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CBBS Special Report: Season 8 All-Americans

While we've never done this before, I thought it'd be cool to to have a team of the top 14-16 players from last season and put them on a 'super team,' better known as the All-American team. I've done some research and spread the love between throwers, catchers, blockers, defenders, and special teamers. So here's the best of the best, in no particular order:

Jeramy Bryant, Hawaii
Blaine Gabbert, Missouri
Herger, Nibraskah
Rondon Bibbs, Missouri
#37 Joss 'No Loss' Tillard (RB), U.Con
The Mizzou Tiger, Missouri

MD Punisher, Clemson
Who Gives a D*mn, Navy
Michael von Bargen VI, Navy
Anthony Killer, California
Navarro Bowman, PainState
Nathan Stupork, PainState
Billy Gruff, Buffalo

Special Teams:
Brian Coulter, Missouri
Kri Tehn, Buffalo

I'd be kind of cool to have a icon to put in these player's bios, so if someone could find/make one I'd appreciate it.

Obviously this list won't be perfect and I'm sure I forgot a worthy player or two, but I just skimmed the stats from last season and these guys stuck out for one reason or another. Several of them were nominated for different awards, or even won them, so many of them will be familiar.

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Damn, nicely done as always fitz.

Part of the NCBB and the NBFL.

Don't drop the soap.

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CBBS Special Report: Season 9 Preview

Yes folks, it's time for another great NCBB season! Last year we saw PainState rise out of the ultra-competitive Big Beast conference to face an undefeated Oregon team from AKC in the BCS National Championship, where coach TodFa's orcs were victorious in overtime. Many schools had their first ever graduating classes, leaving some teams drained of talent for this season, while others prepared for it better and can still be competitive. There is an influx of new programs this year, eager to earn their place in the league and start competing for national championships in one season's time. So without further delay, let's look and predict at how this season could play out...

Overall Picture
-With the first graduating classes in the history of the league, there is a huge power swing in the NCBB. Old programs like PainState, Oregon, UCon (all three won National Championships,) Cal, and Navy lost a huge amount of talent and a significant number of players each. Thus newer programs like Missouri, Clemson, Hawaii, Nibraskah, and Golden Gate all have their chance to make their mark in NCBB history. Several of these 'newer' programs have mostly junior-laden programs, giving them a two-year window to capture BCS glory. The truly new programs give the NCBB a bright future, as the influx of nine new teams (temple returns after a half-seasons worth of games,) gives the league the ability to perhaps expand to larger conferences next season.

Biggest Storyline
The biggest story from last season was the dominance of the Big Beast conference, which went a combined 17-3-4 during the four OoC games. Their much-anticipated conference play saw many awesome games and surprising results, such as PainState rising from the group to reach the title game, and especially when Minni managed to tie State in the final week of the season. But this season it looks like the three agile teams will battle it out for top spot in the conference, as both Pain (orcs,) and Cal (lizards,) were hit hard by graduation. Will the BEEEEEEAST be able to continue their dominance over the AKC and Smack 6? Or will someone find a way to cage the beast and bring them under control?

Pre-Season Poll
Here is the official pre-season poll as brought to you by the CBBS:

1. Missouri
2. Clemson
3. Hawaii
4. Nibraskah
5. Golden Gate
6. Texas Tech
7. Noise State
8. UCon
9. Buffalo
10. Oregon
11. USML
12. Vandy
13. NC State
14. Cal
15. Minni
16. DD Tech
17. Pain
18. Navy

Big Beast Preview
-The Beast was dominant last year, crushing opposition in OoC play, then going 2-1 in bowl games against other conferences (Hawaii and Cal played each other in the Fiesta Bowl.) But now the agile spread teams are going to likely dominate, as Pain and Cal were devastated by graduation and are in rebuilding mode. Missouri and Hawaii were both victorious in their bowl games and are primed for huge seasons this year. Mizzou has arguably the most firepower in the nation, having three catchers with at least 10 career touchdowns, and four players with at least 10 completions. Hawaii has arguably the most balanced team in the league, having eight blodge players, two St4 Ag5 players, and lots of other skills inbetween. Nibraskah is on the next tier of teams, being talented but unable to win in big games (0-2 in bowls.) Injuries are starting to catch up to them, but they still have some of the most talented players in the nation, like a St4 Ag5 blodging SS gutter runner. Minni goes into the season with a few injuries, but will likely injury everyone else, as they bring seven Gogres to the field. Cal is rebuilding but has all six saurri and some returning skinks, so they have a solid nucleus to build on for future seasons. Pain won the title but lost eight players to graduation, and they were only able to get two BoBs and two blitzers in recruiting, those things could be tough for State.

