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the insult is that they have to play UNM!

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if it was a punishment, would they have to play Army?

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Well it turned out to be both an insult and a punishment...

McNurgles Recap

Ahh, the McNurgle bowl, always pitting two evenly matched teams, whose records clearly demonstrated the 'high' level of play throughout the season.

This matchup proved to be no exception. The LoBlows continued their struggle with taking extra steps, while the Commonthralls proved to me more than common through the 1st half, getting their necks bit, but somehow remaining on the pitch.

The LoBlows continually tried to 'level' the playing field, but even their underhanded tactics couldn't produce more than a grunt from a Thrall.

The 1st half ended with Vampirebuilt holding a 1-0 lead, but having to kick off to the clearly pacified LoBlows.

The 2nd half proved to be more of the same as the first, with a little bit of give and take, but gradually the Thralls resistance to neck bites wore down and the LoBlows were able to scamper home, with Stoney Case utterly refusing to give the ball to anyone else, for the equalizer.

Overtime beckoned, and both teams had reserved ReRolls for the occasion. The CommonThralls won yet another Kick off result (they won all 4, and got ReRolls 3 times, neutralizing the master chef the LoBlows hoped would prove the difference). However, Vampirebuilt did not actually win the coin flip, this seemed to leave them confused, but they were able to realign their defense, in hopes of not taking a heavy beating from the 3 Big Guys the LoBlows had hoped would prove to be difference makers all season long.

The first couple turns went as normal including a couple KOs on each side, but then, with the LoBlows having formed a loose cage towards the center of the field, and the Commonthralls marking the lone deep threat the LoBlows chose to send down field, disaster struck! Well, depending on how you looked at it, a Vampire went mad with blood lust, but failing to snack on the thrall next to him, became so confused by the situation that he simply stood there, staring at the Chaos Troll who was wondering if he should try to hit him, or just stare back (it was quite a staring contest, honestly it was).

The LoBlows sensing they had an opportunity began a series of blocks to open some room for the ball carrier to get down field, but... failure. The cage remained stuck in the middle, Vampirebuilt's Vampire woke up, and landed a successful blitz on Stoney, and as much as Stony had his deathgrip on the ball... it still came loose.

It was at this point the LoBlows felt their hopes sinking. Slightly outnumbered, grossly out positioned, it did not look good.

And yet, on the next couple turns, even as the LoBlows and the Commonthralls exchanged blitzes on the ball, freeing it, the Vampires finally were undone by their blood lust, knocking out thralls, and landing out of position. Stony was able to get to the ball, finally, but was frenzied directly to the sideline! The Loblows attempt to free him ended with a failed block, and all looked truly lost. He would be surfed, the ball would pop lose, and the CommonThralls would be able to scoop and score.

And yet, the blocking vampire, lacked block, rolled SKULL/BOTH DOWN, and that was it. Stoney was amazed to see himself still standing, and in possession of the ball. A quick block of the lone thrall marking him, and he was able to scamper away towards the Vampirebuilt endzone, and pick up some screeners along the way. Even so, Vampirebuilt managed to blitz in a vampire to get a mark on Stoney, but his GFI failed him, leaving Stoney 7 squares from the endzone.

Stoney took off, and as he got closer he remembered how the match started, knew there would be no second chance, reached the endzone and with an effort born of frustration took that extra step...

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College GamePlay
Built by the Gnome Depot

Chris Fouler: Welcome to the College GamePlay show, where we review and preview all of the recent National College Blood Bowl action! The NCBB is close to completing its 11th season, as bowl week is finally here. We're going to break down each matchup for you, so let me introduce my partners, former Cal blocker Anthony Killer and current NC State quarterback Tyler Brosius. It's the best time of the year, fellas.

Anthony Killer: I can't wait for the gamesss, Chrisss.

Tyler Brosius: This is what you dream about as a player.

Fouler: We've actually had two bowl games played already guys. Both were neck-and-neck into the final turns, so we've had a very good start to the week. Care to review the games for us?

Bro: Certainly. First up we had a hard-hitting Fiesta Bowl between PainState and Clemson. These two teams tied back in OoC play, so they had a score to settle. The Terrors took the ball and moved it around the flank of the State defense, scoring in about six turns. Coach TodFa responded by perfectly executing a picture-perfect two minute drive, tieing it up before the half. The orcs received the ball and slowly moved down the field and had the ball very well protected. But no cage is strong enough to stop some illegal trickeration, as suddenly a huge fireball crashed down onto the orc cage. The NCBB compliance department is still on the lookout for this rogue wizard, though Clemson was officially warned by the league for their actions. But not even a wizard could stop PainState, as they dusted off the ashes and recovered the ball again, taking it to the edge of the goal-line late in the game. A desperate blitz by the Clemson defense knocked the ball loose, but the orcs blitzed the defender away from the ball, picked it up, and ran it in as time ran out.

