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Let's go A.P.E.!

(...and what exactly do you think they do with all those dead players?...)

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Seriously Injured Issue#116 part 2

Smack 7 Conference

1. Arizona Girls Gone Wildcat

Coach: Licker
Race: Amazons
Players: 2 Freshman, 4 Sophomores, 6 Juniors, 0 Seniors

A 3rd season team to the NCBB. This team went to the Killer Lite bowl last season and played the Clemson Terrors team but loss 0-4. But with all things this is a new season and the Wildcats have a few things to look forward too. For one the spectacular Ms. Ademola Adeniran a +agi, blodge, dump-off catcher will be the focal point of the offense and she should produce whether it's throwing the ball to a teammate of running it in herself. With a seasoned core of blitzers and a nice blodge guard linewoman this team has the ability to blodge and score as needed or blodge and blitz as needed. With the veteran leadership of the 6 juniors the Wildcats look to make noise this season in the Smack 7. Coach Licker will probable pretty happy if he can make a return trip to the Killer Lite bowl this season.

Strenghts: An all dodge team with half the team being blodgers means you can get away with a lot of things without burning through your RRs. Throw in a developing thrower with a star catcher to throw too and you can score some TDs.

Weakness: With AV7 plus a lack of damage inducing skills it will be hard to keep these ladies on the pitch.

X-factor: With so many skills built in to avoid using RRs this team should have a RR late in the game to use when they really need it.

2. Missouri Two-Hand-Touch Tigers

Coach: Relezite
Race: Pro Elf
Players: 2 Freshman, 3 Sophomores, 6 Juniors, 1 Senior

This Veteran of the NCBB wars is coming off a successful season that ended with a 2-1 Rose bowl victory of Oregon State. This team is well developed and full of upper classman. They have 3 catchers including a star in a 9 ma blodger by the name of Julius Carol who we feel will be a preseason favorite to win the Banger-Hardell award this season. Mizzou is usually a high octane offense that scores in bunches last season was not what we are use to seeing from this team. We believe it was a blip on the radar and they will return to their normal 3-4 TDs a game selves. This team will contending with Vandy and UCon for the conference crown this season. A tough OoC schedule this season including the mighty Ducks from Oregon and a vicious Fresno State team could cause a misstep along the way.

Strenghts: Good team speed and team agi 4 means this team can score at any time and when they choose too.

Weakness: Low AV and multiple injuries to this team could be a concern unless a deeper bench is recruited during the season. We would like to see Coach Relezite add a 4th catcher to the roster but we'll see what this fine coach does.

X-factor: The Coach. Considered one of the top 3 coaches in the country without a doubt his coaching is worth an additional player or two on the pitch.

3. Notre Dame Fuzzled Irish

Coach: Loraxwolfsbane
Race: Dwarf
Players: 2 freshman, 9 Sophomores, 0 Juniors, 0 Seniors

This new comer to the BCS this season has a pretty small squad of 11 players. There is of course some developmental issues with such a young team. They only have one runner who looks more like a safety than a runner. They had a pretty respectable record last season at 2-5-2. But no bowl appearance. This season of course they moved up from the Non-AQ and play some solid and well developed teams. This could be an issue for the rather slow dwarfs who also don't have a whole lot of of MB. In fact they only have it on both of their trollslayers. One TSer,Justin Truck is a rather nicely developing sophomore with MB and dodge. This team looks like it is going the guard heavy road for dwarf teams as they have 3 blockers who already have the skill. The lack of any skills on their young blitzer core could be a problem long term this season. One bright side to this team is they will not have to worry much with any blodge heavy teams since they have a nice skillset already built into their blockers with block, tackle, thick skull.

Strengths: Av9, built in block tackle, and just about the entire team having S access.

Weakness: Lack of skills and speed.

X-factor: Is coach Lorax saving up for a deathroller this season and/or going to add another runner?