AKC Preview
The AKC was a one-team conference last year, as Oregon dominated the conference while they went undefeated into the title game. UCon was expected to compete with them, but suffered several losses as a result of their championship-hangover. This year things are wide open, as both aforementioned AKC powers were hit hard by graduation, leaving a chance for their conference rivals to rise up. Golden Gate returns the best team in the conference, and is perhaps a dark horse title contender. The Warriors have a ton of firepower, with three catchers with at least 6 career touchdowns, but historically have been unable to beat quality teams the past two seasons. UCon lost several good players but still has both wolves, and was able to replace one golem and both wights. Combine that with several block zombies and an under-the-radar star player in Joss Tillard, and the Huskies could do a lot better than people might expect. Oregon has been the premier program of the NCBB the past four seasons, winning 3 bowl games, including one national championship. But graduation + the deaths to two solid junior players has left the Waterfoul with a depleted roster. However, with 7 players, 290k in recruiting funds, and 23 fan factor, it won't take Oregon long to skill up their players and return to greatness. USML was a late replacement for the Non-AQ last season but crushed all competition, going 4-0. Although technically underskilled overall, the team has enough dodge or blodge to give any opposing team headaches, and could be the surprise team of the season. DD Tech has struggled through the past few seasons, unable to win many games, though they certainly look good in the process. Regardless of their girl's good looks, I'm sure they'd rather have a good record, and thus the team needs to start playing solid defense and being more fundamentally sound. Navy is the oldest (literally and figuratively,) team in the NCBB, but their losing ways are getting old, and fast. Things won't get any easier as the team is down to 10 players, with 6 being unskilled, though having 4 mummies will be dangerous for people to face.

Smack 6 Preview
-Last year Clemson had a horrible start to the season during OoC play, then swept their Smack 6 foes and got to the Rose Bowl. Their only real competition was Texas Tech, who had a solid season themselves. This year it looks like Clemson will once again be on top, while the competition behind them has improved significantly, so it might not be a walk in the graveyard this time around. Still, the Terrors head into the season with title aspirations, and rightfully so. With two Block/guard/tackle mummies, two tackle/stripball wights, two blodge ghouls, numerous skilled zombies, and a St4 blodge/surehands ghoul, Clemson has all the tools to win a championship. Last season Texas Tech managed to prove us wrong and not only stay alive for the entire season, but also won several games in the process. The team has been designed to take away with ball (two stripball gutters,) and take advantage of mistakes, but otherwise the team isn't extraordinary. Noise State completely dominated the Non-AQ last season, going 8-1-0. With two dauntless catchers and four skilled blitzers, Noise will be a challenge for anyone. But norse are really good at low TRs, so we'll see how well they do against quality competition all season long. Buffalo might be the forgotten team of the NCBB, as they have been nearly irrelevant the past two years ever since reaching the Rose Bowl in season 6. A massive amount of injuries was to blame, but now they have a full squad again and could be the surprise team in the conference. Vandy was once a proud program, being only one of two programs who could claim three straight bowl victories. But everything came crashing down last year, as injuries and bad luck hit them hard, causing them to have a horrid year and lose their bowl game. Now they return with seven players and 320k to recruit with, so Vampirebilt could take a bite out of the competition before the season is over. NC State was a .500 team in the Non-AQ last season, though they progressed nicely and have some potential for future years. On a sidenote, they killed a combined six opposing players in a three game stretch, which was shocking given that State had no MB players or DPs at the time.

Non-AQ Preview
-The Non-AQ brings us nine new teams for the year, in addition to Temple, who returns from last season's failed Non-AQ group with only 4 games. Thus the ten teams will fight it out in a nine-game tournament for a chance to reach a bowl game, as usually the top 2-3 will get an invite. Likewise, the Non-AQ tournament gives everyone a season to develop their freshmen players into fine-tuned football-playing machines, so that when they likely move up into the BCS group next season, they'll be ready to start competing for national titles. It's difficult to predict how new teams and coaches will do at such low TRs, as dice just might be the biggest factor in these games (like the amount of block/POWs.) If I had to guess, Tennessee will be the strongest team, as Undead are very good at the start. Alabama could be another top team, as CDs can be dominant if their Bulls get great early skill rolls. The BlackKnights could be very good, as they have two ST4 players, though they need to be careful to not rely too heavily on their St4 catcher. U of L is a bunch of ugly, smelly dwarves, so I doubt anyone will cheer for them. Temple returns from last season with quite a few skills, though they don't have that much depth right now. Hu-Montana would win the award for cleverest name, but we'll see how many games they manage to win. Likewise, Nevada already has a wolf with block, but the block dice with the rest of their team will determine how well they do. Cal State rolls with no rerolls, so their two witches and two blitzers will need to carry the day. Arizona State could be tricky for teams to play, but since they didn't get any builders in, they could get beat up early on. The story is the same with Uglinois, who didn't get any builders played, so their four blitzers will need to skill up quickly. It'll be interesting to see which of these new teams will rise up and earn a bowl spot, but what is certain is that the Non-AQ will move much faster than it did last season.

