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Joined: Feb 20, 2015

Post   Posted: Apr 25, 2015 - 04:04 Reply with quote Back to top

Warboss Gorrukk Da Quarterer SNAGGS!! GET ERE YA LIDDLE GIT!
snaggs the goblin underling ...ere boss down ere...
Gorrukk Gavver Da Mob Bosses.. Mogroggz Ad Anuvver Vision! Sayz Dis Onez Good Fer Crumpin An Lootin.. HurHurHur
snaggs ...err yea boss...
Gorrukk Righto Boyz Lissen Up Mogroggz Got Summink Ta Say
Mogrogg Da Shaman Vizionz Come Much Crumpin An Lootin But A Troll We Need
Gorrukk Mogrogg Ima Fump Ya If Ya Don't Be Makin Sence Soon !
Mogrogg New War Sport "BLOODYBOWL" Lots Ov Killin An Plunda Need A "Team" 11 Orcs Big An Small With Cunnin...An A Troll...
Gorrukk Where We Gunna Get A Troll We Ate Em All Ere...
Mogrogg Ta Troll Country We Must Ead Fightin In Da BloodyBowl All Da Way...Gork An Mork Rewardz Da Bloodiest Of Orcs

The Iron Tooth Tribe resides in the forest of Chalons in Bretonnia. Formerly once proud rulers of The Axe Bite Pass a major route through The Grey Mountains they got complacent on the easy killing and taxing of travellers. They were ambushed and driven out by the ever headstrong greedy and jealous SkullSmasherz Tribe in a war of attrition that did not bode well for the IronTooths. Losing over half his boys Gorrukk had no choice but to leave and regroup.
Unfortunately the run of luck is poor and they are beset on all sides. For any territorial foray they make is met by the wood elves to the south east, orcs and norse raiders to the north and east, and the skaven to the west and south.
The upside is the Orcs of The Iron Tooth Tribe are bigger and Tougher than most other greenskins and as "MIGHT MAKES RIGHT" its only a matter of time before they return to wreck havoc upon the old world.
With the Shaman Morgrogg declaring a new era of war in a "sport" (the orcs think its hilarious other races are only just now seeing killing as a sport) called BloodBowl. Gorrukk decides some low cunning matched with his boys brute strength will be the best course of action and at the very least will provide the tribe with a whole lot of entertainment and food.

Joined: Feb 20, 2015

Post   Posted: Apr 25, 2015 - 05:34 Reply with quote Back to top

Less than a days march from camp The Iron Tooth Tribe find their way blocked by a woodelves contingent.
Gorrukk seeing an opportunity to blood his new team offers up a challenge....
Warboss Gorrukk Da Quarterer OI! Pointy Earz You Lot Play Da BloodyBowl !!.

Without a word the elves drew a line in the path and spread out into loose formation.

Gorrukk You Boyz Dont Mess Dis Up You Hear !! Youz Are ORCS Not Umies Now Go Crump Dese Pointyz For Dere Loot !

The boys not keen to disappoint Gorrukk quickly stood opposite the elves yelling and whooping before charging head first in to smack them.
Zurghgaz TuskBreaker caused first blood and gained the spoils of the after match feast badly hurting an elf lineman with a wildly swung punch.Korugg DeathSnarl head-butted another elf lineman leaving him to crawl off the pitch back to the woodelves encampment and medical help while the elves took the opportunity to seize the ball from the distracted greenskins to touchdown.
Bolgrot Braincrusher was not happy about this and immediately vented his anger on the nearest elf breaking his jaw and leaving him in a pool of blood as he ran off to re join the game meanwhile Urturam SkullMangler managed to fall in to a lucky elves fist and got knocked out allowing the elves to step over his prone form and score again.
Golgath BoneCleaver ran straight over an elf badly hurting him before finally scraping him off the bottom of his boot.
On the other side of the pitch Badrok StoneSplitter was having a great time knocking elves heads together with quite the pile of unconscious and knocked out elves around his ankles he was so engrossed in his set task he failed to notice the elf sneaking down the edge of the path to score again
as the elf ran back to his line he threw the ball to another elf. Thalgutt DarkTooth took this as the start of another drive and picking the elf up bodily ran down the path and slammed the elf heavily to the ground ball and all for the orcs first ever touchdown not that the Tribe knew what that ment!.

final score td -2(1-3) cas 3(2/1/0-0/0/0)
woodbowl for the win

Gorrukk SNAGGS!! Bring Me Da Healer NOW !
snaggs the goblin underling ...err yes boss right away...
Gorrukk Lissen Ere Tuska You Is Our Bestest Healer Now Its Your Job To Keep Dese Boyz Alive Or Your Dead RITE !!
Tuska Da Mad Healer ahehehe yess boss leave dem wif me dey in good ands now ahehehee....
Gorrukk Boyz Dat Was Funni Dem Pointyz Go Squish Easy And Look At All Da Loot Dat Fell Out Ov Dem Wen Youz Shaked Dem HurHurHur

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Joined: Nov 14, 2013

Post   Posted: Apr 25, 2015 - 06:19 Reply with quote Back to top

Interesting start!

Good luck with it.

"I gotta fever and the only prescription is MOAR COWBELL!!"
"That's right... shop smart: shop S-Mart... You got that?"

Joined: Oct 03, 2011

Post   Posted: Apr 25, 2015 - 11:35 Reply with quote Back to top

hehe nice one mate

Joined: Feb 20, 2015

Post   Posted: Apr 25, 2015 - 11:37 Reply with quote Back to top

cheers guys im having fun with this for sure

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Post   Posted: Apr 27, 2015 - 09:13 Reply with quote Back to top

Having been forced to skirt Athel Loren after the technical loss to the Wood Elves of Woodbowl Gorrukk decides to head south. As they draw closer to The Vaults Mountain Range they see dust forming on the horizon....
Warboss Gorrukk Da Quarterer Git Ready Boyz Youz Brawlin Agin Soon !

