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 Issue 17 - September 1st 2516
How to contribute

Where to contribute

Those wishing to contribute to the advertising sections of the Grotty Little Newspaper (GLN) should post in the appropriate section within the correctly dated GLN forum. These are regularly checked by the editors, or contact an editor in private.

House style for the GLN

Articles in the Grotty Little Newspaper, like any publication, have a set of house styles which mean that certain elements appear in a consistent style across the whole issue. Specifically, please conform to the following rules:

  • FUMBBL is spelt in all capitals... NOT Fumbbl.
  • Blood Bowl is spelt as two words, both capitalised... NOT Bloodbowl or Blood bowl.
  • Races and positions are capitalised when they are referred to individually, so for instance you would talk about an Orc Blitzer, not an orc blitzer.
  • Skill names are also capitalised. Note that both Dump-Off and Throw Team-Mate have a hyphen, but Side Step and Bone Head do not.
  • Coach names are referred to as they appear on their coach pages so that, for example, m0nty is not capitalised but Christer is.
  • Be careful with apostrophes. Do not use them when talking about plurals, like SPPs.
  • Question-and-answer (Q&A) interviews are normally done with the questions being preceded by GLN:, not the author's name. Carriage returns (i.e. a blank line) are inserted between the Qs and As. Stage directions (when you are describing something that is happening, not being said) are put after the speech in a new line, in italics. There are no quote marks around the speech sections.


You don't need to use any specific formatting such as bbcode. Libreoffice, Word, or Wordpad documents are fine. Make sure you manually add an empty line between paragraphs (text editors often add fake space between, which complicates our job). You should also verify any option to automatically replace characters such as regular quotes with typographical quotes is turned off. When saving your document, prefer UFT-8 for the encoding (avoid any exotic encoding). If you have any link in your article, just paste the URL next to the word pointing to it and we'll do the rest. If you have any question regarding this topic, feel free to send a PM to Kam.

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