Out-of-Conference play
-For some teams, OoC play will be used to skill their young players and build up for a run during conference play. For others, it will be used to dominate lesser competition and make a statement that they are ready to compete for a national championship. The marquee matchup of week 1 will likely be the unofficial rivalry between UCon and Missouri, as these two teams met in the season 6 Orange Bowl (UCon 3-2 in in OT,) and in the season 7 National Championship (2-1 UCon win.) The Huskies are rebuilding their squad, but they should have enough talent to stay in the game. Week 2 will see an 'old vs new' battle between Oregon and Nibraskah. The Waterfoul will have a lot of new players, but to the Wanabees, it will be a statement game and a measuring stick to see how far their program has come. Week 3 features a rematch of a recent builder game between Cal and Golden Gate. The Warriors had some bad luck early and it looked like Cal might pull off a win, but Golden Gate scored twice on defense to get the spring victory. Now Cal has a full squad of saurri, and by week 3 they might be skilled up a bit more, so this could turn into a surprisingly good game. Week 4 has several potentially good matchups, but the revenge factor puts the Oregon vs Hawaii in the spotlight. Last season, these two played a back-and-forth game where neither could gain the advantage or even hold onto the ball for long. Eventually Oregon's admin client broke through and they managed a score on a string of fortunate rolls (certainly not the first time!) Hawaii is by far the better team now, though Oregon could develop nicely by the time this game comes around, so the Waterfoul will have a huge challenge in stopping the Hawaii passing attack. Obviously each week has more interesting games than the ones listed, and some matchups that were previously overlooked could become important, but those are some that caught my eye.

Season Predictions
-This is going to be a season where some teams are dominant while others will be punching bags. Obviously there will be some upsets and surprises, but the gap between the top and bottom will be very visible. The interesting question will be who among the favorites stays the course and doesn't fall in a trap game. With that said, here are our predictions:

BCS National Championship: Clemson vs Hawaii
Rose Bowl: Missouri vs Oregon
Orange Bowl: UCon vs Nibraskah
Fiesta Bowl: Buffalo vs Tennessee
Killer Lite Bowl: Noise vs Golden Gate
Wonderbra Bowl: BlackKnights vs USML
Goober Bowl: Minni vs Pain
McNurgles Bowl: Cal vs Navy

Hammer: #3 'Mad' Brad Kanuch (WR), UCon
Banger-Hardell: Justin Killer, Clemson
Neeley: William Punisher, Clemson
Wylie: Herger, Nibraskah
Gabbert-Bryant: Blaine Gabbert, Missouri

New Awards:
Freshman of the Year: Some catcher yet to be hired at Oregon
Non-AQ Offensive Player of the Year: Shane "Fragging" Jones, BlackKnights
Non-AQ Defensive Player of the Year: Wolfman Jack, Nevada
New Coach of the Year: Jumboparagon

So there you have it folks! Season 9 has been analyzed and predicted, so now it's time to get on the field and prove me right! Best of luck to everyone, and thanks for helping make the NCBB a great success!

Part of the NCBB and the NBFL.

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Absolutely love that you have someone picked for the 'Wylie Award'

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U of L got no love...... At the end of the season you all will be singing our praise an carrying our ale.

What Smell?

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California Golden Lizards vs D.D. Tech for Niggling Arts

Cal was in a rebuilding year, having graduated five senior saurri from last year's Fiesta-bowl squad. The drop-off in talent was immense, but a chance to write a new chapter in the school's history (as the graduating class was 0-4 in bowl games, despite their skills or moderate success,) was upon the team. The Cal coaches were very pleased with the solid recruiting class they brought in, as they found five new saurri to develop for the future. The problem was that these guys would likely take a while to learn the skills necessary to play well at the college level, though they learned surprisingly quickly during the team's two spring practice games (against PainState and Golden Gate...hey that rhymes.) Still, facing the beautiful but capable elves from DD Tech, the Golden Lizards would have to get back to the basics and hope for some breaks in order to compete in the game.

The Lizards lost the toss and were set to kickoff to start the new season, and things looked bad at the start as one of their freshmen Saurii got KOed and another was stunned. But DD failed the initial pass before reversing the ball to the top of the field. However, a dodge was failed early in a subsequent DD turn, leaving Cal with an opportunity to both knock the ball loose and surf two DD players. Tech responded by blitzing a skink and seriously injuring him, but the team doctors were able to save the blodger from a niggling injury. Cal was then able to secure the ball and start moving it downfield, but a leaper did his thing and pried it loose. A DD lineman then picked up the ball and ran it in, giving Cal three turns to try and respond before the half. The ball was placed into the capable hands of Charles Ragland, an Ag4 Ma9 skink, who got some blocking on the sideline before DD got into position to try and wall him off. Cal knew his stunty abilities would come in handy, so they send the sneaky bugger through the gap and tied up the score as the half ended.

