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 Issue 11- November 14th 2510
Coaches Couch

Page 3/3 Continued from page 11.

GLN: OK. I also want to briefly cover the new races, just some impressions. So, I name a team, you tell me what you think........
GLN: Slann?

Malitrius: rocks, funniest team around to both play with and play against!
Lakrillo: Really fun team, adds a new dimension of tactics to the pitch. If you think their leap ability is overpowered, consider them as humans with AG3 that relies on dodging for their play.
Sinnyil: They're always an interesting matchup, I think. Probably the best, game-winning wise, of the new teams. And its really neat to have a team based around leap.
Calcium: sucks. waste of time. utterly overpowered, leap and long legs? ridiculous
Malitrius: there is always a solution, if just the dices let you. Playing kamikazee coaches like Booahl is a real nightmare
Calcium: some players with leap I could accept. But the whole team? That’s like giving all Orcs MB
Sinnyil: or all dwarves block!
Calcium: yeah, difference is they have LITTLE LEGS, not VERY LONG LEGS.
BooAhl: Fun team. Like Malt says, I’m a kamikaze coach. And this is the ultimate kamikaze team

GLN: ok. Chaos Pact?

BooAhl: Booooring
Malitrius: does not add any new dimension. They are not overpowered and pretty balanced in my opinion
Sinnyil: Really, really, really fun team. Unreliable big guys, and super customizable linemen. Plus 3 positionals that hate each other and don't ever seem to want to let go of the ball. Its really neat to have a lineman with GSPM access. You can really do some neat things with them.
BooAhl: Maybe I will grow to like them, if I play with them
Sinnyil: And an Ogre with Claws? Yes please.
Malitrius: could be good to use in a newbie tournament, but would probably get beaten badly by skaven or wood-elves
Lakrillo: Everyone (here on FUMBBL) said that they were going to be overpowered when they first saw the roster, but i have yet to see huge winning streaks on this team. There are one or two teams that have gone good in FFB.
Sinnyil: I win with them about as often as I win with any team. Right under 50%
Calcium: I must admit, I expected chaos pact to perform better. But its early days, coaches are still learning their way around the new rules
Malitrius: Calcium got really grumpy when I won against him with my chaos pact
Calcium: hey malt. kiss my ass
BooAhl: I guess there will be a "right" way to develop them as time goes bye
Lakrillo: They have to big unreliability in the form of three big guys to be really good in the hands of a good coach that likes to play a controlling play.

GLN: Underworld?

Sinnyil: Underworld is fun, but not particularly great. Mutated goblins are pretty awesome. But everyone on the team but the troll is squishy, and not very strong.
Malitrius: underworld seems like an interesting team, have not tried. I rather play them then goblin for sure
Lakrillo: underworld are fun. Mutating gobbos is the shit! But it is still a team with goblins as linemen.
BooAhl: Underworld has potential. I would love to start playing them. But on the other hand, they are just a bad skaven team
Calcium: fun team, seems like a tough choice for any coach

GLN: New Norse? are they really that different?

Sinnyil: Yes, the snow troll and the ulfs are a pretty nice benefit to them. Some of my most painful games have been against the new Norse.
Lakrillo: New norse are great, they get the runners with higher movement and dauntless, and some more armour in the form of the Ulfwereners, the troll though is really a glass-cannon.
BooAhl: The snow troll can hurt early when he gets MB
Calcium: new norse = putting Pirelli tyres on a Skoda. They look shiny, but still have serious limitations
BooAhl: The ulfs are not that much of an improvement. The ma7 runner is
Malitrius: the new norse are really competitive

GLN: Dark Elf had some key changes too, any views on them?

Sinnyil: Assassins are terrible and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
BooAhl: agree
Sinnyil: Otherwise, they're still awesome. The new runner or whatever they're called are an improvement in my opinion over the old throwers.
Calcium: freebooters will come in handy, but I don’t play as Dark Elves
Lakrillo: Assasins are good once the Mercenaries are implemented as cheap starplayers, other than that they are pretty worthless. The runners are really annoying to play against if they skill with NoS and run in pairs.
Sinnyil: Yeah. A pair of NOS runners is possibly the most annoying thing ever. Its like a game of perpetual pickle.

GLN: Ogres got new little friends. But is there really much difference?

