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New York Wrecks Chaos God approves

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NBFL Season 23 Preview

With the new season upon us, it is time to theory-craft and predict the most unpredictable game ever, better known as Blood Bowl.

We've already discussed each division at length:
Expansion Draft, plus NFC East and North
NFC South, plus AFC North and East
NFC West, plus AFC South and West
NBFL Schedule Release show

So without much need to spend another few hours talking about these teams, let's just go ahead and predict the entire season:

1. C'attle C'haos (West)
2. Chicagovania Provocateurs (North)
3. Phull-o-s'elfia Egos (East)
4. Atlanta Falchions (South)
5. Los Angeles Glams (West)
6. Destroit Lynels (North)

-The two other teams I considered were Witchington and Carolina.
-C'attle and LA will both have similar records, but only one can win the division.
-Chicago's vamps will always have potential for variance, but they'll end up playing five expansion teams throughout the season (GBx2, Minx2, NY, Wash, Dal), who may not have the tools to deal with the champs.
-Philly has a year ahead on their all-new division foes, and has several 'game-winners' on their roster; they'll emerge from a wild division.
-the NFC South has a brutal schedule, with games against the AFC South and NFC West; ATL has the best roster but may not have a good record to show for it.

NFC Conference Championship

C'attle C'haos vs Atlanta Falchions

Despite any regular season struggles, as long as the the ATL can avoid Chicago in the playoffs, I like their chances to advance (bad racial matchup; ex: they fell to the Vamps 2-3 in last season's Wildcard). Likewise, if they secure a bye, I'd bet on C'attle's chances to win any one game and make it to the conf. finals.

1. New York Wrecks (East)
2. Baltimore Mavens (North)
3. Jakesonville Jortles (South)
4. Las Vegas Sinners (West)
5. Vigilante Shingles (North)
6. Indianapolis Crypts (South)

-It was tough deciding the 6th seed, with Clev, Hou, Kaep(Pitt), Dead (Den) all in consideration
-NY has a clear path to a bye, with many game against expansion teams, in addition to their annual division dominance.
-the North has four potential playoff contenders, but Balt has the makings of a strong defensive team and will likely seldom lose contests because of it
-while most of us await their inevitable downfall (in theory), the Jortles will keep on "doing the damn thing" as MRT would say
-Las Vegas will emerge from the West in their first (transfer) season, despite stiff competition from three Ag5 Vamps in Deadver (bro that's cheating), and a tough schedule between the AFC South and NFC West

AFC Conference Championship

New York Wrecks vs Baltimore Mavens

It's a bit boring to pick the two teams with a bye, to be sure, but both have the players and playoff experience to make a run.

NBFL Super Bowl 23

C'attle C'haos vs Houston T-Rexans

Hmmm...this doesn't make much sense, seeing as I didn't have Houston making the playoffs. However, when questioned about it in the stream/podcast, Baz demanded that I curse somebody. So, naturally, I chose him, and thus have to stick with the pick.

C'attle gets oh-so-close, but can only watch as their former player, Doug Bloodwin [SEA], aka the "most controversial roster cut in NBFL history," score the game-winning touchdown in overtime.

NBFL Season 23 Champions: Houston T-Rexans

Better luck next year Baz!

Part of the NCBB and the NBFL.

Don't drop the soap.

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Hello comfort zone!

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ha, nice prediction and curse!

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NBFL Season 23 Week 10 Power Rankings

Rank Team
1 Phull-o-s'elfia Egos
2 Houston T-Rexans
3 Manglesota Vile Kings
4 Jakesonville Jortles
5 Los Angeles Glams
6 Green Baynana Grabbers
7 C'attle C'haos
8 New York Wrecks
9 Destroit Lynels
10 Witchington Paleskins
11 Hot Arizona Sticky
12 Decay Bay Bloateneers
13 Las Vegas Sinners
14 Kaepsburgh Kneelers
15 Indianapolis Crypts
16 Olde Reikland Paid Rioters
17 Chicagovania Provocateurs
18 Baltimore Mavens
19 Atlanta Falchions
20 Nawlins Lost Saints
21 Titannesse Kraken's
22 Vigilante Shingles
23 Meame Phrophins
24 New York Genocides
25 | Carolina Reapers |
26 Cleaveland Briars
27 Dallas Crowbar
28 Deadver Brujahs
29 Kansas City Thiefs
30 Fan Foulcisco Fakes
31 Buffalo Psycho Billies
32 San Dogo Chompers

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High Elves have 3/5 top spots? Coincidence or rightful place?