Halftime Score: Cal 1 - 1 DD

With the score tied 1-1, Cal received the kickoff and were fortunate to pickup the ball with their 13 spp saurus. But another saurus was badly hurt, and the blodging skink that was saved by the doctors earlier got sent into the stands, gaining a very serious injury (reports indicate his muscles took permanent damage.) Still, the Lizards kept moving the ball forward slowly, KOing one or two DD players to keep the numbers similar. Eventually another failed dodge by DD let Cal push the ball near the endzone, though DD made a stellar play to try and free it. Things came down to the final turns when Tech failed a block, leaving a chance for the ball-carrying Saurri to blitz+surf a defender and then rumble into the endzone. But DD did Buffalo (Cal's next opponent,) a favor and pleased the crowd by gangfouling a freshman saurus (reports say he will miss the next game,) on the final turn.

Final Score: Cal 2 - 1 DD

Regardless, both teams got solid winnings and the Cal fanbase managed to increase. The MNG saurus and -st blodge skink hurts, but the Lizards will gladly take a win during their rebuilding season. Fortunately, two of their saurii were able to skill up, the second skill for each. Likewise, another rookie saurus got his first spps on a casualty, so the Cal coaching staff is certainly pleased with the progress of their freshmen. The next game vs Buffalo won't be easy, given their ability to block and the awesomeness of their bull centaurs. But the Lizards want to keep getting better as the season goes forward, and if nuffle sees fit to bless them with wins in the process, then we'll be happy to accept them Very Happy

GG to Vader, best of luck with the rest of your season.

Part of the NCBB and the NBFL.

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The RFAdvantage Rankings
The first RFA ratings are here, that means week one is in the books.

The RFAdavantage. The MOST accurate team ranker by week!

1. Oregon Waterfoul 1-0-0 (.968) Preseason ranked #10
~ Oregon outscored and outbashed the lowly rats of Texas and start the season rankings at #1.
+1 TD +1 casualties (+2 net) #10 Nib next week

2. Hawaii 1-0-0 (.959) Preseason ranked #3
~ Hawaii’s has one of the best out of the gate games outscoring and pulping the Vampy bloodsuckers.
+1 TD +3 casualties. (+4 net) #9 UMSL next week

3. Missou 1-0-0 (.956) Preseason ranked #1
~ Missou earned a costly win in week 1 against U.Con. Losing piles of their future, they need to aim for success this season.
+2 TD -2 casualties (+0 net) #15 Vampy next week

4. Noise 1-0-0 (.951) Preseason ranked #7
~ Noise shows up big and tallies a solid all around win and launches into respectability to start season 9.
+1 TD +2 casualties (+3 net) #11 U.Con next week

5. Clemson 1-0-0 (.949) Preseason ranked #2
~ Clemson wins in a big way, but the quality of opponent holds them back just a little.
+1 TD +3 casualties (+4 net) #13 DD next week

6. Buffalo 1-0-0 (.944) Preseason ranked #9
~ Buffalo’s shows up big against Navy but could be looking at some health issues, having lost a major part of their team in week 1.
+2 TD +0 casualties (+2 net) #8 Cali next week

7. GG 1-0-0 (.936) Preseason ranked #6
~ GG starts off the season with a nice win against the Gogres.
+1 TD -1 casualties (+0 net) #16 NC next week

8. Cali 1-0-0 (.917) Preseason ranked #14
~ Cali squeezes past DD to start the season in a winning way.
+1 TD -2 casualties (-1 net) #6 Buff next week

9. UMSL 0-1-0 (.648) Preseason ranked #11
~ USML ran with the ratz of Nib and ended up with the better part of the tie.
+0 TD +3 casualties (+3 net) #2 Hawaii next week

10. Nibraskah Wannabees 1-0-0 (.596) Preseason ranked #4
~ Nib’s high flying offense was kept to only 2 TDs and as usual they were outbashed in the season 9 opener.
+0 TD -3 casualties (-3 net) #1 Oregon next week

11. U.Con. 0-1-0 (.353) Preseason ranked #8
~ UCon loses for their first time ever to the two-hand touch tigers however recruited their 2nd tiger player.
-2 TD +2 casualties (+0 net) #4 Noise next week

12. Gogres 0-0-1 (.352) Preseason ranked #15
~ The Gogres know how to lose in style, beating up the pansies from GG during their opening loss.
-1 TD +1 casualties (+0 net) #18 TT next week