4. Tennessee Volunteered

Coach: Jumboparagon
Race: Undead
Players: 3 Freshman, 10 Sophomores, 0 Juniors, 0 Seniors

This team comes back to the NCBB after being on hiatus for awhile. They come back to the Smack 7 where they hope they can do some smacking themselves. However with this squad being fairly undeveloped they are going to have a tough time laying the smack down. The key to this team will be the play of their two sophomore mummies. One Ja'Wuan "Lulu" James is pretty nice with the blodge skillset. However the lack of any developed wights or a third ghoul could cause some scoring issues down the road. They get thrown into the fire right away as they play two powerhouse teams in Oregon St and Hawaii. So we'll get to see early enough if they are ready for the BCS. One thing of note this team was 7-0-1 in their first season in their non-aq debut.

Strenghts: Well when you talk undead you talk mummies and this team has a pair of good ones both having block already as well as an additional skill.

Weakness: The lack of wight development and possible a 3rd ghoul to help with ball handling as well as speed issues.

X-factor: Will coach Jumbo skill up his wights quick enough to get his team into bowl contention this season?

5. Texas S n' M Aggroes

Coach: Smeat
Race: Dark Elves
Players: 0 Freshman, 11 Sophomores, 0 Juniors, 0 Seniors

This team comes from the Non-AQ this season with 11 sophomores. They were not very successful in the Non-AQ going a paltry 1-5-3. Good news for them is it's a new season. Being dark elven brings with it certain advantages in speed and agi. However there is 0 damage inducing skills on this team and 0 tackle as well. While I think they will have some success scoring without the skills to stop other teams from scoring it looks like this team will be tying quite a lot this season as well. We like the fact that they have a few blodgers on the team even being fairly young. We think lineman (A +agi lino) Bull Darkson has a bright future in the league we just don't know what role Coach Smeat plans to use him in. With a few positionals not on the team yet we gather that coach Smeat is in the process of recruiting a freshman witch and blitzer.

Strenghts: Speed and Agi. Plus Elven magic

Weakness: Lack of MB or DP to help with removal of key players on opposing teams.

X-factor: Can Texas score more than their opponents and avoid ties this season?

6. U.Con. Huskies

Coach: Ryanfitz
Race: Necro
Players: 2 Freshman, 3 Sophomores, 7 Juniors, 1 Senior

This veteran of the NCBB is battle tested and well developed. With every player except the freshman and one junior zombie having at least one skill this team looks ready to challenge for a conference crown. However their OoC play is brutal this season. They will be facing defending national champion California in their first game of the season minus their best Golem who is on the IR for the first game of the season. Without him they actually have no MB at all on the team and just the pair of wolves with Claws. Then they get a very tough Hawaii as their 2nd OoCgame. If Ucon can get out of OoC with a 2-0-1 record or better they will be in the driver's seat for a Smack 7 conference crown. Werewolf Gary 'Pyro' Wilburn looks ready to have a breakout season being a mere 2 SPs from gaining a 4th skill. He already has block dodge tackle nuffle willing he'll gain MB or a +stat to help Coach Ryan ride Gary to the promise land.

Strenghts: Good team speed, unpredictable but effective coaching, and a pretty low TR for the skill level of this team.

Weakness: That lack of Sure hands and damage inducing skills will hurt against stronger and higher AV teams like California.

X-factor: The ability to make magic happen without being an elf.

7. Vampirebilt Commonthralls

Coach: Somertown
Race: Vampire
Players: 5 Freshman, 2 Sophomores, 3 Juniors, 2 Seniors

Another Veteran of the NCBB. This team is pretty young but has a fair mix of experienced players to call on to make big plays. Coach Somertown is bringing 5 vampires to the pitch this season which is a lot two are seniors however and look to bring that leadership to the pitch and help this team challenge for the conference crown. While not overly fast they are also not overly slow. One vampire Colt Nichter is a sophomore with good speed +ma and looks close to gaining another skill soon. While thralls are primarily used for snacks by the teams vampires they will need to gain a skill or two over the season if Vandy wants to compete for the Smack 7 crown this season. While having 4 agi 4 str players with S, A, and G skills is awesome....the bloodlust aspect of vampires makes this team a keg of dynamite to say the least. The lack of any damage inducing skills what so ever on this team will make player removal a chore. With OoC games against a tough Fresno and the ever powerful Oregon will show whether this season is Vandy's or not to make a grab at the crown.