Fouler: Certainly a thrilling 2-1 victory for PainState, as they look to recapture their season 8 form when they won the title. What about the other bowl game, Anthony?

AK: The lowly McNurglesss bowl wasss no lesss exciting for the fansss. Vandy took on UNM from the NonAQ in a game that was filled with both sloppy play and heroics. But there's no better source for a game review than the coach himself, so we'll let him take it away.

*College GamePlay splices in a segment about the post-game interview with UNM's coach.*

Fouler: Great stuff for a program that looks to build for the future. Two more teams looking to next season are playing in the Wonderbra bowl, Akron and Tlaxcua. Both had solid seasons in the NonAQ, and they tied early in the year.

AK: Both teamsss currently have ssseveral ssstar playersss, but their depth is questionable. Expect to sssee a few walk-onsss in the game, but also expect to sssee quite a bit of ssscoring.

Bro: Yeah, ball security will be very important for both sides. I bet that you will see at least two scores from at least half the field out.

Fouler: What about another rematch, this time in the Goober Bowl between UCon and Torxas?

Bro: Well, Torxas dominated their conference game physically, so they'll have to do that again in order to win a second straight Goober Bowl.

AK: UCon is missing one of their wolvesss for thisss contest, which won't make thingsss any easier. However the key to the game will be whether UCon'sss Mark Hinkley can contain the dynamic Frank Reddic of Torxasss, who wasss the MVP of last year'sss Goober Bowl.

Fouler: Next up is the Killer Lite Bowl, which features the hard-hitting Buffalo BullCentaurs and the heavy-drinking Ohio State Drunkguys. At first glance, this looks to be a large mismatch in favor of Buffalo. Guys, what can Ohio State do to keep it close?

AK: They have to make good use of the inducementsss that they get. With ssseveral of their best playersss missing, a few ssstar playersss could help even thingsss out.

Bro: Still, things could get bloody very quickly. Ohio State was very susceptible to injuries this season, while Buffalo was amazing at causing them.

Fouler: A very interesting rematch will occur in the Orange Bowl, as Nevada and the BlackKnights have a score to settle from last week's 2-2 tie. A win for either team could have potentially put them into the title game, but these rivals will enjoy this tiebreaker just as much.

Bro: If Nevada wants to win this game, they will have to inflict a significant number of injuries, no matter the severity. The Knights only have eleven players, though many of them have the ability to dodge away from danger.

AK: And Nevada doesn't have anyone skilled at tackling those dodgy players, which could play a huge factor in the game.

Fouler: Arguably the most compelling storyline going into the bowl voting was where Michigan State would end up after an 8-1-0 record in the NonAQ conference. Although they were favored in both the RFA and CBBS rankings, the coaches looked down on them, resulting in a final rank of fourth.

AK: A Rose Bowl birth against a very good Nibraskah team isn't bad, though. The Wanabeesss were considered for the championship game themselvesss, ssso both teamsss will have to bring their "A" game.

Bro: The key for Michigan State to pull an upset over a BCS foe is to copy what Cal did against Nibraskah last week: secure the ball inside a cage and keep beating down the fragile rats. The Spartans were very good at doing just that, so they have both the blueprint and the tools; but will the Granddaddy of them all prove too large a stage for them?

Fouler: We will certainly find out. But the largest stage of the season will feature the premier NCBB powerhouse in Oregon against a strangely consistent California team. Their streak of five-straight five-win seasons extends back to your playing days there, Anthony.

AK: Yes it doesss. But in ssseven ssseasonsss, Cal has yet to win a bowl game. The last four were against elven teamsss as well, which doesn't bode well for Cal. Neither doesss their out-of-conference losss to Oregon in week two of thisss ssseason.

Bro: These are the two most-skilled teams in the nation, and both are built to stop the other. Cal has attempted to solve their struggles against elves by loading up on a variety of tackling skills. Oregon is obviously very dodge-heavy but also has a number of abilities to help against bashy teams like Cal.

Fouler: With all the analysis out of the way, it's time for our game picks. So who do you guys think is going to win each game and why, starting with the Goober Bowl and moving up the list?

