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Post   Posted: Feb 20, 2018 - 20:57 Reply with quote Back to top

Buu88 wrote:
notbobby125 wrote:

Ag 4 on a dwarf team will be crazy. Almost turns it into a better skaven team to be honest, which is why I was being so harsh on them.

I am balancing them compared to the secret league rosters ( https://fumbbl.com/help:SecretLeague ), some of which have both strength four and agility 4 players. (For example the Araby team, Estalia Team, potentially the Tilea team, the Pirate team, and most notable of all the Slaanesh Teams which has agility 4 linemen and four strength 4 warriors that also start with claw). However, I think the Golem Team is in the ballpark of balanced as the lack of skill access and apothocary really hurts this team in the long run.

The str4 with Agil 4 is not the problem. Its the skilled linemen with agil 4. I dont think any teams that have agil 4 have starting linemen with block. Thats why I said you could easily put 9 linemen and 2 messengers and have a serious team. Str 4 is nice but it doesnt change much in all honesty.

At that point I'd prefer playing vanilla dwarves if I wanted to maximize my win rate. You were 100% right that MA8 would have been broken, but gutter runners with MA7 and no dodge are not gutter runners. MA7 isn't actually enough to outrun the defense but it's enough to outrun your MA4 supports, so you're still stuck caging up and waiting for your dwarves to grind their way forward until you can walk it in. So basically your only advantage is that you can pop it in from one space further away than a stock dwarf runner, which I don't think is a very good trade for playing with dodgeless ST2 players without general skill access.

Basically this team does some outrageous things but pairs them with equally outrageous drawbacks. It's not going to start out great because it lacks a ton of key skills and it's not going to develop well because it can't apothecary/regen injuries--it's easy to look at a no-apoth team and say "pfeh, pixel huggers, it'll be fine" but the increased attrition is absolutely massive.

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Post   Posted: Feb 21, 2018 - 05:13 Reply with quote Back to top

I actually missed the no apoth. And you are probably right. The only access to A is huge, but you probably never seen my opponents luck...Always seem to have a ton of doubles. I think they actually take mine because I almost never get doubles/stat increases.
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