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 Issue 15 - December 24th 2514
For sale

I have an excess amount of 1's and Skulls, each game. They are all Free, to a Good Home, but you must take the whole lot. - gamelsetlmatch


My newest experimental Blood Bowl team called Chaos Theory, a team devoted to researching organically mutated Chaos players and new self-imposed rules to make rosters more fun and challenging is looking for sponsors and/or patrons. The team is in its early stages, but with corporate backing we would hope to see a big rise in research. The team is also prepared to do its bit by selling off or loaning spare specimens as journeymen players.

If you don't do it for FUMBBL, do it for SCIENCE! - Madmin


Tired of bad luck? Sick of Nuffle laughing in your face? Then you need Honest John's Official Luck Changing Kit! This amazing kit includes everything you need to reverse your teams fortune's, including a net, club, box of lucky charms and 10 bottles of Gwiness. This is a limited time offer so get your orders in now, see Honest John in the Bridge Inn. Cash only.


New frum der Green Tide Offishul Merchundizin Kart, a set o komemerative Furtive Ratface plates. 1 ter kollekt. Limited edishun az we kud only be bovvered ter mek 20 of em so get yorz now! - The_Great_Gobbo

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