AK: I'm going with UCon in an upset over Torxasss, it'sss sssimply about time for their luck to turn around.

Bro: Well Torxas is just too physical for the Huskies, so they'll get it done again.

Fouler: Split picks for that game. What about the Wonderbra Bowl? Two NonAQ teams look to springboard into the BCS with a final win in their inaugural season.

AK: Tlaxcua is a little more balanced ssskill wise than Akron. Thusss the key will be how Akron'sss younger playersss perform, because the Yipsss can't afford too many mistakesss. I sssee them doing well enough to get a 3-2 ssshootout win.

Bro: Yeah this is my kind of game, where the ball will be traveling all over the field. Neither team will be able to protect the ball very well from the aggressive defenses, but elves are better at "scramble" plays, so they'll get the W.

Fouler: Picking the same winner? Interesting. How about the possible mismatch in the Killer Lite Bowl?

Bro: Possible? This game is gonna be bloody, and most of it will come from the Drunkguys.

AK: Yesss, I agree. Buffalo will ssstart next year off ssstrong by capping off this one with a bowl win. Watch out for the Centaursss next ssseason, guysss.

Fouler: The Orange Bowl features perhaps the closest matchup with Nevada and the BlackKnights. Will a championship snub motivate or demoralize these two teams?

Bro: The rivalry between the two will trump any hard feelings about not getting to the championship, Chris. I expect a hard-fought game but the BlackKnights will emerge victorious.

AK: I'd have to agree, Brosius. The Knights just have too much dodge to not pull off a W.

Fouler: How about in the Granddaddy of them all where Michigan State attempts to prove they belong with the big boys against Nibraskah?

AK: NonAQ teamsss have proven ssseveral timesss that they can play with BCS teamsss in bowl gamesss, and I think they'll do it again.

Bro: No way, Anthony. Nibraskah doesn't want to be embarrassed by these pretenders, so they'll find a way to squeak out a victory.

Fouler: And last but certainly not least we have the BCS National Championship. Fourth straight title appearance for Oregon, as they attempt to win a second championship in three years. Cal tries to end their nightmarish streak of bowl losses, and never will they a more perfect chance than this. With that being said, can Cal pull off arguably the biggest championship upset ever?

Anthony: As much as I hope that my alma matter ends their slide, I think that Oregon is far too skilled and too well coached to lose this game.

Bro: Well obviously Oregon is going to win, they're unbeaten this year, already beat Cal, and are a far superior team. Heck, Cal would lose against whomever they played, but against Oregon, I'm 200% certain about the outcome.

Anthony: Tell you what, Brosiusss. If Cal doesss pull off the upset, you never get to sssay anything bad about Cal again. If Oregon winsss, I'll never blitz you about insulting my ssschool again. Deal?

Brosius: I can't lose this bet, so you have yourself a deal, Anthony.

*Anthony and Brosius shake hands.*

Fouler: I will mention, however, that although Oregon has been in the three previous championship games, they did lose both times when they played a team from the Big Beast conference. Whether or not that means anything remains to be seen.

Bro: Nope.

Fouler: Uh, thanks for that contribution. Tune in to our next show once bowl season is over as we review everything that happened over the course of the season, as well as take a look at whom might be eligible for post-season awards. From everyone here at College GamePlay, thank you for joining us and enjoy the games!

Part of the NCBB and the NBFL.

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The sun was setting in the west as the team were making their way unto the freshly mowed field.

The Spartans were solemn, with an air of pent up rage.

MSU refused to comment or allow any reporter in the training facility since the announcement for the Bowls.

Earlier in the week, they replied to the NCBB with a concise memo:

"MSU his proud to be nominated to the Rose Bowl and will have a hard game ahead of them in the developed program from Nibraskah. Long live the Spartans!"


The referee signaled the teams forward for the coin toss, and Nib winning it decoded to try and score quickly, hoping to knock enough Spartans out to force Helmut Wulf on the pitch for a very short presence.

Cadet David Shawn quickly invaded the backfield of the Spartans, but was surprised by 'Einstein' that feinted and brought him to the grass with a lasso-move.

Then, the 'Doc' took the opportunity with the help from some teammate and delivered a swift boot to the head of Shawn, who was carted off the field.

The following turn, the 'Doc' repeated the same deadly efficient boot to the head of Dread Pirate Roberts who was also carted off the field. Nib was quickly running out of players, and retreating in their own half while some line-rats tried to hold off the 'Tank'.