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Ex-con's NBFL Season 23 Playoff Preview

Once again the NBFL has completed a regular season, meaning we will now get to watch the spectacle that is the playoffs. Six teams from both conferences will fight tooth and claw, perhaps literally, for the right to capture a championship in the Super Bowl.

As most of you know, I have done a playoff preview for many years now, and a distinct pattern has emerged: my predicted winner has never ended up claiming the title. Before this season, I deduced that Houston would somehow both win the Super Bowl and miss the playoffs. The Tie-Rexans have lived up to this reverse-jinx so far, qualifying for the tournament. Can Baz be the first coach to overcome the curse? Or will I grace someone else with my selection in this article? Keep on reading to find out:

sidenote: records in this article do not include forfeits; I only care about what you did on the field

sidenote 2: predictions for both Championship games and the Super Bowl were made during our Playoff Prediction Podcast and were covered more in-depth here.

NFC Preview

1. C'attle C'haos (8-3-2)
2. Green Baynana Grabbers (8-5-1)
3. Phull-o-s'elfia Egos (7-2-5)
4. Decay Bay Bloateneers (4-6-3)
5. Los Angeles Glams (7-6-1)
6. Manglesota Vile Kings (6-6-2)

1. C'attle C'haos (Chaos / West / 8-3-2)

C'attle tied for the most wins this season (8.), securing the #1 seed in the NFC with a punishing strategy that saw them inflict the second-most casualties in the league (61). They also have the highest payroll in the NBFL (2900 TV), gained eight mutations across the roster (not counting horns), and wouldn't think twice about beating you up in front of your own mother. Coach Meno imposes his player's wills upon the opposition with the league's second best rushing attack (460 yards), and looks to be a in great position to finally break through in the playoffs.

2. Green Baynana Grabbers (Simyin / North / 8-5-1)

Green Baynana isn't the first franchise to attempt Apes, but they are unquestionably the most successful: a division title and a playoff bye for an expansion team is undoubtedly impressive. These primates lead the entire league in touchdowns (26), while ranking inside the top six for completions (17), passing yards (86), and rushing yards (381). Coach happygrue also masterfully outplayed the opposition this season, out-blocking them by a significant margin (695:496).

3. Phull-o-s'elfia Egos (High Elf / East / 7-2-5)

The Egos cheated their way to the East title by throwing their bodies at the opposition (53 CAS taken) while running past them to score (24, tied for 2nd most). They lead the league in completions by a huge margin (38, with 2nd being 26), as well as passing yards (178, with 2nd being 111). However, being the terrible team that they are, coach Arcayn's squad limps into the playoffs on a four-game losing streak, having suffered twenty casualties over that stretch.

4. Decay Bay Bloateneers (Nurgle / South / 4-6-3)

Another expansion team that had early success, the Bloateneers used a draft class that was beloved by critics and turned in a fine season. Due to a lackluster division, however, they find themselves in the playoffs with a chance to make their mark on the league early. By leading the league in blocks (737) and being second in fouls (74), they used their natural defensive prowess to suffocate teams and control the pace of the game. Lead by coach FRSHMN, Decay Bay was in the top five of fewest scores allowed (14).

5. Los Angeles Glams (High Elf / West / 7-6-1)

Tis not often that a one-loss team doesn't win its division, but them's the breaks in the NFC West. Despite being a "lowly five-seed", anyone who overlooks the Glams is surely making a mistake: coach Stimme's team was tied for third in touchdowns (22), while somehow inflicting almost as many casualties (41) as they received (44).

6. Manglesota Vile Kings (Orc / North / 6-6-2)

Our third expansion team to make the playoffs in their inaugural season, most of the experts thought that the Vile Kings would need a season or two before they could compete. But coach Kzarik had other ideas, directing the league's most brutal team (63 cas) to the playoffs. It will be fun to watch the infamous NCBB-star Nick "6 Seasons" Egads[ROL] lead this franchise as far as his studly body will take them.

