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 Issue 3 - December 18, 2503
Vocal Population
by Trog

GLN: Do you play tabletop blood bowl, in addition to the fumbbl site? If so, how frequently?
KidCrestHill: I play table top only at tourneys. I had some problems getting a game in my group here in chicago.
GLN: How often do you play in tourneys?
KidCrestHill: i own all the figs, and have them all painted.
GLN: Nice.
KidCrestHill: two times a year Chaos Cup and FanticCon, i was in a 10 player group, Pitch Invaion Blood Bowl Group in Chicago,but no one would play me, I had a nasty chaos team.
GLN: ahhhh...I see
KidCrestHill: I use to play about 10 games a week back in 1994-2000
GLN: so you've been playing a long time then?
KidCrestHill: Since 1988, first week the game came to the US

GLN:Heya Sionis, can I have a moment of your time? Has playing online improved your TT playing? And if so, how?
Sionis: Hmm... First off what's TT?
GLN: table top
Sionis: I think it has. Simply by learning what are good skill combos rather than being impulsive and getting "bashy" skills... I've learned to think about the bigger picture.
GLN: Thanks, i appreciate it

GLN: Heya Korkrest, can I have a moment of your time?
Korkrest: I have a moment, playing a faction match against Candle at the moment though.
GLN: What do you like/dislike about fumbbl?
Korkrest: I dislike the amount of exploiters, since I feel that bloodbowl is a great system, no system is flawless though, on fumbbl alot of coaches have realised that using Pile on in abundance on AV 9 is a great means to exploit the system.
GLN: Right.
Korkrest: this means that all chaos orc and similar teams wont get matches, because these exploiters have painted a picture that all "bashy" teams are like that on fumbbl.
Korkrest: What I like most on fumbbl? Do not take this as flattery, but id have to say the GLN.
GLN: It is a great rag, if i say so myself

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