also costs you. So you need to think more how or if you are going to use them.
BooAhl: For my Slann, the Krox is a must. Now he is a little overskilled though
Calcium: for Slann, a gun is a must

GLN: and what about the 'new Claw/RSC'? Are we going to see endless Claw/MB/PO players?

Sinnyil: Probably. People like blood.
Calcium: of course, no brainer. And it's being seen already
Malitrius: you'll see a MB/PO/Jump up player in many teams, everyone need a blitzer that knocks out the opponent
BooAhl: I’m trying to get there with my Slann blitzers. But they always roll some +stat instead
Lakrillo: We will see a lot of those players, but those will mainly hurt Orcs and Dwarfs, which i just think is a good thing. The game have moved from being lethal as soon as you are on the ground, to being more lethal when you stand up on the pitch.
Calcium: I bet Galak never expected those skills to be used like that as much as they are, balance that Mr. Balancy! At least claw/RSC was hard to come by
Malitrius: piling on got a lot better when dirty player got tweaked
Sinnyil: Piling on got a lot better period.
Calcium: aye. Once FFB goes live, it will be 'no ty' to a lot of these MB/claw/PO teams
Lakrillo: Piling on is available to all teams almost, compared to the old killer mutations. It is balanced by the loss of ageing.

GLN: So more on pitch death, less rolling skills death. that has to be good right?

Sinnyil: Yeah, I definitely agree with that. I want the pitch to be where my stars burn out, not on the bench at the same time they improve from a skill roll.
Malitrius: yeah that is good, I really welcome that ageing is gone
Lakrillo: Exactly my meaning, the stars go out on the pitch instead of in bed with a cheerleader
Calcium: I think we can all agree that ageing was horrible. Good Riddenz
Malitrius: I like the new niggle too, that adds on the injury roll, I once blocked a 4av halfling with 2 niggles and mb, but the armour did not break=(
Calcium: yeah, keeping nigglers is now an option
Lakrillo: I have failed to break snotling armor, with MB 3 times in a row...
Sinnyil: That's dice for you.

Page 2/3 Continued on page 12.

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