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 Issue 14 - January 3rd 2512

The Southern Wastes League (SWL) is the longest running of the big leagues on FUMBBL. Open to coaches that are based in Australia, New Zealand, East Asia and all those little islands in the eastern Pacific that have the internet (so Hawaiian girls A-OK). You can find out more about the history of SWL on the groups website or guide.

The main SWL competition is a 4 plus divisional league, where each coach battles to reach and win the Premier Division title. Season 42 (yes 42!) has just been completed, and was one of the closest run of all time. Eventually a Lizardman team came out on top for a record breaking 4th time, however it was very close towards the end, with an elf coach 1 game away from taking the whole thing or being relegated. Season 43 is due to start on the 16th of January, stop by the chat room or send a pm to me or one of the SWL admins for more details.

Winning Premier titles isn’t just what the SWL is all about though. SWL also has a vibrant ‘open’ scene. This is run in SWL’s chat channel (#SWL), where you can find friendly one off games, in a time-zone that is usually slow in the Ranked and Blackbox divisions. Also the ‘picking’ mentality is frowned upon in SWL, so you can be sure to get a fair shout of a win, no matter what your experience level.

On top of all this, SWL is also on the cutting edge for short, fun and inventive tournaments. The majority of these are stops on the ‘Southern Wastes Fringe Tour’ (SW FT), visiting ports all around the Warhammer World for some fun in the sun and blood in the mud. After finishing up in Ulthuan, the tour is currently causing mayhem in Naggaroth.

Also warming up nicely is the Southern Wastes Warlords Showdown (SWWS). This is a small all Marauder league that is part of SWL, with imaginative features you won’t find anywhere else on FUMBBL! Again, pop into SWL chat or send a pm (to Tomay) for more details.

Finally, not to be left behind with all things Zombies, SW FT presents ‘Zombie Madness’. Starting soon, will be a Zombie tournament with revolutionary features never before seen on the site. Contact me or see the SW FT page for more living dead details.

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