Strenghts: 4 agi and 4 str players with S and A access is scary.

Weakness: Lack of thrall development and a single tackler

X-factor: One of top 3 coaches in the league in this publications honest opinion. Coach Somer's X's and O's ability will win him games he should tie and tie games he should lose.

Conference prediction

1. Missouri Two-Hand-Touch Tigers
2. U.Con. Huskies
3. Vampirebilt Commonthralls
4. Tennessee Volunteered
5. Notre Dame Fuzzled Irish
6. Arizona Girls Gone Wildcat
7. Texas S n' M Aggroes

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MrNomad wrote:
Seriously Injured Issue#116 part 2

Smack 7 Conference

5. Texas S n' M Aggroes
X-factor: Can Texas score more than their opponents and avoid ties this season?...

Conference prediction
7. Texas S n' M Aggroes

Hmmm... indeed... hmmm... well... that always is the question, isn't it now...

But much more interesting (to me) than last issue! Looking forward to the next installment.

Let's go A.P.E.!

(...and what exactly do you think they do with all those dead players?...)

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Seriously Injured Issue#116 part 3

Fumbbl Bowl Conference

1. Clemson Terrors

Coach: Mrnomad
Race: Undead
Players: 4 Freshman, 3 Sophomores, 4 Juniors, 0 Seniors

A BCS veteran they are coming off a 4-0 Killer Lite bowl victory over Arizona. This season looks bright for Clemson as they look to have the fastest and strongest team they have had to date in the NCBB. Star mummy Da'Quan Biters( +str, block, guard) maybe one of the strongest if not the strongest player in the NCBB this season. There are quite a few players on this team that have + stats and Coach Nomad seems to be happy with his positionals for this season. There was rumor he was going to add another ghoul for 4 but those rumors are just that. One thing that Coach Nomad cannot be happy with is the fact that not a single zombie on this team has a skill. Graduation hit hard this season in that respect. We will have to see how soon Clemson can skill up their zombie core to help them challenge for the conference crown this season.

Strenghts: Just that multiple players with +str and +ma skills. Well developed positionals and a very liberal recruiting/transfer policy making adding additional players rather easy.

Weakness: The lack of a single skill on any zombie underscores the lack of some key skills Clemson will need to have to win this season

X-factor: Perhaps the biggest X-factor this season will be how well the defense plays this season.

2. HSU Jacks

Coach: air139
Race: Wood Elf
Players: 0 Freshman, 4 Sophomores, 3 Juniors, 0 Seniors

This team comes in extremely small with but 7 actual players and a few walkons. This publication doesn't understand why the coach doesn't recruit several more players when the school has a pretty large budget still unused for recruiting. Perhaps this should be some discussed this off season with the league commish in regards to unsportsman like conduct or perhaps some embezzlement of school funds is going on. IN any regards this team 0-1-7 last season and it doesn't look like they are going to get any better. They have a star War Dancer in The Cleaver (tackle, stripball, +str) plus a few blodgers but if they do not address their full time player situation they are never going to be able to compete at the BCS level. Woodies are fast and agile and should be able to score at will. We'll see if this season changes this team's losing ways.

Strenghts: Team speed and agi. Elven magic

Weakness: From our perspective coaching could be an issue here as well as to few full time players.

X-factor: Elven magic....even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in awhile.

3. Kent State Golden 'Stashes

Coach: Miyuso
Race: Humans
Players: 4 Freshman, 9 Sophomores, 0 Juniors, 0 Seniors

This team comes fresh from the Non-AQ to come compete at the highest level. They were a solid 3-3-3 last season in the Non-AQ and look to improve on that record this season in the BCS. This team is pretty deep with 13 players coming into the season the best of these may well be blitzer Jim Corrigal a +agi blitzer. While they are lacking one blitzer we feel that coach Miyuso probable has that as a priority for recruitment this season and most likely will be filled before getting into conference play. There are some developmental issues that come with such a young team but we like the direction this team is heading. This team puts emphasis on the fact that they are fast having 3 blitzers and 3 catchers currently on the team.

Strenghts: Team speed and good numbered amount of players with 13 most likely soon to be 14.