AFC Preview

1. Houston Tie-Rexans (7-7-0)
2. New York Wrecks (6-4-2)
3. Baltimore Mavens (5-5-3)
4. Deadver Brujahs (5-3-6)
5. Jakesonville Jortles (5-8-0)
6. Olde Reikland Paid Rioters (6-4-4)

1. Houston Tie-Rexans (Lizard / South / 7-7-0)

The Tie-Rexans put the league on notice last season during their inaugural campaign by making it to the Divisional round (though their coach claims that they should have won that game too). They went into this season with unfinished business, and rode stud expansion pick Doug Bloodwin [SEA] to the #1 seed in the AFC (after he was unceremoniously cut by C'ttle a few seasons ago). Mr Bloodwin led the league in both touchdowns (21) and rushing yards (381) in his second season, after getting coached up by the 'lizard god', Bazakastine.

2. New York Wrecks (Chaos / East / 6-4-2)

Perennial AFC power New York (not to be confused with this weak-ass New York team,) won the East yet again, and staked their claim to a bye. NBFL legend Broadway Joe Bryant [HAW] had started to feel his age catching up to him, as injuries began to mount...until suddenly he felt as good as new after drinking some concoction brought to him by the medical staff. Coach robocoyote watched 'Broadway' tie for fourth in the league in touchdowns (11) in yet another successful campaign for his team.

3. Baltimore Mavens (Dark Elf / North / 5-5-3)

The Mavens did not have an easy season, dropping their first two games of the year before they started to figure things out. They ended up winning an underwhelming divisions (the so-called experts thought it would be the best in the league), and have a few decent players to try and make a run. Coach thoralf had his team rely on the short passing game, resulting in fourth place for completions (23), averaging less than two yards per completion.

4. Deadver Brujahs (Vampire / West / 5-3-6)

While they will not apologize for winning a bad division, the Brujahs would appear to be one of those 'pushover' games that a non-division winner would love to get in the wildcard round. But strange things can happen when you play with house money, and coach asteflix would be smart to bet on a player like Brooks ''The Stampede'' (CLE) pulling off some magic.

5. Jakesonville Jortles (High Elf / South / 5-8-0)

The two-time Super Bowl runner ups, the Jortles, could not be brought down by anyone during the regular season, but they also didn't quite have their usual panache for winning games, either. Still, coach mrt1212 had his elves tied for second in touchdowns scored (24), completions (26), and passing yards (111).

6. Olde Reikland Paid Rioters (Human / East / 6-4-4)

The expansion theme continues with the Paid Rioters, a pesky human team that took the AFC East division race down to the final week. Although they came up short in their bid for a bye, coach JackassRampant had his chaps stick to a simple gameplan, which helped them cause the third most casualties in the league (57).

NFC Predictions

Wildcard Round

[3] Phull-o-s'elfia Egos (7-2-5) vs [6] Manglesota Vile Kings (6-6-2)

We begin our playoff predictions with one hell of a matchup: good vs evil; light vs dark; kind-hearted souls vs deplorable bastards! I speak, of course, of the innocent Vile Kings having to face off with the nasty, rude, and otherwise vicious Egos! Those damn elves stole the NFC East crown from poor coach Garcangel, and wouldn't let OTS or ex-convict kill all of their players!

But now that they are in the playoffs, regrettably, the masochistic elves face off against the most brutal team in the league, yet one that wasn't that far behind in touchdowns scored (21o v 24e). If the Orcs have a much better defense (14o v 23e allowed) and are far superior in casualties caused (63o v 13e), what hope to the elves have if their offense is only marginally better?

[i]Prediction: Phull-o-s'elfia 2 - 3 Manglesota (OT)

They'll pull off some bullshit, probably one-turn score, and find a way to stay in the game despite constantly decreasing numbers. But they will simply run out of luck and players once it hits overtime.

[4] Decay Bay Bloateneers (4-6-3) vs [5] Los Angeles Glams (7-6-1)

On paper, this has the makings of a mismatch: Stimme is widely regarded as a top-tier coach, LA earned three more wins than their opponent during the season, and the Glams have years of NBFL experience to lean on against these rookies.