13. DD Tech 0-0-1 (.352) Preseason ranked #16
~ DD showed up to their match and brought the pain but forgot how to play the ball, nothing to new for this faltering program.
-1 TD +2 casualties(+1 net) #5 Clemson next week

14. PainState 0-0-1 (.345) Preseason ranked #17
~ Painstate is still hoping to find a way to win, maybe by midseason they will be competitive again.
-1 TD -3 casualties (-4 net) #17 Navy next week

15. Vampy 0-0-1 (.337) Preseason ranked #12
~ Vampy’s starts off the season where last season let up, maybe some good fortune will smile upon this beleaguered team sometime soon.
-1 TD -3 casualties (-4 net) #3 Missou next week

16. NC 0-0-1 (.334) Preseason ranked #13
~ NC loses their opener to Noise and starts at the bottom of the pack looking up at the rest of the league.
-1 TD -2 casualties (-3 net) #7 GG next week

17. Navy 0-0-1 (.334) Preseason ranked #18
~ Navy loses as expected however the regeneration failures cost them more than just this opening match.
-2 TD +0 casualties (-2 net) #14 Pain next week

18. Texas Tech Rat Raiders 0-0-1 (.326) Preseason ranked #6
~ TTech falls hard after their week one loss to Oregon, the expectations on this team dragged it all the way back to last place after the opening game.
-1 TD -1 casualties (-2 net) #12 Minni next week

(the non-AQ teams will begin to show in the rankings following the end of week 3 games)

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Clemson will endeavor to improve their standing in the RFA. We on the coaching staff appreciate the RFA giving us some bulletin board material to help inspire our young players this season.

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The RFAdvantage Rankings
Week 2 RFA ratings are here, We know you all look forward to seeing where you fall.

The RFAdavantage. The MOST accurate team ranker by week!

1. Oregon Waterfoul 2-0-0 (.960) Last Week ranked #1
~ Oregon tagged nib for their 2nd win of the season and look to be competitive far earlier than many expected.
+2 TD +4 casualties (+6 net) #17 Vampy next week

2. Missou 2-0-0 (.953) Last Week ranked #3
~ The Two hand touchers stay competitive after the beating UCon laid on them in week one and look to be title contenders again..
+3 TD +1 casualties (+4 net) #15 DD next week

3. Clemson 2-0-0 (.951) Last Week ranked #5
~ Clemson beats on DD and hops into 3rd.
+2 TD +4 casualties (+6 net) #14 Nib next week

4. Cali 2-0-0 (.942) Last Week ranked #8
~ Cali starts the season perfect so far, could their new players prove to break the Lizzies out of the middle of the pack?.
+2 TD +0 casualties (+2 net) #6 GG next week

5. Hawaii 1-1-0 (.779) Last Week ranked #2
~ Hawaii’s picks up a tie against the team of ties UMSL last week and falls back a few spots.
+1 TD +2 casualties. (+3 net) #13 NC next week

6. GG 1-1-0 (.763) Last Week ranked #7
~ GG refuses to lose and picks up the tie and another spot in the rankings this week.
+1 TD -5 casualties (-4 net) #5 Cal next week

7. U.Con. 1-0-1 (.661) Last Week ranked #11
~ UCon pushes around Noise State and picks up their first win of the season.
-1 TD +1 casualties (+0 net) #18 Minni next week

8. Texas Tech Rat Raiders 1-0-1 (.657) Last Week ranked #18
~ TTech wins big over Minni and jumps 10 spots in the polls.
+4 TD -5 casualties (-1 net) #16 Navy next week

9. Noise 1-0-1 (.644) Last Week ranked #4
~ Noise loses a hard one to UCon and slips back 5 spots, they will be looking to beat up on Pain next week
+0 TD +3 casualties (+3 net) #12 Pain next week

10. UMSL 0-2-0 (.646) Last Week ranked #9
~ USML is the team that looks to not lose, and then end up not winning too.
+0 TD +4 casualties (+4 net) #11 Buffalo next week

11. Buffalo 1-0-1 (.635) Last Week ranked #6
~ Buffalo’s loses to Cal and will look to take out some revenge on UMSL next week.
+1 TD -2 casualties (-1 net) #10 UMSL next week

12. PainState 1-0-1 (.628) Last Week ranked #14
~ Painstate picks up a much needed win for school morale, even if it is over lowly Navy.
+1 TD -6 casualties (-5 net) #17 Navy next week

13. NC 0-1-1 (.492) Last Week ranked #16
~ NC picks up a nice tie vs GG and will look to earn a win next week against Hawaii.
-1 TD -2 casualties (-3 net) #7 GG next week

