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 Issue 3 - December 18, 2503

First lets go over each player and what they can add to the team.

Werewolves: Most versatile player on the team with stats like 8 3 3 8 Catch, Frenzy, Claw 120K. A good Necromantic team revolves around these players. The good thing about them is that they can kill with great ease because of claw and they can score with relative ease if they are most anywhere in the opponents half of the field. The downside is they are targets of the rival coach and are fouled A LOT without any way of them surviving (No regenerate or Apothicary).

Flesh Golem: Big Guy of the team with 4 4 2 9 Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm 120k. They are hard to initially get SPP but once they get a few skills they become monsters that rarely go away with regenerate and thick skull. They can also attempt dodges if you want because of stand firm. their downside is that they are slow and regenerate works only half the time.

Wight: Jacks of all trades for necros with 6 3 3 8 Block, Regenerate 90K. Now with only 2 they lose some of their usefulness. They are good for picking up the ball and throwing it to the wolves. Also good as mobile assists their downside is they are only able to get general skills.

Ghoul: Better and worse than Wights 7 3 3 7 Dodge 70K. They are Cheaper than wights for the reason that they die too much for them to get very good. Their speed makes them perfect for ball handlers before giving it to the wolf good at being a distraction and at being low key enough to get open but the problem is av 7 no regen.

Zombie: MOOOOOOK- 4 3 2 8 Regenerate- they are mooks. If you get a skill with them then you are lucky. Good at dieing on the line and being put in the way. They are cheap and they get raised so if one gets a niggle you have yourself an assistant coach.

The starting rosters I like are the following.
My favourite:
Wolves X2
Wights X2
Flesh Golem
Zombie X5
2 Rerolls
9 Fanfactor
Total cost 990,000

This lineup is good because the first 2-3 games are the most important for your Wolves. What you would want to do in these games (at least the first) is avoid teams with a lot of block or dodge and go for lower armor teams (try to go for elf teams, humans, and Khemri). You can have a good chance vs. a lot of different teams but I suggest to not play against big beat em up teams with 9 av(dwarves and experienced chaos teams) and avoid at first norse and amazon till you have at least both wolves with block.

First games Stratagies Have the zombies and the flesh golem take out the guys in the middle and let the fast players blitz and block their guts out (and with claws lots of guts will be coming out.) Although getting lots of casualties is good the key in the first game is to get at least 1 of your wolves up WITHOUT relying on the MVP so also get them touchdowns.

Hopefully within 1 or 2 games both of your wolves have block (or if they got doubles I would suggest dauntless, mighty blow, or jump up). Once the wolves have gotten 1 or 2 skills each if you want you can get them to be huge stars with lots of skills (such as tackle sure hands sure feet and sprint) while leaving the rest of the team behind or you could let your ghouls and wights make all the touchdowns and just have the werewolves scoring casualties.

You want the fan factor to be 9 for this team because you want to get a 2nd Flesh golem and ghoul as soon as possible and the wolves are A LOT of money to replace and they die a lot. Now the flesh golems arent going to go up in SPP very fast but when they do, take block then guard then break tackle so you have a great mover with guard who wont get knocked out easily. They key to the team though lies in the ghouls and wights skills. The first wight to go up should take sure hands and then if he ever gets a double get pass. Wights don?t get access to many skill so taking sure hands then pass means that they always get 1 spp a game by completions. The ghouls on the other hand should not be the passers they normally are just because if you do make one a passer he will probably die quickly as ghouls often do. Instead they should focus on skills that are beneficial to the team and good for protecting themselves. Take block first then sidestep so if you ever get doubles you can take something like guard and just sidestep into a good place while staying alive because of your Blodge. Now the zombies are the easy part. One gets kick, one gets dirty player, the rest get block. If doubles comes your way take mighty blow or guard.

The key to winning with the Necromantic team is to be careful with the wolves and ghouls. Tend to set up with the flesh golems in the middle on the line or in the wide zones as a barrier between the enemy and the wolves. Throwing 3 zombies on the line is also a good tactic if you want to save your Golems.

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