But the Bloateneers to not give a damn about what the experts think. While LA does have several things going in their favor, Decay Bay knows two things: 1) defense wins championships, and 2) they have a pretty damn good defense. In fact, the best thing going for the Nurgle is that they are a simply bad matchup for High Elves, and that may just be all they need.

Prediction: Decay Bay 2 - 1 Los Angeles

These two teams literally just played in the season finale, where LA managed to pull off the win. But this defeat may end up helping Decay Bay, as they gained the familiarity and experience needed to pull off the upset.

Divisional Round

[1] C'attle C'haos (8-3-2) vs [6] Manglesota Vile Kings (6-6-2)

If you like hard-hitting, bone-crushing, bloody-knuckle type Blood Bowl, then this is the game you've been waiting for! The top two teams in casualties caused will go at it in the Divisional Round, and no one is going to emerge unscathed!

Early on, C'ttle will strut their stuff and sharpen their five sets of claws on the Orc armor, making quick work of their front line and turning the first half into a mere formality.

But things turn quickly in the second half, as the 600+ inducments help keep the greenskins in the fray, and there's nothing they love more than a good fight. The Orcs began clobbering back, and their fists return the favor to the lighter-armored beastmen. The second half is the mirror of the first, and now we'll have to settle things in overtime!

Prediction: C'ttle 1 - 2 Manglesota (OT)

In the end, the difference in the game was the Vile Kings used their two Ag4 players to make the winning play. C'ttle, who unfortunately only has one Ag4 player, didn't have quite enough pizazz on their roster to do the same. Maybe they'll get fortunate in the draft and have someone with [+AG, Block, Sure Hands, Kick-Off Return] fall to them.

[2] Green Baynana Grabbers (8-5-1) vs [4] Decay Bay Bloateneers (4-6-3)

While the first game we previewed, High Elves vs Orcs, was more of a 'traditional' clash of styles, this is going to be a very interesting juxtaposition as well.

Both of these teams were among the league leaders in fewest blocks taken (496s v 423n), yet were the top two teams in terms of blocks thrown (695s v 737n). The Apes have a natural affinity for ball-handling with mass extra-arms, while the Nurgle have a natural affinity for anti-ball handling thanks to Disturbing Presence. And while the the Grabbers were far superior on offense (26s vs 15n scores for), the Bloateneers were far superior in casualties (26s v 44n caused). Which of these teams will be able to impose their will onto the other?

Prediction: Green Baynana 2 - 1 Decay Bay

While it is plausible that the Ape's armor finally fails them, Green Baynana is simply vastly superior at scoring than the Nurgle are, so they'll find a way to keep the diseased-ones at bay, pun intended, and win this game.

NFC Championship Game

[2] Green Baynana Grabbers (8-5-1) vs [6] Manglesota Vile Kings (6-6-2)

The Orcs want to punch the Apes in the face, while the Apes want to control the blocking battle like they have done all season.

Prediction: Green Baynana 2 - 1 Manglesota

Grue gets it done!

AFC Predictions

Wildcard Round

[3] Baltimore Mavens (5-5-3) vs [6] Olde Reikland Paid Rioters (6-4-4)

This is a match that could realistically go either way: neither has a deep roster (at time of publication), and it is basically a race of whether Olde Reikland can beat up the elves before their four +stat players make the winning plays. Luckily for the humans, they have been adept at causing casualties and will have some inducement help for this contest.

Prediction: Baltimore 2 - 1 Olde Reikland

It will cost them some players, but the Mavens are elite.

[4] Deadver Brujahs (5-3-6) vs [5] Jakesonville Jortles (5-8-0)

This, however, will be an interesting clash that will ultimately be decided by who rolls snakes at the least opportune moment. With two Ag5 vampires supporting the St5 one, the Brujahs will attempt to slow down Jortles' star Rhys Llyod [MIN] and company. Which team can create touchdowns from turnovers? Who will snake the most? Will the ball ever truly be safe in this contest?

Prediction: Deadver 2 - 3 Jakesonville

The Jortles have not lost all season long, and they aren't going to stop now.