14. Nibraskah Wannabees 0-1-1 (.467) Last Week ranked #10
~ Nib’s feels the pain of losing to Oregon, unfair though it may be.
-1 TD -6 casualties (-7 net) #3 Clemson next week

15. DD Tech 0-0-2 (.345) Last Week ranked #13
~ DD can boast about being the highest ranked of the teams with 2 losses, for all that may be good for, and it doesn’t look any better going forward as they have #2 Missou next week.
-2 TD +1 casualties(-1 net) #2 Missou next week

16. Navy 0-0-2 (.342) Last Week ranked #17
~ Navy loses to a crippled Painstate and cripples them some more going forward.
-4 TD +3 casualties (-1 net) #8 TT next week

17. Vampy 0-0-2 (.339) Last Week ranked #15
~ Vampy’s is snakebit and when things go right and they score 2 they face the vaunted offense of Missou who ties on 3, and just their luck they face #1 Oregon next week.
-2 TD -6 casualties (-8 net) #1 Oregon next week

18. Gogres 0-0-2 (.334) Last Week ranked #12
~ The Gogres give up a league high 5 TD in one game this past week and drop back to last place, look for them to come out angry for the insult going forward.
-6 TD +5 casualties (-1 net) #7 UCon next week

(the non-AQ teams will begin to show in the rankings following the end of week 3 games)

Rocketing up in the standings
TT +10
Cali +4
UCon +4

Dropping like a stone
Minni -6
Buff -5
Noise -5
Nib -4

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CBBS Week 2 Update

Once again we've started another great NCBB season, so after two weeks of exciting action, College Blood Bowl Sports is going to take a look back and review what happened, then take a look into the future and preview what could happen.

Two weeks in, we're down to four undefeated teams in the three BCS conferences. Two of them, Clemson and Missouri, were expected. One of them, Oregon, seemed unlikely given their mass graduation. And the other team, Cal, was improbable, given their poor coaching and mass graduation. But regardless, all four teams are 2-0 so far (granted Clemon and Oregon are 3-0 at the time of publication,) whether it be by talented players, good coaching, a favorable schedule, pure luck, or a combination of many factors, which any team desires to be to start the season.

This year scoring is down overall, with only four games having one squad scoring three or more goals. This is slightly surprising given the mass graduation of several teams, and the dominance that elves have had in the league. I'm not doing the actual math, but the average score of most of the games have been 2:1, with several 2:0 and 1:0 games thrown in. I'm not sure how casualties have been in previous seasons, but I took a glance at the OoC play from last year, and we're on pace for more casualties per team than the previous year.

Right now Clemson appears to be the dominant team in the league, as the Terrors are bashing the opposition into the turf and controlling the ball with their ungodly stable of capable running-ghouls. All three ghouls have blodge and surehands; all three ghouls skilled up after their last match vs Nibraskah; one of them is St4; two of them have tackle. Both mummies have block/guard/tackle and are at 48 and 49 spps (not to mention both are only juniors,) so unless they age after their next skill roll, we'll be seeing them for quite a while. Oregon has vastly improved since the start of the season, when they barely had eleven players for the opener. Now with 13 players and the potential to grow exponentially, only injuries look like they'll be able to stop the Waterfoul from having yet another great season. Mizzou looked to use it's super-talented senior class and finally win a national championship, and while they're still undefeated, injuries in the opener (3 deaths,) might have crippled their chances. Down to 11 players, Mizzou will have to hold on for a few weeks while they recruit some new blood for their roster. Still, with an Ag5 thrower and two talented catchers, the Tigers can score with anyone. Cal started the season with low expectations, hoping at best to get better over the course of the season, skilling their freshmen saurri, and perhaps getting into the Wonderbra bowl. That could easily still happen, but with two wins against so-so competition, the Golden Lizards have certainly started out about as well as they could have hoped.

Hawaii was picked by some to make it to the title game this year, and while they're 1-1-0, they haven't looked as dominant as they were predicted to be. With a 1-0 win over beat-up Vandy, and a 2-2 tie to USML, Hawaii still has a lot to prove during the young season. Still, with a balanced but talented roster, they should be able to find success in the coming weeks. Golden Gate is 1-1-0 after two games and their season is still up in the air. A .500 team the past two years, the Warriors got roughed up a bit last game but managed a tie, so there is still a lot of potential for a solid season. Noise State won their opener but fell in the second game, which was their first loss in the NCBB (they went unbeaten in the Non-AQ last year.) Still, their blitzer corps is awesome, and their depth is solid, so look for this team to notch a few wins in the upcoming weeks. USML has tied both their games, which is probably a good thing for the Harliqueens, given that they're playing teams with a massive TR difference. USML is going to be tough for anyone to beat, given their mass blodge and solid coaching, so perhaps a tie isn't so bad. Bufffalo had two horrible seasons in a row but looked to be back to respectability this year. With a win in the opener but a tough loss to Cal last week, Buffalo still can have a very solid season as long as both their bulls stay healthy. Texas Tech fell to Oregon in the opener, despite the Waterfoul starting numerous freshmen, and then blew out Minni last week. The injuries are starting to pile up for the rats, and odds are they won't have any more blowout wins the rest of the season. PainState is the defending national champions, but they took such a massive hit from graduation that no one expected much out of them this season. A loss to Clemson in the opener was predictable, but State played them very tough and almost sent them running to their mummies. A game against more mummies, this time from Navy, left State pretty beat up after the match, though they pulled off the victory. Still, none of the injuries were devastating, so if TodFa can keep developing his young freshmen over the season, it'll be a successful campaign.