Weakness: Lacking one blitzer and having so many players means your TR will be somewhat inflated compared to some of the leaner meaner teams in the conference.

X-factor: 3 catchers means they can score almost at will with this team.

4. Nippon U Triumphant Lions

Coach: Lorebass
Race: Lizardman
Players: 5 Freshman, 8 Sophomores, 0 Juniors, 0 Seniors

A lizard team that has some fairly well developed skinks but only 1 sauri with a skill. This team is coming off a Wonder bra bowl victory over Florida winning 2-1. Now making the big transition into the BCS we'll see what these lizards can do in the big time conferences. Star skink Gekko Gakusha a +agi, sure footed skink should lead the team in scoring this season. With the lack of damage inducing skills however this team may have a tough time keeping their games from ending up in ties. We love the speed of skinks but with the lack of player development on the saurii and no Krox on the team. We predict a tough season for the Lions. We do like their OoC schedule which should give them a good opportunity to add some skills to the skill less players on the team just in time for the conference run.

Strenghts: 8 ma skinks and 6 Saurii are pretty good strenghts

Weakness: The lack of skills on the saurii could cost coach Lorebass at key moments in close games.

X-factor: Gekko Gakusha will shine this season. Any stunty player with +agi is amazing but these are skinks with 8 MA and he will score a lot.

5. Oregon State Bereavers

Coach: SavageJ
Race: Necromantic
Players: 1 Freshman, 2 Sophomores, 3 Juniors, 6 Seniors

This veteran of the NCBB brings in a senior heavy team with title aspirations. They are coming off a tough loss in the Rose bowl to Mizzou 2-1. This season I think Coach SavageJ sees his chance to steal the conference crown and possible sneak into the national title game. With such a developed team it is hard to pick one that shines above the rest but if we had too it has to be ghoul Jordan Poyer a beast of a ghoul with +ma, SHs, blodge, SS and Fend. If Jordan stays healthy this season we can see him being in the running for the Hammer this season. We like that all the pieces are in place for Oregon St this season we think this could be their season. Their OoC schedule also gives them a chance to prove themselves against the likes of Hawaii and California.ir

Strenghts: Fully developed team as well as 3 players with 8 ma.

Weakness: A rookie golemgolem could cause some issues for this team until skilled up with at least block.

X-factor: Playing quite a few top 10 teams will give coach SavageJ the chance to prove Oregon St is for real.

6. Oregon Waterfoul

Coach: Kryten
Race: High Elf
Players: 3 Freshman, 6 Sophomores, 2 Juniors, 1 Senior

Oregon....what more needs to be said about this team. This perennial powerhouse is well developed if a bit tight on starters this season. Coming off a 2-0 Ora Orange bowl win over Vandy th this team has some well developed players as well as some young blood on the team. Coach K looks ready to make a run back to the National title game this season. A pair of 9 ma catchers with Morgan "Black-bellied Whistling Duck" Wright being the most dangerous of the two with wrestle as well as dodge and +ma to strip any ball carrier of the ball when wrestled to the ground by him will be key cogs in his return to a national title game. There is not a whole lot of blodge and just a single DP for removing key players. This team has a few skills it needs to aquire before conference play begins so they will be in good shape for the conference crown run. Oregon's OoC schedule is pretty stout this season playing Mizzou, Florida, and Vandy.

Stenghts: Oregon's mistique, Coach K's coaching, good team speed

Weakness: With only 1 guard on the team and no tackle could spell trouble against other blodge heavy teams.

X-factor: Coaching plus admin dice Very Happy

7. UCLA Brusiers

Coach: fangbanger
Race: Orc
Players: 3 Freshman, 11 Sophomores, 0 Juniors, 0 Seniors

This freshly promoted team from the Non-AQ looks ready to start a ruckus this season. Going 3-3-3 last season they are a pretty well developed Orc team. The best player on the team hands down is their thrower Hundley a +agi +ma thrower who will guide the offense to a possible bowl bid this season. This team has a few developmental issues but overall a pretty solid team. We would like to see a troll added during the season to increase the bash power of the team. With only 2 MBs and 0 DPs the Bruisers could have trouble coming from behind this season with the overall slow speed of this team. We believe that this team will throw a monkey wrench into the conference race this season and possible getget an upset win over one of the top tier teams in the conference. The future looks quite rosy for this deep (14 player) Orc team from UCLA.