After some pushing and shoving around, The 'General' managed to get in the backfield with some help from 'Einstein' and put the rats in a tight spot.

The 'Mox' tried to dash away from the 'General' and deliver a pass to a wide open Prince Vultan, but it seemed like he heard footstep and couldn't deliver an accurate pass.

'Red' managed to scoop out the ball, and with 'Tank' and 'Quickfeet' clearing the way, he scored in the final seconds of the 1st half.

1-0 MSU


With only seven rats on the pitch, things were looking bleak for Nib, and the Spartans fans could be heard all the way back to the NCBB HQ. A huge sign all painted in silver and green could be read "This Rose Bowl victory will feel like a National Championship victory. Cheated but proud!"

Nib proceeded to kick down the middle of the field, and the Spartans took the field with even more passion and resolute rage then in the first half.

All the blocks were finished thoroughly, and the ref seemed to be checking the Spartans players with attention. He was seen twice checking their hands to make sure there wasn't anything illegal in their hands.

In the first moments of the second half, 3 more rats were knocked off the pitch and the Spartans quickly formed a cage around 'Red'. They marched down the field like a well oiled machine, 'Tank' and 'Quickfeet' leading the way once more.

Helmut was wreaking havoc in the rats ranks, knocking two out and badly hurting another one that needed to be carted off the field for some medical attention. Losing half a hand will do that to a rat.

New walk-on addition, 'Wallstreet' ran down the wing and was handed off the ball from 'Red' to score his first NCBB touchdown, on one of the biggest scene possible.

2-0 MSU

The fans were screaming even louder then before, and the Nib fans were drowned out in the sound. With only five players taking the field, it was all but done for the Wannabees.

Moments after the kick, Nib rook Deckard ran down the wing, waiting for a pass from Vultan. Sadly, the moment was gone for the players from Nib and all the life had been kicked and blocked out of them.

'Red' deftly managed to scoop up the live ball while 'Tank', 'The General' and 'The Lawyer' were moping out the remaining players with nasty blocks.

'Red' saw 'Wallstreet' breaking open down the middle and managed to sprint down to him and hand him the ball once more. The walk-on only had to walk the last yards to score his second score of the game and put the final nail in Nibraskah's coffin.

3-0 MSU

This Rose Bowl victory does end a remarkable run for the Spartans, ending up 9-1-0. It could be said that being snubbed from the coaches did provide a very potent motivation tool for the Spartans.

Team captain Lincoln 'The General' Washington III spoke briefly while raising the trophy above his head with a single finger raised to the sky "Feels like a National Championship!".

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College GamePlay
Built by the Gnome Depot

Chris Fouler: Welcome to the College GamePlay show, where we review and preview all of the recent National College Blood Bowl action! The NCBB has just completed its 11th season, capped off by a stellar bowl week. But before moving on, we need to take a look back at the best players from last year, so let me introduce my partners, former Cal blocker Anthony Killer and current NC State quarterback Tyler Brosius. What did you guys like most about the awards voting?

Anthony Killer: I felt that it wasss a great chance for unheralded playersss to finally get sssome recognition, Chrisss.

Tyler Brosius: It's when we finally show throwers some long over-do love. Those guys put the fans in their seats, and I really think they should get more Hammer consideration.

Fouler: Position-promotion aside, we really do have a great list of award nominees. If you want to look at all of the stats from last season, follow these simple steps:

1) go to http://www.pvv.ntnu.no/~brill/fumbbl/ and bookmark the page
2) click on tournaments, type in 6888 for the group number, then type in 28603 for the tournament ID, then hit 'Get tournament matches.'
3) delete the match ID that appears, then copy and paste this list into the big section for match IDs:

3196919 3194346 3193268 3193124 3192376 3191775 3190098 3189080 3188832 3188723 3187566 3186937 3186642 3186456 3185825 3185056 3184864 3183995 3183805 3180904 3180148 3179005 3178765 3178584 3178399 3177637 3176688 3176392 3175740 3175695 3174827 3174191 3173820 3172150 3171984 3171322 3171295 3170700 3169560 3169387 3169175 3168988 3167354 3177570 3175172 3174543 3174130 3173812 3173401 3173277 3172967 3172549 3172185 3172165 3171425 3171078 3170329 3170292 3169381 3168234 3167859 3167833 3167372 3197966 3196706 3194221 3193644 3193151 3192514 3191688 3189717 3189504 3189369 3188909 3188423 3186248 3185513 3185382 3183037 3181550 3181083 3179348 3178008 3198271 3196623 3196005 3195038 3194307 3191103 3190818 3190752 3188552 3188543 3186898 3186282 3183824 3183806 3182374 3181267 3180866 3180189 3179147 3178703 3202954 3201201 3204833 3202425 3204606 3200942 3205254 3201566

4) if you want to see your team's stats only, type in your team's complete name into the 'Filter team name' section; otherwise leave it blank
5) click 'send matches' and wait the 20-30 seconds for the info to load
6) click 'Show total' on the right side in order to see the stats for all (of your,) players
7) enjoy

Killer: That isss quite an impressive list of playersss.

