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 Issue 13 - August 28th 2511
The Lowdown on Low Few

The Low Few always amazed me how they managed to last for over 200 games mainly under lrb4 without journeymen goblins. I've never had the pleasure of playing them as that would make me a picker. So I decided to have a word with Skolopender on past and future of the team.

the_cursed_one: So skolo, you coach one of the most famous goblin teams in ranked, that's a feat in itself and so is surviving over 200 games. How did you manage this in the bloody game of lrb4?

Skolopender: Well... Managae and Manage. Smile Erhmm playing loads of games undermanned and as the underdog, and generally just laughing at the misfortunes of the Low Few Players.

GLN: what was your favourite part of playing goblins under LRB4 rules?

Skolopender: The best part... Well the fear opponents had of a goblin team with just 30-40k in the bank often put a smile on my face. So in general the star players, and well goblins getting eaten. They still do, but damn that awesome.

GLN: Always funny to see your team eat itself Razz.

Skolopender: They have been known to do that yes... A friend of mine once described the goblin team as a derailed freight train. The question was, Which side it would land on. His or yours?

GLN: That seems like an apt description of goblins. How do you think your Low Few will fare in the long term under the CRP rules?

Skolopender: Well they wont be playing underhanded as much, since the arrival of the Journeymen.The permanent addition of Secret weapons also adds some fun. So all in all I think they will enjoy a fine and long spell under CRP. But I must say I miss only lining up 5-6 players for a game. But the TV max distance of Ranked prevents me from really doing that.
But they will feature in tournaments as they did previous. No standing down due to CRP Smile.

GLN: Well you are a braver coach than I, the closest too a long run with a stunty team, is the half stunty team of underworld I played in Box, do you have any advice for someone who wants to make a long lasting goblin team?

Skolopender: Well... Patience and a good portion of self irony. If you keep the patience, you will learn that players will die... Just hope it is the opponents Smile And along the way, one really starts to enjoy the pure bloodshed even when it's your players painting the pitch in red and intestines.

GLN: well thanks for your time, and keep up the good work!

Skolopender: Like wise! And Just put in my words for a Troll team! If Ogres can so can Trolls! Vote Troll for Trolls!

GLN: I agree with you there Razz.

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