Strengths: BoBs and a solid blitzer core makes this team very dangerous.

Weakness: The lack of skill development and a troll.

X-factor: Blitzer Evans is a star in the making already aquiring tackle, +ma, and MB how well he plays free safety and stops scores will determine the success of this team this season.

Conference prediction

1. Oregon Waterfoul
2. Clemson Terrors
3. Oregon St Bereavers
4. UCLA Brusiers
5. Nippon U Triumphant Lions
6. Kent State Golden 'Stashes
7. HSU Jacks

OoC games to watch by week

Week 1 must watch matchups

Oregon Waterfoul vs Missouri Two-Hand-Touch Tigers

California Golden Lizards vs U.Con. Huskies

Week 2 must watch matchups

U.Con. Huskies vs University of Hawaii

Vampirebilt Commonthralls vs Fresno State Red-Wave

Week 3 must watch matchups

California Golden Lizards vs Oregon St. Bereavers

Fresno State Red-Wave vs Missouri Two-Hand-Touch Tigers

SI's Preseason top 10

1. California Golden Lizards
2. Oregon St. Bereavers
3. Oregon Waterfoul
4. Clemson Terrors
5. Missouri Two-Hand-Touch Tigers
6. University of Hawaii
7. U.Con. Huskies
8. Fresno State Red-Wave
9. Vampirebilt Commonthralls
10. Ohio St. Drunkguys

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Actually, that was 3-3-3 record for Kent State last season!

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Miyuso wrote:
Actually, that was 3-3-3 record for Kent State last season!

Adjusted and thank you for the correction Smile

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Seriously Injured Issue#117

This week introduces something new for the NCBB. Offensive and defensive players of the week. There also will be an interview with a former NCBB player in this issue. A no holds bar interview that might offend a few people. So you've been warned if you don't want to get rather irate with the interview ignore this issue.

Offensive player of the week #1

As we wrote in our first issue there were a few players that we thought would be in the running for top honors this season. One player did not disappoint in his opening game this season. SI's offensive player of the week comes from Oregon State. He's no stranger to offensive trophies either. Twice he's been a Banger-Hardell award winner in seasons 13-14 and coming into his final season as a Bereaver it looks like he's after The Hammer this season. His name: Jordan Poyer coming in with an impressive 2 TD and 35 yards rushing performance to help his team win 2-1 against a tough Hawaii team. Congratulations Mr. Poyer.

Defensive player of the week #1

Our Defensive player of the week comes from a team with a few defensive stars so not many people heard about him in our conference preview issue. However this young player made quite a name for himself last season and looks to be picking up right where he left off from last season. Since he's just a sophomore he's yet to pickup any hardware but that could change this season if he continues to play with the same ferocity as he showed in this game. Causing a BH to Cameron Smith and killing Leroy Clearfield a promising young lino on SMU's squad. Stephone Attacker helped the Clemson Terrors shutout SMU 2-0 in their season opener. Congratulations Mr. Attacker.

Interview with John Bashem former wight of the Oregon Unducks
by Terry Hacksaw

While watching the various season opening games here at SI headquarters. Imagine my surprise when I run into former great John Bashem who was mingling with some of the writers and former NCBB now NBFL players who were here to get the scoop on their Alma Maters. I asked him if I could get an interview with him and he was kind enough to sit down with me, quite a different persona than when he played on the pitch.

Terry Hacksaw: Brother what are you doing here at SI? You have some serious street cred. Two time all-american, back to back 10 CS seasons, part of the first National title team in the NCBB as well as winning the Tossit-os Fiesta Bowl in your second season.

John Bashem: Well Terry I was checking out all the new teams that are in the league now. Thinking about all the rule changes between when we first started to where the NCBB is at now.

Terry Hacksaw: Well there have definitely been some changes but what stands out to you the most?