Divisional Round

[1]Houston Tie-Rexans (7-7-0) vs [5] Jakesonville Jortles (5-8-0)

Ah yes, the rematch of the Game of the Century. With both the bye and division title on the line, coach Baz went unconventional on us and fouled the Jortles nine times in the regular season finale. This brought their number of fouls on the season up to a grand total of...twelve. While the strategy paid off (it left a mere three elves on the field at the half), the Jortles won't be caught off guard this time.

The lizards will still get inducements, barring a complete battering at the hands of the vamps for the elves, and they will be rightly confident going into this game...

...but in the bottom of their cold-blooded hearts, they know the answer to this question: did they really want to see the Jortles for a third time?

Prediction: Houston 2 - 3 Jakesonville

They damn well did not! Tis why they went for a t16 foul on Rys Lloyd instead of trying to win the game! Because they were scared ! Scared of having to face the Jortles again after what happened in last year's divisional round!

"Pleassse sssir, anything but the elvesss again!" - anonymous Houston player

[2] New York Wrecks (6-4-2) vs [3] Baltimore Mavens (5-5-3)

This was my prediction for the AFC Championship before the season, so one of these two will unfortunately not make it. Alas, it remains to be seen how many Dark Elves even show up for this contest, after having to go through the bloody humans first. It would be ironic, of course, that Olde Reikland help their division rival, the Wrecks, by blasting some elves into oblivion first.

Prediction: New York 2 - 0 Baltimore

Word on the street is that Baltimore's ownership is planning on making sweeping changes to the team during the offseason anyways.

AFC Championship Game

[2] New York Wrecks (6-4-2) vs [5] Jakesonville Jortles (5-8-0)

Broadway vs Rys. Chaos vs Elves. Bash vs Ball.

Prediction: New York 1 - 2 Jakesonville

Three strip-ballers do what they need to go vs Joe.

NBFL Super Bowl 23

Green Baynana Grabbers vs Jakesonville Jortles

A rematch from the Super Bowl two seasons ago, technically, as a Grue-led Green Bay-affiliated team takes on mrt's elves for the championship.

Prediction: Green Baynana 2 - 3 Jakesonville

The third time's the charm! Congrats mrt on finally winning the Super Bowl!

Part of the NCBB and the NBFL.

Don't drop the soap.

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Great read. Will try to make you fail your prediction though Wink

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Manglesota Vile Kings will shock the world and win it all.

Hail to Tail Gunner! The latest charioteer to DIE for bloodbowl! - Slain, by Knuckle Grinders

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Hail to Tail Gunner! The latest charioteer to DIE for bloodbowl! - Slain, by Knuckle Grinders

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Running into huge Chaos and having to go 3 games made that a really tall order, Arktoris. We'll see if we can't finish the build a little bit next season and have a shot.


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NBFL Season 24 Draft Preview

Hello again, everyone! The NBFL is in the midst of a fairly quiet offseason, with a small break in the schedule before the draft begins at the end of the month. Several teams are changing races, a few teams have swapped places, and there is only one franchise with a new owner (Buffalo, now ran by Jeffro).

We recently saw Stimme and his Los Angeles Glams win their second Super Bowl, but this article will focus on the opposite spectrum of the league: the teams who sucked ass! The NBFL draft, which is a two-round avenue of potential team-improvement, has been the only thing that fans of many franchises have had to look forward to for quite some time.

With that being said, let's look at who needs help the most:

1. Meame Phrophins (Slann / AFC East / Tzalaran)

Meame joined mid-season after Miami's owner ran off with the cheerleaders (lucky git), and had their share of struggles in a division that featured two playoff teams. Slann obviously have had some success in the NBFL, but most experts agree that they won't be as effective with coach Grue not on the sidelines.

Biggest Strength: Foundation

Despite picking from leftover draft picks, Meame trudged through last season taking their licks and learning some lessons, but they may have quietly formed a very solid foundation for the team: a block big, supported by three linos with stats (two +Ag, one +St), and several serviceable positionals (blitzers and catchers).

Biggest Weakness: Lack Of Impact Positionals

But serviceable blitzers and catchers can only do so much, which is why the team needs to add some studs to make the big plays that the support players set up. Fortunately, Meame has the first overall pick in both rounds of the regular draft (picks 1 and 33 overall), along with the first pick of the 2nd round in the expansion draft (due to being a mid-season addition, presumably), to hopefully add the talent that they need.