Calcium: damn those snotlings are ANNOYING! the little buggers get everywhere!
Malitrius: ogres got downtuned and I think that was good
Sinnyil: str 1 is so much worse than str 2. But 2+ dodges and sidestep for all the snotlings are pretty great. AV5 is also a ton worse than AV 7
Malitrius: the snotlings got str1 and that sucks, but they cost like 20k
Sinnyil: And you also have less ogres per team. Ogres took it hard in the shorts.
BooAhl: Ogres will only be bad from now on
Sinnyil: But that's probably fair because they weren't supposed to be doing as well as they were. They're supposed to be on par with like goblins from my understanding of it
Lakrillo: Ogres have changed, from being utterly crap at low levels and being able to grow to enourmous TR, they now are a balanced team just above the gobbos and halflings. The snotlings are annoying with their sidestep and as they are so cheap, you can afford to throw them as projectiles on the opponents, thats two blitzes per turn!

GLN: and there were plenty of minor tweaks too. To khemri, Chaos dwarf, Dwarf etc. What have you made of the other minor changes?

Malitrius: khemri got changed quite a lot, mummies got +1MA and no might blow
Calcium: I will hunt down and kill whoever nerfed my beautiful Khemri
Sinnyil: And no general access correct? And decay?
Malitrius: decay is really a killer
BooAhl: CD is worse of without the troll, of course. CLaw/MB/PO will be nice
Sinnyil: I'd say Chaos Dwarves are the bashiest team now. Mutation access on players that start with block and tackle
Malitrius: yeah CDs with claw is quite nasty, they still have a minotaur
Sinnyil: Khemri I think got overnerfed. Dwarves...are still dwarves. You can play with the deathroller if you want but its probably not worth it other than for fun. And they're still dwarves.
BooAhl: Yeah, but Minotaur is worse than a troll
Lakrillo: I still hate dwarfs with a passion, that haven't changed. I personally think the Mutation on CD was the only bad move in LRB5 and i like to play with that team myself. Khemri got changed from being only bashing to be a team that might do some positioning too.
BooAhl: Necro is nice now!
Sinnyil: I haven't really gotten to play too much with specific stars, so I can't really comment on how new ones on teams affect that team's gameplay.

GLN: Necro nice? do explain BooAhl.....

Calcium: wolves are just scary, with DP screwed, wolves with PO/claw/MB/tackle are pure killers, and throw in regen and it's ‘woof woof’
BooAhl: Wolfs is so much better with Reg, Wights with S acess and the team is not that much more expensive since the FG’s got cheaper, even though zombies are 40k
Lakrillo: Werewolves should be killers... shouldn't they? I thought that was the thing about them in the legends.
Sinnyil: strength access on the wights is nice.

GLN: Are Nurgle actually much different? anyone know?

Sinnyil: Yes. Your staple players now have regen, and your linemen are cheap. Plus your positionals get mutation access normally (beast is still doubles) which makes them more viable as well.
BooAhl: decay is a bitch though
Calcium: yep. improved for sure
Sinnyil: Yes. Don't expect to be getting any legend rotters. But Nurgle as a whole is improved.
Malitrius: they get 4 pestigor (beastmen) 4 nurgle warriors, one beast and the linemens that are quite crappy (rotters with decay) Yeah they are better than before
Lakrillo: Nurgle have changed big time, they have become a really cool team now. In tabletop i have coached a nurgle-team more than 50 games and i love them. They start out weak, but if you give them some time they become competative. I expect to see nurgle winning a mayor in the future.
Sinnyil: Man, political elections are based like 90% on looks, I doubt you'll see a Nurgle as Mayor.
BooAhl: I have to agree with Sinnyil

GLN: OK. Time to wrap up i think. Thanks muchly guys, it's been fun. As a final thank you, please feel free to 'Big up' someone, to 'put a shout out', to 'namecheck your homeboy' or other such slang. You have the space to praise one Fumbbler, who is it going to be, and why?

BooAhl: Big Up to the FFB team!
Malitrius: Thanks Christer for running an amazing site, and thanks to the developers of the FFB client, Kalimar (and lakrillo etc)
Sinnyil: Whatball - Fun to play, and awesome icon work.
Calcium: Big up all the coaches that dont hate me....er....I love you Ken.
GLN: isnt that coach. singular calcium?
Calcium: sorry. Yes. My bad.
Lakrillo: Big up for Paulhicks, i hope he will try FFB and enjoy the blood in it. He teached me how to love the violence of this game, both giving and receiving.
Calcium: yeah, I second that. Paul is the godfather of foul
GLN: well, thank you all. You are all beautiful people, and calcium. Have lovely lives.

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