John Bashem: Well there are quite a few to be honest. Stars are allowed to play on regular teams now. Back in the day only the stunty teams like Boise St. were allowed stars. There's also more fouling and dirty players allowed now but with some of the new rule changes I can understand why you would add an extra DP and foul per game.
At least they still don't allow wizards unless of course it's a rivalry game.

Terry Hacksaw: Well those are some pretty big changes and the game has changed so much over the last few seasons I guess I didn't realize it myself until you pointed it out. What else have you noticed that has changed since when you were playing in the league?

John Bashem: Well there's been a lot of changes really. There isn't any aging now. Some of the new coaches and teams probable don't even know what aging is. It still breaks my heart that my best friend and co-captain David Fatality age niggled and couldn't play anymore. That's another thing, niggles are a lot less of a problem now than when I played. A niggle could keep you out of the whole game. Now it just adds a little extra hurt to an armor break...but you are always going be able to play. Big difference. Why my old coach had to let David go. He just couldn't tie up that much TR with a chance of him not being able to play.

Terry Hacksaw: Yea aging was pretty bad. Seemed to punish you for being successful as a player. The better you became the better your chance to age. I guess that's one good thing the new rules have going for it.

John Bashem: Yea one good thing. Some things have made player development a lot easier now than when I played. For one mutations were only allowable on doubles and some races like CDs didn't even have access to them like they do now. Now mutations are a normal for so many races it's kind of scary. Plus there are new skills around that weren't when I played like fend and wrestle for instance. Now some skills have different ways of being applied like PO and FA/DP which is two different skills now when they use to be just one in FA. Oh I could go on forever about all the new skills and revamping of old skills.

Terry Hacksaw: I am sure you could. Speaking of your old Coach is there any anger towards him for leaving Oregon after just two seasons?

John Bashem: No nothing like that Terry. Coach just made a move to be close to him family back in SC which is pretty far from Eugene you know what I mean? His 2nd daughter had just been born and he needed some help from his family. I can't fault a guy for that. Besides Oregon's loss seems to be Clemson's gain. I'd play for him again if I could.

Terry Hacksaw: So what other changes are there in the NCBB when you were playing and now?

John Bashem: Well Terry....it breaks my heart to say this but you know it needs to be said. The coach's poll has become almost a popularity contest rather than a poll on merit. I think that commissioner ex-convict needs to do something about this before a team that doesn't belong ends up in the National Championship. It's not like last season was a single season this sort of thing happened in.

Terry Hacksaw: Speaking of the commissioner....what are you thoughts on him?

John Bashem: Well he's done a real good job I think. But now that the league has grown a good deal larger than from it was originally. I think he needs to delegate some of his authority some. I have it from reliable sources that several of his inner circle have offered to help but he has refused. I know he wants everything to be perfect and everything but....he's just one person and things just aren't getting done like they should be.

Terry Hacksaw: For instance?

John Bashem: Well there are two big ones that come to my mind right off the bat. One. Where's the next HoF induction class? There's been one in 15 seasons? That's just not right to a lot of deserving players. Two and maybe even more important to the current players. Where's the All-American team? Here it is week 2 of the season and not a peep. Commissioner you're better than this....let people help you...please.

Terry Hacksaw: Hmmm you make some valid points there...what are some of the things you like about the NCBB now as opposed to when you played?

John Bashem: Well I tell you what. There's a lot of depth now. When I first started playing there was only 14 teams in the league and no Non-Aq division for new teams. Now there's 3 big conferences and enough to add 2 more conferences to the league in the Non-AQ. That's just a fantastic job recruiting and retaining good coaches. I'd say it's probable one of the premier leagues at this point in time. Over 30 active coaches is quite a feat in today's leagues.

Terry Hacksaw: This is very true indeed. Time is running short and I need to get back to my job. It was good to see you John. Any plans for the future?

John Bashem: Well I am hoping to land a DC job for one of these fine NCBB teams. But we'll have to wait and see what hand fate gives me. Thank you for giving me this chance to have an interview.

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CBBS Special Report: Season 15 All-Americans

A few years ago we unveiled the first ever All-American list of the top 12-16 players in the NCBB from season 8, split between offense, defense, and special teams. Fitz was even awesome enough to make a logo to go in these player's bios. So with another season complete, it's time once again to identify the best players in the league and put them on a 'super team,' aka the All-American team. Enjoy!