Bro: I bet a few of these awards will be very close races, guys.

Fouler: That usually is the case, Brosius. So without further delay, here are the nominees for the different awards.

ImageHammer Nominees
-The Hammer is the most prestigious award in the NCBB, given to the best overall player in college football. Players are listed in no particular order:
-Aiden Charger, Akron. 1 completion, 6 touchdowns, 5 casualties, 29 spps, 5 passing yards, 121 rusing yards, 67 blocks. WE wardancer with +Ag, MB.
-Anika Quickstep, Akron. 1 completion, 8 touchdowns, 4 casualties, 48 spps, 6 passing yards, 74 rushing yards, 80 blocks. WE wardancer with tackle, MB, sidestep. Lead the nation in spps earned.
-Mason 'The Lawyer' Powell [#55], Michigan State. 1 touchdown, 17 casualties, 42 spps, 18 rushing yards, 78 blocks. Human blitzer with MB, PO, tackle. Lead the nation in casualties.
-Don Quey, Buffalo. 2 completions, 4 touchdowns, 1 interception, 1 casualty, 23 spps, 7 passing yards, 81 rushing yards, 47 blocks. Bull Centaur with +MA, BT, dodge.
-Jared "Marlin" McFarlin, BlackKnights. 5 completions, 7 touchdowns, 3 casualties, 32 spps, 14 passing yards, 116 rushing yards, 35 blocks. HE catcher with dodge, block, MB.
-Keith Adder, Clemson. 1 completion, 5 touchdowns, 2 casualties, 25 spps, -4 passing yards, 64 rushing yards, 51 blocks. Wight with +MA, tackle, strip ball, +AG. Just graduated.
-Frank Reddic, Torxas State. 1 completion, 4 touchdowns, 1 interception, 3 casualties, 21 spps, 1 passing yard, 67 rushing yards, 22 blocks. Orc blitzer with +MA, +AG, +AG.

ImageBanger-Hardell Nominees
-The Banger-Hardell trophy is given to the best offensive player in the league. Players are listed in no particular order:
-Stoney Case, UNM. 4 completions, 8 touchdowns, 28 spps, 5 passing yards, 218 rushing yards. Lead the nation in rushing yards.
-Anika Quickstep, Akron. 1 completion, 8 touchdowns, 48 spps, 6 passing yards, 74 rushing yards. Lead the nation in spps earned.
-Jared "Marlin" McFarlin, BlackKnights. 5 completions, 7 touchdowns, 32 spps, 14 passing yards, 116 rushing yards.
-Heart Doctor, Yale. 9 touchdowns, 27 spps, 95 rushing yards. Lead the nation in touchdowns.

ImageNeeley Nominees
-The Neeley award is given to the best defensive player in college football. Players are listed in no particular order:
-Jeff Backus, Michigan Jr. 10 casualties on 40 blocks, 4.0 B/C (blocks per casualty ratio.)
-Lincoln 'The General' Washington III [#59], Michigan State. 10 casualties on 71 blocks, 7.1 B/C.
-Mason 'The Lawyer' Powell [#55], Michigan State. 17 casualties on 78 blocks, 4.59 B/C. Lead the nation in casualties.
-Rusty Ironmind, Buffalo. 9 casualties on 68 blocks, 7.56 B/C.

ImageWylie Coyote Nomninees
-The Wylie Coyote award, better known as the 'Gone too Soon' award, is given to the best player who had his career cut short, whether by injury, grade issues, death, kidnapping, assassination, poisoning, ex-girlfriends, Russo, "accidents," or anything else imaginable. Please note that this is annoying as hell to try and find, so bear in mind that not every candidate might be found. Players are listed in no particular order:
-Britton Maxwell, Torxas State.
-Terry Avenger, Clemson.
-Casanova, Nibraskah.
-Archibald Cunningham, Nibraskah.
-Werewolf of London II, Nevada.
-Billy "Das Boot" Fisher, BlackKnights.