UCon got in a casualty war with Mizzou (killing three elves but lost a wolf+ghoul,) and lost 2:4, then gave Noise their first loss in the NCBB, before falling in a trap game to Minni and losing their future super-star wolf to the grave. The team must now rely heavily on star-ghoul #37 Joss 'No Loss' Tillard (RB) while they try to recruit and develop more wolves. Minni played Golden Gate tough in the opener but lost, then were completely lost against Texas Tech and got blown out. But perhaps that was their plan all along, as UCon woke up a sleeping giant...er, ogre, in week 3 and got upset. Can Minni spring more traps as the season goes along? NC State fell in the opener to Noise but managed to pull off a tie vs Golden Gate. With a deep roster of solid players, the Wolfpack can look to sneak up on more unsuspecting teams and pull off an upset or two. Nibraskah was a darkhorse title contender thanks to their star player, Herger, but he has been a marked rat this season and got permed twice before the team doctor saved him. After tying USML in the opener, the Wanabees have been unable to keep up with opponents, falling 1:2 to Oregon then 2:3 to Clemson (despite having a 2-0 lead midway through the first half.) The injuries are piling up, so unless the depth improves and they find a way to play defense, it could be a long season. DD Tech is having another rough season, being 0-2, but still have enough decent players to win a few games. Navy is 0-2 and has less TR than several of the Non-AQ teams; could they be demoted next year if things don't improve? Vandy is 0-3 after a loss to Oregon, but the squad is still building towards the future where they will hopefully win three consecutive bowls again.

Week 3 is now upon us, and with three games being played already, the picture in the NCBB is slowly becoming clearer. The Clemson vs Nibraskah game was certainly worth a watch, both to see a good game (3:2,) and to see if Herger could survive another game (got -MA but apo worked.) Thus you'll want to look for the Cal (2-0-0) vs Golden Gate (1-1-0) game, as their builder game was entertaining and both teams could really use a win in the early part of this season.

Meanwhile, the Non-AQ is slowly marching along, getting their games in at the last possible minutes. It's difficult to judge all the teams so far, given the two forfeits in week 1 and the one pending this round, but right now Georgia (2-1-0,) the BlackKnights (2-0-0,) Nevada (2-0-0,) and Tennesee (2-0-0) have been very good so far. The other teams still have room to improve (and/or get their games in,) so it'll be interesting to see who rises up and who cracks under the pressure.

We'll return in two weeks with complete Out-of-Conference play review and analysis, in addition to previewing the upcoming conference matchups. Until then, best of luck with your games!

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The RFAdvantage Rankings
Week 3 RFA ratings are here, You know you can't live without it.

The RFAdavantage. The MOST accurate team ranker by week!

1. Oregon Waterfoul 3-0-0 (.961) Last Week ranked #1
~ Oregon, who was expected to have a ‘rebuilding’ season is looking like a favorite to go back to the BCS title game.
+5 TD +8 casualties (+13 net) #11 Hawaii next week

2. Missou 3-0-0 (.958) Last Week ranked #2
~ Those touchers are again sitting behind the ducks in the polls and have to be sick of the view by now.
+5 TD +6 casualties (+11 net) #14 Buff next week

3. Clemson 3-0-0 (.956) Last Week ranked #3
~ Clemson has Oregon and Missou in their sights in their drive to a title game appearance in the season they believe is theirs.
+3 TD +10 casualties (+13 net) #4 GG next week

4. GG 2-1-0 (.839) Last Week ranked #6
~ GG refuses can prove themselves a top team to be taken seriously in their week 4 OOC match vs #3 Clemson.
+3 TD -6 casualties (-3 net) #3 Clemson next week

5. Texas Tech Rat Raiders 2-0-1 (.750) Last Week ranked #8
~ TTech predicted to disintegrate by the end of the season keep loading on the TDs and is rewarded with a top 5 berth.
+6 TD -7 casualties (-1 net) #7 Cali next week

