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 Issue 15 - December 24th 2514
The Heart of FUMBBL

by BillBrasky

FUMBBL is a glorious mixture of venues for us to enjoy our game of choice. At some point in our lives’, all of us sought an online option to play Blood Bowl, and found this treasure trove.

For one-off games, and majors, Black Box & Ranked dominate. A majority of FUMBBLers enjoy one or both of these divisions. League is a source of great fun and excitement for coaches who are into a particular theme. Stunty is our home-grown division with crazy unofficial rosters.

The forums draw in many coaches for heated debate and good banter. IRC chat is a great place to chat, tease, trash-talk, and solicit games.

While none of this is a news to veteran coaches, I mention these points of interest to highlight the diversity of this site.

As unique individuals we all appreciate different aspects of the same game. The game brings us together, and the interaction is what makes this site great. The coaches are the heart of FUMBBL. It’s a great experience to develop friends and rivals. We have the great pleasure to correspond with coaches from all over the world, here on FUMBBL.

I believe we sometimes lose sight of the fact that there is another human on the other side of the screen. Some of my worst games, win or lose, have been versus silent opponents. The slow and silent are a particular breed that can sour a game for me. With that said, I have enjoyed many more games than I have suffered through.

There are a large number of fun coaches here on FUMBBL. The ones that chat, and blog, and post seem to be “more fun” in general. I think healthy chat during the game reduces, and sometimes eliminates this problem. I have lost many games, but had a great time, because my opponent was talkative, lively, or funny.

My suggestion to anyone having a particularly good, or bad game: Talk to your opponent. Make fun. Have fun. Remember, this is a game. Games are meant to be fun by everyone involved. Win, lose, or draw: Enjoy your games and develop a friendship with your fellow coaches.

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