ImageSOMUFTEN Nominees
-The SOMUFTEN award, or the 'Coach of the Season' award, is given to the coach who best lead his program during the season, whether it was winning a championship, overcoming numerous obstacles, or just being the least hated. Coaches are listed in no particular order:
-Ex-con: finally managed to win a bowl game
-Kryten: an 8-1-1 season is darn impressive
-Deviant_Strategist: an undefeated run through the NonAQ, capped off with a Rose Bowl win
-Nicodemus1: a five-win season capped with an Orange bowl victory over their rivals from Nevada

ImageGabbert-Bryant Nominees
-The Gabbert-Bryant award is given to the best quarterback, whether a passer, runner, or combination of the two, in the NCBB. Players are listed in no particular order:
-Stoney Case, UNM. 4 completions, 8 touchdowns, 28 spps, 5 passing yards, 218 rushing yards. Lead the nation in rushing yards.
-Simon 'The Wiz' White [#4], Michigan State. 15 completions, 1 touchdown, 20 spps, 44 passing yards, 79 rushing yards. Lead the nation in both completions and passing yards.
-Xochimilco "Mr. Cowboy" Ixtlilxochitl, Tlaxcua. 9 completions, 2 touchdowns, 25 spps, 37 passing yards, 107 rushing yards.
-Chip "New Zealand Scaup" Medora, Oregon. 8 completions, 2 touchdowns, 19 spps, 23 passing yards, 84 rushing yards.

ImageWolfman Nominees
-As most of us know, players in the NCBB are only allowed to play for four seasons, and thus teams are always recruiting promising players to come in and continue on the tradition. This award will be given to the best freshman player from the past season, whether he got a redshirt in the last-last season (in this case 10,) or was hired more recently. The following players are in no particular order:
-Mason 'The Lawyer' Powell [#55], Michigan State. 1 touchdown, 17 casualties, 42 spps, 18 rushing yards, 78 blocks. Lead the nation in casualties.
-Rompah Stompah, Buffalo. 7 casualties, 19 spps, 62 blocks.
-Anika Quickstep, Akron. 1 completion, 8 touchdowns, 4 casualties, 48 spps, 6 passing yards, 74 rushing yards, 80 blocks.
-Aidan Charger, Akron. 1 completion, 6 touchdowns, 5 casualties, 29 spps, 5 passing yards, 121 rushing yards, 67 blocks.

Fouler: What a group of players. So, what are your thoughts on each of the awards guys?

Bro: Honestly I'm not sure how the voters will react to all of the dominant players from the NonAQ conference. While their stats are amazing, many of their opponents were smaller, weaker schools. For example, eight of Mason Powell's whopping seventeen casualties were against stunty teams.

Killer: It might cost them a ssshot at the Hammer, but I don't think it will for the other awardsss. Powell will likely win the Neeley, and I think that Ssstoney Case can win the Banger-Hardell.

Fouler: I guess Powell will likely win the Wolfman then as well.

Bro: If the voters don't discount the NonAQ teams, Simon White will win the Gabbert-Bryant. Looks like more BCS throwers need to step up their game.

Fouler: Alright guys, who was the best player in the NCBB last season?

Bro: The Hammer will go to a thrower next season, mark my words. But this year, I'd say that no one had a larger impact on the game than Jared McFarlin, the BlackKnights' catcher. He could score from anywhere or blitz the opposition and inflict pain while doing it.

Killer: Teamsss facing Clemson constantly had to be aware of where Keith Adder wasss. Very few ball carriersss escaped his reach, which is why the Terrorsss were involved in ssso many tiesss thisss past ssseason.

Fouler: Well that should do it for today. Tune in to our next show where we preview season 12. From everyone here at College GamePlay, thank you for joining us and enjoy the final week of the offseason!

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CBBS Special Report: Season 11 All-Americans

A few years ago we unveiled the first ever All-American list of the top 14-16 players in the NCBB from season 8, split between offense, defense, and special teams. Fitz was even awesome enough to make a logo to go in these player's bios. So with another season complete, it's time once again to identify the best players in the league and put them on a 'super team,' aka the All-American team. Enjoy!

-Simon 'The Wiz' White [#4], Michigan State.
-Anika Quickstep, Akron.
-Jared "Marlin" McFarlin, BlackKnights.
-Stoney Case, UNM.
-Heart Doctor, Yale.

