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Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: Nov 08, 2019 - 22:50
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The Deserted Isles Blood Bowl Leeg is proud to announce the return of their tournament:


Image The BIG Star Cauldron IV Image

Teams start at 1,100k value. They must have 11 starting players plus room for a mandatory Big Guy Star inducement. E.g. You could build an Orc team of 830k and take Ripper.
Admins will ensure there’s enough money in your kitty to induce your chosen Big Star every game. No dipping into this for other purchases. Unspent start-up treasury will be removed by admin, and returned at the end of the tournament.

A Big Guy Star is any star St5+, but no Ball & Chains (they're strong, but not big)

No team may have more than one Big Guy Star.

Double elimination KO. You'll get at least 2 games with your Big Star build.

Anyone is welcome, as long as they can commit to NZ timezone prime time of 7pm-9pm kickoff

Pick your favourite star, and if it's not already taken, it's yours!

Make your team in League. Apply your team to the DIBBL group, and I'll add you to this fantastic event. Tournament kicks off soon after I get bundled out of B2K's donut, or when we hit 16 players.

Weekly rounds. However, as this one will probably straddle xmas/summer holidays, there won't be much in the way of whip cracking. None of these rookie teams have any other commitments that they need to rush off to.

Go the Big Guy!

The Draft
Image Glotl Stop - Klazam
Image Scyla Anfingrimm - Trickey
Image Maple Highgrove - mushoomy
Image Hthark the Unstoppable - ramchop
Image Zolcath the Zoat - pdarbs
Image Frank N Stein - Geoffro
Image Count Luthor Von Drakenborg - barberfett
Image Mighty Zug - Foad
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