-Emmitt Smith, Florida.
-Jerome "Bruiser" Bettis, Notre Dame.
-Jordan Poyer, Oregon State.
-Andrew "Sullivan/Cambell award "Rodriguez, BlackKnights.
-Billie the Bow, HSU.

-Tim Fugger, Vampirebilt.
-Kyle "Hammer" Gronski, Frenso State.
-Na'il Diggs, Ohio State.
-Froma Crypt II, Nevada.
-Stephone Attacker, Clemson.

Special Teams:
-Rueben Robinson, Oregon State.
-Stoney Case, UCon.

For those coaches who were lucky enough to have a player on this list, please put this image into their bio for all to see:



Part of the NCBB and the NBFL.

Don't drop the soap.

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No idea how he qualified but Casey is thrilled to bring an award home to U.Con.

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It's all fixed, don't try to understand.

Let's go A.P.E.!

(...and what exactly do you think they do with all those dead players?...)

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Hey, sportsfans, Howie Duyn here with the final Texas S&M out-of-conference game wrap up...

In the pouring rain, Texas S&M squared off against the Kansas Elvenhawks, and oh brother, was this a game to miss!

1-0 at the whistle, and 18 spp total, spread across both teams. These are elves?!

In all fairness, there was a lot of scrambling for the ball and positional jigsaw puzzles, as Leap on one side and Tackle and Wrestle on the other kept the ball popping free on the rainy field. Texas lost the ball after pushing just across center field, Kansas scooped it, then Texas regained it on the sidelines with a dodging sidestepper, fell back, swung over, and... dropped a Turn 6 pass on their goal line. Kansas scooped that, and Turn 8 Texas only barely knocked it loose and somehow salvaged a score with time running out for the Half.

A surprise Riot caught Kansas by surprise, giving them more time than they had setup for, but without Guard they took a risk with a 1d blitz against the line of Aggroes that skulled out, and Texas smothered the only Elvenhawk in scoring range, ending that opportunity.

Second half was a similar story. Texas got lucky with a multiple-gfi Blitz at the very end of Turn 1, popping the ball loose in Kansas territory, with several key players from both teams running deep away from the ball for the pass that was not to come. Kansas regrouped and crowded the ball, recovering Turn 3, but once again Texas popped that loose in the ruck with a lucky bounce and managed a semi-decent cage. That survived that turn, and they pushed it forward and got the ballcarrier "safely" to the Kansas 8, threatening a 2-0 lead. But Kansas lept passed the cagers and knocked the ball free Turn 5, and in the following Texas turn the ball bounced straight into the hands of a waiting Elvenhawk.

With 3 turns to score, it was Kansas' turn to push forward, but a game hiccup left the ballcarrier in the wrong spot, open to a blitz - and - you guessed it - Texas knocked the ball free, recovering at midfield on Turn 6. To their credit, Kansas stopped the Aggroes from making their second score, by - yes - knocking the ball free on Turn 7. And, yes, Texas recovered, but - you guessed it - dropped the pass in the rain, which, somehow, we all knew was going to happen, didn't we?

A nod to SI, which predicted accurately that the lack of Blodge and defensive skills would hurt Kansas, while Texas had (partly) solved their lack of Defensive skills just in time to squeak out this non-tie.

Conference schedule is on the horizon - has Texas solved enough of their problems to make a run for a bowl? This reporter hopes so, but it's so hard to predict the bounce of this ball!


Q - Do these OoC games count toward our regular season record, or are we absolved of our sins once our conference schedule starts?

Let's go A.P.E.!

(...and what exactly do you think they do with all those dead players?...)

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These are regular season games just out of conference they count towards the 9 games we play a season

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I didn't get a chance to play any "pre-season" games last season, so I wasn't sure, thx.

1-2 isn't terrible, even if it isn't anything near desirable. We'll see...

Let's go A.P.E.!

(...and what exactly do you think they do with all those dead players?...)

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first two seasons Fresno won 4 games total so its rough starting sometimes

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I've yet to win but I have a good feeling about some games in 2016
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