-Mason 'The Lawyer' Powell [#55], Michigan State.
-Aidan Charger, Akron.
-Rusty Ironmind, Buffalo.
-Lincoln 'The General' Washington III [#59], Michigan State.
-Jeff Backus, Michigan Jr.
-Keith Adder, Clemson.

Special Teams:
-Peter Glasses, Yale.
-Belta Bantah, Buffalo.
-Shelby "Shelbyville" Jackson, BlackKnights.

For those coaches who were lucky enough to have a player on this list, please put this image into their bio for all to see:



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[Meant to send my votes as a PM, posted them here instead. I've fixed that.]

Beat Claw, Play AV7

(Hell, I ran a forward passing orc team back in the '90s. You probably shouldn't listen to me. Ever.)

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Peter Glasses isn't on Ohio State... you must've had your beer goggles on...

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Only 2 days left to get in on season 12 of the NCBB, make a ncbb team and apply at the NCBB group page

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Seriously Injured's Smack 6 conference preview.

The Buffalo BullCentaurs played tough last season tying Clemson with the most ties in the conference last season. They played the Torxas State Bobkats in the Goober bowl and loss. Surely this shameful loss in the lowly Goober bowl will ignite the coaching staff at Buffalo. However Buffalo was hit by some key graduations last season and will be fielding 3 freshman CDs this season. They were another middle of the pack team last season and with 2 seniors and 3 juniors it could be a long season for the BullCentaurs. However there are some excellent hard hitting players on this team. Senior CD Rusty Ironmind http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=player&player_id=7696503 looks to improve on his career 11 CS total and bring the pain to the Smack 6 this season. BC Don Quey http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=player&player_id=7921543 looks to stretch the field and score many TDs this season. The offense will be led by hobgoblin Snik Throtler http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=player&player_id=7891301 who looks to make sure the ball gets into the right player's hands and ground pound their opponents into the pitch this season.

Clemson comes back to the Smack after a season hiatus and just couldn't seem to get on track. While they did finish 2nd in conference they just couldn't close the deal against many teams having a conference tying high 3 ties last season (Buffalo was the other team with 3 ties). They did manage to make it to the Fiesta Bowl last season where they were beaten by another tough squad from the Big Beast in Pain St 2-1. That game saw some very unusual things happen during the game involving a wizard and resulting in Clemson having a warning for this upcoming season by the NCBB league commissioner. Clemson returns quite a few seniors themselves with 5 and 1 junior however most of their skill position players are young being either true freshman or sophomores. They will be led by Senior ghoul C.J. Spiker http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=player&player_id=7497863 and special teams specialist C. 'Shrew' Davis (kicker) http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=player&player_id=7635294 and Jarvis Jinxs http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=player&player_id=7497864 . Obviously their offense was not as potent as they would have liked last season but their defense usually did the job of not losing the game for them.

Last season saw perennial national power Oregon win the conference and advance to the National Championship game where they lost a tough game 2-1 against the California Golden Lizards from the Big Beast. Rumor has it that Oregon coach Kryten has taken his team to an undisclosed location and training them harder than he ever has this off season. Since it's been over a week since anyone has seen coach K there is certainly something going on with the Oregon Waterfoul. Oregon returns a very veteran team this season including 5 Seniors and 3 Juniors. This team will be led by Junior Thrower Chip "New Zealand Scaup" Medora http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=player&player_id=7865407 and a pair of veteran catchers in Junior Zorn "Greater Scaup" Hunter http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=player&player_id=7948970 and Urist "Red Shoveler" McDwarf http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=player&player_id=7706086. It is very doubtful that any team in the conference will be able to keep up with this very talented offense and surprisingly stingy defense which led the conference last season giving up only 2 TDs all season in conference.

Torxas State
The Torxas State Bobkats was a middle of the pack team last season in conference going 2-2-2 and finishing 5th in conference. They have no depth behind their starters starting this season and will have to hope their thick skins will last long enough to get some late incoming freshman to help the team. This team does have some talent though with 6 seniors and 2 juniors returning. The star of the team is their blitzer Frank Reddic http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=player&player_id=7411587 who plays like an elf but hits like a sledge hammer. Senior Troll Ralston Dews http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=player&player_id=7418961 will need to step up his game and help carry his team long enough for the incoming freshman to help. The rest of the league will need to watch the sidelines with Senior BoB Sam Pier http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=player&player_id=7411578 patrolling the pitch. The fans following Torxas I am sure hope for a top half finish in the conference this season. However they will need to come out like gangbusters in OoC play to have a chance to do that.