6. UMSL 1-2-0 (.743) Last Week ranked #10
~ USML picks up their 1st win and proves they are the team that doesn’t lose. The upstarts find themselves in the top 1/3 of the rankings.
+2 TD +2 casualties (+4 net) #10 Pain next week

7. Cali 2-0-1 (.738) Last Week ranked #4
~ Cali’s separation from the middle of the pack came crashing down as they lose and drop back to the middle.
+0 TD +1 casualties (+1 net) #5 TT next week

8. NC 1-1-1 (.656) Last Week ranked #13
~ NC goes to a neutral record and finds themselves in the upper echelon of the mid tier teams.
0 TD +3 casualties (+3 net) #13 UCon next week

9. Noise 1-1-1 (.644) Last Week ranked #9
~ Noise ties Pain and remains in the 9 seed.
+0 TD +1 casualties (+1 net) #17 DD next week

10. PainState 1-1-1 (.628) Last Week ranked #12
~ Painstate stays with a neutral record and finds themselves competitive in an undermanned season.
+1 TD -4 casualties (-3 net) #6 USML next week

11. Hawaii 1-1-1 (.628) Last Week ranked #5
~ Hawaii’s first loss of the season pulls them down hard in the standings, all the high hopes for this budding team seem to have crashed back and drawn them back to the end of the mid level teams.
+0 TD +1 casualties. (+1 net) #1 Oregon next week

12. Gogres 1-0-2 (.552) Last Week ranked #18
~ The Gogres took out their frustration on UCon, killing a potential award winner wolf and picking up their 1st win of the season, could they go Undebeated the rest of the way?.
-5 TD +6 casualties (+1 net) #18 Vampy next week

13. U.Con. 1-0-2 (.548) Last Week ranked #7
~ UCon loses a star player and their 2nd match to drop back to the bottom third of the RFA standings.
-2 TD +0 casualties (-2 net) #8 NC next week

14. Buffalo 1-0-2 (.536) Last Week ranked #11
~ Buffalo’s drops another and falls back 3 spots.
-1 TD +0asualties (-1 net) #2 Missou next week

15. Nibraskah Wannabees 0-1-2 (.424) Last Week ranked #14
~ Nib has had a hard time since last seasons bowl game loss, they need to refind their form that led them to a top end bowl game last season if they want to avoid the McNurgles this year.
-2 TD -12 casualties (-14 net) #16 Navy next week

16. Navy 0-0-3 (.344) Last Week ranked #16
~ Navy, the leagues usual whipping boy is already on a perfect losing streak, can they change it around to their normal roller coaster season? Or will they just completely stink this year?
-6 TD +5 casualties (-1 net) #15 Nib next week

17. DD Tech 0-0-3 (.343) Last Week ranked #15
~ DD is very evenly horrible, with a nicely balanced -4td and -4cas differentials. Expect this team to look for a potential coaching change sometime soon Very Happy.
-4 TD -4 casualties(-8 net) #9 Noise next week

18. Vampy 0-0-3 (.339) Last Week ranked #17
~ The Vampy Biters (as the teams fans are beginning to call themselves) have already started ordering their McNurgles tickets, this team can’t seem to catch a break, well maybe break may be the wrong term.
-5 TD -10 casualties (-15 net) #12 Minni next week

(the RFA will await the non-AQs completion of week 4 before the next posting)

Rocketing up in the standings
Minni +6
NC +5

Dropping like a stone
UCon -6
Hawaii -6

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Excellent RFA poll as usual Mr. Fitz. The gap between being 1 and 3 is .005...are you kidding me?!?!?!

I demand a recount!!! Very Happy

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Although I'm 90% sure we all know that the polls from weeks 1-9 don't matter....I'm not sure how NC is ranked above Noise (both are 1-1-1)....yet Noise won the head-2-head matchup in the opener. I guess the "perfect" RFA formula doesn't have a function for H2H results Wink

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..... News Flash .... ..... New Flash .... .... Coach McClean is under investigation by the Nibraskah's Athletic Director and biggest booster Mr. Weazle. In part of his press release Mr. Weazle is quoted as saying "The lack of positioning and total disregard to common sense has Coach McClean under investigation." When the press asked Mr. Weazle what is the investigation looking to find about Coach McClean. Mr. Weazle had this to say "Coach McClean is being looked and investigated to be purposefully losing matches to obtain entrance into a lower ranked bowl to increase his chances of a win in bowl season. And I as AD am outraged if this is to be the case, and swift actions will be made for our program." The press has learned that besides looking at game footage for what Mr. Weazle called "common sense blunders" the investigation is going to include interviews with some of the Juniors on the team most notable Herger & Bobafett.
More to come as we hear more about the drama unfolding within the grand understate of Nibraskah!
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