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BCL Current Progress
League Page: https://fumbbl.com/p/group&group=17174&op=view
Discord: On League Page
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPmFFwSw0LbCIkIBi1R879Hs53ZbLSawD

Expansion Teams: A majority of the expansion teams look like they are as strong as the returning teams. It may be all of them but one team is experimental (but might be very interesting with TTM off of a treeman team). They were built out of free agency in what could be called a comp draft. They had x8 picks from there and leapfrogged the returning teams in the mainline x4 pick draft. Check out how powerful this expansion team looks mid draft: Chrace Crackerjax: https://fumbbl.com/p/team?op=view&team_id=1186015

Returning Teams: The returning teams have patched up nicely even the team that was mauled in the BCL championship. Some teams that lost players early last season are starting to look like their old selves to see if it works out this time and it may. A third year tempting fate after two failures is probably an indication of needing to try something new but this is only season 2. Check out the Rezov Resolutes primed for a championship run https://fumbbl.com/p/team?op=view&team_id=1170048

Team Takeover: The teams that tookover for a folded franchise look strong because there has not been much damage inflicted on them if they had the ignominy of dropping midseason. They essentially only participate in the main draft behind the expansion teams but ahead of the returning titans of the BCL with x4 picks too. The Drakenhof Darkhorns for the IBA has seemingly been abandoned: https://fumbbl.com/p/team?op=view&team_id=1184792 More importantly, this guys friends stopped playing bloodbowl and he was only using FUMBBL as practice so it would be cool if this team is replaced firstly: The Mordheim Majestics are undefeated https://fumbbl.com/p/team?op=view&team_id=1184395

Returning Champions: Volksgrad Surfers https://fumbbl.com/p/team?op=view&team_id=1170397 have focused on expanding their depth chart into the excel. Their us of block, break tackle and two heads has allowed the team to move where they need to and eventually sweep teams off the field through CAS or surfing.

NCBA 7s is currently forming as a BCL developmental league with 7s teams from standard and secret. Any number of coaches can join it. Rules are ready, waiting to see what else Isshova would like to add. Contact Issova or I to join 7s. We need at least 6 teams but we will probably exceed that quick since 7s teams have the curse of always failing onsite.

UFL/Ulthuan First League-Elven Unified Draft League: 5/6 teams in the league. If there isn't a 6th member there will be a ladder match at the end of the season (1v2, 3v4, 5v5 of another undermanned league. Contact me to get on the waitlist. Slots of elf players like x2 blitzers can comprise a mix or match of wardancers, union blitzer, sea elf blitzers (nerfed) etcetera.

KPA/Kislev Premier Alliance-Secret Team Draft League: 6/6 teams in the league. 5-6 more coaches generates a division 2, contact Cerebrosus or myself to get on that waiting list. Any SL 2020 team that is unbanned.

IBA/Imperial Bloodbowl Association-Standard Draft League: 4/6 (5th team needs a replacement in season has a winning record, technically, 5/6 but we need to prioritize replacing the coach that kindly let us know that bloodbowl is no longer a real interest) teams in league. Any team recognized by GW or NAF is legal (Slann and Bretonnian)

AFU/Arabyan Football Union-Orc Unified Draft League: [GENERATING] 2/6 people to start. Draftees have been generated. Contact me to get on the waitlist. Slots of orc players like x4 blockers can comprise a mix or match of Big Uns, Black Orcs, Savage Orcs, etcetera. Stunties can be a mix and match of greenskin stunties including snotlings, gnoblars, and even weapon wielding goblins. Note that you may have x4 stunties but only x1 of the three weapon types.

Next League

XLB/Xtreme Lustrian Bloodbowl/Stunty League [LATENT] 0/6 people to start. Draftees have not been generated. Contact Habeli or I to get on the waitlist. Any team considered stunty can be played here. Currently filling the AFU. This will be the next league that will be built.

Right now its hard to recruit people to replace teams, so if any of the neglected teams look interesting the season is starting soon or for some leagues have started but those teams are in favorable position.

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Posted by MrCushtie on 2024-07-14 18:46:02
What timezones does the IBA normally play in?