One time national champion U.Con. Huskies had a fairly mediocre season last season but did manage to win their Killer Lite bowl game against the Big Beast's Ohio State Drunkguys 2-1. UCon looks to be in great shape this season with 3 Seniors and 4 Juniors. This team has a stellar athletic facility and amazing strength and conditioning coach which is paying dividends this season. They boast one of the strongest teams in the Smack 6 this season including 4 players of 4 str each. Some of their line zombies also wrestle for UCon in the winter and this skill has translated well on the pitch saving them from otherwise painful blocks on the pitch. This team will be lead by the the nastiest dog to come out of UCon since two time Hammer winner 'Hairy' Harris Agbor. 'Psycho' Sio Moore http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=player&player_id=7702603 is just 3 CSs and 4 TDs from tying 'Hairy' Harris Agbo's record setting pace. With a full season to play we think he will be able to even break his records. Joining 'Psycho' will be a nasty wight who goes by the name of 'Makers' Mark Hinkley http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=player&player_id=7880226. This wight will be a bane to catchers this season. Ucon will have a hard time replacing special teams guru Ray Morrison http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=player&player_id=7574845. Losing this key player could make the difference between winning and tying this season for UCon.

After a few seasons of misery an old warhorse of the conference looks ready to make a run at the conference title this season. The Vampirebilt Commonthralls look better than they have in at least 4 seasons. This could be their year to suck the life from all their opponents this season. They haven't been to a bowl in 3 season and we look for that to change this season. This team is fairly young except for a few players and coach Somertown has always been a very good X's and O's kind of coach. With 2 senior vampires and 5 other junior players on their roster Vampirebilt looks very solid this season. They will be lead this season by Senior Vampire JJ Keels http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=player&player_id=7698625 who while slowed by a prior injury can do some magical things on the pitch. Coach Somertown will not have to rely strictly on his vampires for passing and running the rock this season either. Junior Thrall Udom Umoh http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=player&player_id=7775179 has shown great potential last season and should only get better this season. Sophomore vampire Lafonte Thourogood http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=player&player_id=7902399 is rather young and already shows great promise. He could be a Hammer award nominee this season.

SI's preseason projected order of finish.

1. Oregon Waterfoul
2. Clemson Terrors
3. Vampirebilt Commonthralls
4. U.Con. Huskies
5. Buffalo BullCentaurs
6. Torxas State Bobkats

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People have been itching to look at the schedule, and while I'd love to do a fluffy post with the College GamePlay crew, I'll do that tomorrow. So without further delay, here's the OoC schedule for the first four weeks of the season!

week 1
BKs vs Buffalo
Nib vs Torxas
Ohio State vs Oregon
UCon vs Army
Vandy vs Mich State
Clemson vs Akron
Tlaxcua vs Cal
Navy vs Nevada
UNM vs Pain

week 2
BKs vs Army
Nib vs Mich State
Ohio State vs Akron
UCon vs Cal
Vandy vs Nevada
Clemson vs Pain
Tlaxcua vs Buffalo
Navy vs Torxas
UNM vs Oregon

week 3
BKs vs Vandy
Ohio State vs Buffalo
Nevada vs Oregon
UCon vs Navy
Clemson vs Army
Torxas vs Akron
Tlaxcua vs Nib
UNM vs Cal
Mich State vs Pain

week 4
BKs vs Navy
Ohio State vs Army
Nevada vs Akron
UCon vs Nib
Clemson vs Cal
Torxas vs Pain
Tlaxcua vs Vandy
UNM vs Buffalo
Mich State vs Oregon

So yeah, the secret SCC team that some people had wondered about is actually Navy! That's right folks, Aenir is returning with his once-proud program to try and teach these recently promoted teams a thing or two about AQ play.

I think the NonAQ team only has 9 teams, though we might be at ten thanks to Nomad, but if someone wants to make a team to help out, be sure to do so ASAP.

The tournaments will be made tomorrow, and the season 11 awards winners will also be announced. If you have any questions, be sure to let me know.

Part of the NCBB and the NBFL.

Don't drop the soap.

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So does this mean a "traditional" Army/Navy game?

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I don't think I've ever said this, but Nagi makes a good point. If that's not automatically a rivalry game, what is?

Beat Claw, Play AV7

(Hell, I ran a forward passing orc team back in the '90s. You probably shouldn't listen to me. Ever.)

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ahalfling wrote:
I don't think I've ever said this, but Nagi makes a good point. If that's not automatically a rivalry game, what is?

Just for the record I don't think ANYONE has ever said that... so it must be a good idea.
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