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Flagellant: 0-16 60K 6/3/3/7 Dauntless, Frenzy GS/AP
Stocked Flagellant: 70K 0-4 6/3/3/7 Stand Firm, Foul Appearance, Frenzy, No Hands GS/AP
Flagellant Macer: 0-2 80K 3/7/1/7 Ball and Chain, Secret Weapon GS/AP

Rerolls 70K
Apothocary: Yes


The Flagellants were those driven mad by the madness of the Warhammer world. Those who had seen the horrors of battle and broke, those who had seen the truth of Chaos but didn't join the cults, those who realized there was just no hope left and sought to rid the world of impurity or sought redemption in death.

However, as blood bowl took hold in the world, the battles were gone. The insanity of war was replaced with the (relative) peace of the field match. Yet, in the mind of the flagellants, the wars were not over, the world wasn't sane. With their maces, stocks, and insanity, the flagellants have come to the Blood Bowl pitch, hoping to seek their deaths in this new bloody battlefield.


The Flagellants in Warhammer are basically all crazed death seekers who throw themselves into battle. Some versions of the unit actually have Frenzy, so that was an obvious inclusion on the linemen. Like the other half crazed death seekers in this game, the troll slayers, I also gave them Dauntless. I don't think is quite lore accurate, but it helps differentiate them from the other "linemen with frenzy" secret league teams. I am not entirely sure if the linemen should cost 60K or 70K.

Most of the tabletop models often come with flagellants locked up in stocks (such as this model: http://cdn3.bigcommerce.com/s-91vl4/products/455/images/2443/empire_flagellant_warband_heavy_metal_d__30799.1434103358.800.600.JPG?c=2 ). So I made those guys the "blockers" of this team (for lack of better term), holding their ground with the assistance of the wooden frame (thus stand firm). However, being locked into a wooden frame would make ball handling basically impossible, so they have No Hands to represent this. I felt that they needed an extra defensive skill but I didn't want to give them block, as that seems like the skill of a skilled warrior, not a crazed nutjob who goes into battle with his hands restrained. I gave them foul appearance, as seeing someone in a medieval torture device and covered with self inflicted wounds is pretty horrific image. Alternatively, you could interpret Foul Appearance as your opponent's players reading the religious paper nailed to the stocks rather than punching them.

Finally, flagellants are universally depicted wielding chain maces of some sort, which obviously lends itself to a ball and chain player. They are identical to the goblin ones except for their general skill access, which is why I bumped up their price to 80K.

In total, this team is pretty bashy but very fragile. Unlike the Savage Orc team it doesn't have any block or higher strength players to rely on. It isn't a very "good team," but you wouldn't expect that out of suicidal fanatics.
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