Possible Selection:

- Dashing Dan Helmsworth / Notre Dame Flying Irish / Skilled / 58 / +AG,Dodge,+AG,Wrestle
- Trey SayOw! / Karak University / Blitzer / 52 / +ST,+AG,Tackle,+ST
- A.J. Hawk / Ohio State / Blitzer / 46 / +ST, +AG, Tackle

Slann can be a blessing and a curse to draft for: their players don't start with many basic skills, so draftees without block/wrestle/dodge can be risky, but this also gives them a blank canvas and more options in some cases. Their catchers are Skilled, while blitzers can be either Blitzers or Skilled. Odds are that Meame will look to upgrade its blitzer corps in the draft at some point, and while it would be hard to pass up on the studly potential of 'Trey SayOw!', the other two players suggested would either have some protection or be closer to the next skill for it.

2. Fan Foulcisco Fakes (Underworld / NFC West / Lorebass)

Fan Foulcisco is determined to do things their way, and torment the league with crazy plays and wacky rosters. While their success on the field, or lack-thereof, remains questionable, the fans always get their money's worth when watching this team.

Biggest Strength: Mass Mutation Access

One of the perks (maybe the only one) of playing Underworld is that your entire team has Mutation access on normal skill rolls. Whether you want horns on your blitzers, two heads on your gobos, or very long legs on your troll (and leap, of course), the sky is the limit. Of course your players have to live long enough to benefit from the skill stacks that mutations unlock, which has been an issue for the Fakes so far.

Biggest Weakness: Being Underworld

There's no sugar coating it: Underworld are a hard team to play overall, and much more so at NBFL TVs (2300+). The team is constantly replacing players on the fly, and three draft picks from the past two seasons are resting in coffins. To add insult to injury, Fan Foul is in arguably the strongest division in the league, making their tall task seem even more insurmountable.

Possible Selection:

- A.J. Hawk / Ohio State / Blitzer / 46 / +ST, +AG, Tackle
-Zorn "Greater Scaup" Hunter / Oregon / Skilled / 56 / Dodge, Wrestle, +AG, Leap
-"Makers" Mark Hinkley / U.Con. / Blitzer / 36 / +ST, Guard, Tackle

The Fakes have no shortage of options, seeing as they have three rookie positionals (two skaven blitzers, one skaven thrower). A blitzer like 'Hawk' or 'Hinkley' would be a great fit, but one can dream of a player like 'Hunter' getting horns down the road.

3. New York Genocides (Daemons of Khorne / NFC East / ex-convict)

The league's first foray in Khorne's name went, predictably, pretty poorly. The team finished with a 2-6-6 record overall, though in all but two contests was the game not within one score or a tie. For the Genocides to go from 'competitive' to 'competing', they're going to need a few more upgrades.

Biggest Strength: In-tact Roster

A Khorne team wants to win the blocking battle, but doing so exposes the mostly Av8 roster to damage. Fortunately, the Genocides were able to avoid costly injuries last season, with only five total players permed. Of those five, only one was a draftee, meaning that the core of the roster survived last season's trial by fire.

Biggest Weakness: Coach Has No Clue

Not only does ex-con have to learn how to play his own race, he also has to learn how to play them against the high TV franchises of the NBFL. The team was particularly bad on defense, being tied for the 4th most scores allowed (20); fixing this issue could hopefully bring the team closer to a .500 record.

Possible Selection:

-"Makers" Mark Hinkley / U.Con. / Blitzer / 36 / +ST, Guard, Tackle
- Dashing Dan Helmsworth / Notre Dame Flying Irish / Skilled / 58 / +AG,Dodge,+AG,Wrestle
- Daniel Juarez / California / Blitzer/Strength / 53 / Block,Guard,Tackle,Mighty Blow

New York could look to upgrade one of its Heralds, who are Blitzer and Strength categories in the draft. However, management showed last season (when they traded down in the draft with Indy) that they are willing to make a deal if it helps add more talent. Thus if any team is willing to trade both its first and second round picks, the Genocides may just be willing to let someone move into the top 3 to draft a stud, while New York adds some depth to the legions of Khorne.

More to be come soon

Part of the NCBB and the NBFL.

Don't drop the soap.
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