As they draw up the "Pitch" on the track the dust cloud begins to materialise...into the ugliest (even by orc standards) race they have ever seen though Gorrukk has great respect for the teeth they have... even if its only because he just wants them from their mouths....

the boys seem almost hesitant to square up against these strange things that look like wingless bipedal dragons with squigs for faces though they fear the bosses wrath more so work up their fervour with Arold Tuskripper breaking the line to run in and smack a stunty "lizardman" unconscious. Meanwhile Urturam SkullMangler seizes the chance to run away with the ball....TOUCHDOWN!.
With little hitting going on as the orcs size up their counterparts Badrok StoneSplitter takes the ball and after being pointed in the right direction by his mob in the crowd scores....TOUCHDOWN!.
Zurghgaz TuskBreaker ever eager to eat first at the after match functions drop kicks a stunty who after rolling to a stop at the edge of the path looks to be quite badly hurt. Atruda BloodBringer tries to follow the lead but only glances the stunty knocking it out Urturam SkullMangler laughs hysterically and tries the same accidentally tripping on the stuntys tail and landing on the skink knocking himself and the skink out for his trouble. Urrmegga IronMaw tries to reinforce his position as kaptin by showing them how its done but unfortunately only succeeds in knocking his opponent out as well.
Zurghgaz TuskBreaker hunting for his next victim surprisingly finds himself in possession of the ball and seeing an opportunity for promotion to kaptin quickly runs it over the line....TOUCHDOWN!
Thalgutt DarkTooth with his secret ambitions of becoming a Black Orc seizes this opportunity to smack one of the bigger lizardmen while its not looking his way only to find himself on the receiving end of a mace tipped tail leaving what little brain matter he has leaking from his skull.
Tuska Da Mad Healer quickly runs over and plugs the hole with dung and spit before pouring some vile yellow liquid down Darktooths throat to bring him back coughing and wretching from the dead.

final score td 3(3-0) cas 0(1/0/0-1/0/0)
WAAAAAGGHH!! for the win

snaggs the goblin underling ...err boss look at da loot dey left uz...
Gorrukk HurHur Youz Boyz Did Good Scared Em So Much Dey Gave Uz Lotza Gold HurHurHur An Doc You Keep Keepin Da Boyz Alive Dat Was A Close One Fer Darktoof
Tuska Da Mad Healeryess alive...ahehehe...
Zurghgaz TuskBreaker Ey Boss Look Got Me Da Tail Bommy From Dat Fing Dat Got Darktoof Fitz My And Like A Gauntlet Gunna Cause Some MIGHTY BLOWs Wiv Dis HURHURHUR

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Good stuff!

Keep it coming!

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Post   Posted: May 10, 2015 - 14:28 Reply with quote Back to top

Having paid tithe to The NeckSnappers Tribe of The Vaults the Boys had no trouble travelling through the tunnels beneath the Range...something Gorrukk regretted deeply being down on gold and missing the opportunity to fight the cave dwelling creatures that called the tunnels home...

Warboss Gorrukk Da Quarterer SNAGGS Git Us Outta Ere NOW!!
snaggs the goblin underling...err boss da lightz dere at da end ov da tunnel...

Stepping out in to the Border Princes one of the mobs noticed a smoke plume not far away. when the scouts returned with news of a "High An Mighty" Elf camp Gorrukk remembered the gold from the WoodElves and made all haste for them...
Gorrukk Ello Pointy Earz Youz Like BloodyBowl!! Letz Play A Liddle Game HurHurHur...

Finding a suitable clearing nearby the boys scorched a pitch into the grass before lining up to kick. The elves caught the boys off guard with their speed and agility knocking Bolgrot BrainCrusher out before he could register the damage.
Mogurhg DeathTaker sensed more than saw a shadow at his side and threw a block up succeeding in badly hurting an agile looking elf.Korugg DeathSnarl knocked some dents into the shiny armour of the closest pointy ear he could reach winding the elf who limped off for a breather. Arold TuskRipper picked up a lightly armoured elf juggling him around before hurling him back to his teams bench though the elf landed in a heap next to it knocked out cold. Golgath BoneCleaver lost his temper at the other elf with the shiny armour that kept dazzling his eyes hitting him so hard he heard the snapping of Broken Ribs.
Bolgrot BrainCrusher limped back onto the pitch looking for revenge at the earlier slight he received in knockout form picking a plain looking pointy ear he lowered his shoulder and steam rolled the elf learning later at the after match feast he killed him outright much to his satisfaction.
Urturam SkullMangler had been running the ball around all match waiting for an elf to come close enough to hit to no avail so upon seeing Thalgutt DarkTooth ambling towards the endzone gained his attention and passed him the ball....TOUCHDOWN!.
Badrok StoneSplitter annoyed at having had to look out for Urturam SkullMangler all game and missing the bloodshed lashed out at a stray elf dropping him faster than a sack of face biter squigs as he walked away grumbling about 'real' orcs shouldn't need "protection".

final score td 1(1-0) cas 3(1/1/1-0/0/0)
WAAAAAGGHH!! for the win

Gorrukk Well Ladz Youz Doin Betta At Dis Game Dan I Fourt You Would!!
So Much Bashin Ov Eads An Look At All Dis Gold!!
Mogrogg Da Shaman BoneCleaver SkullMangler DarkTooth Put Dese Armorz On Dey As Strong As MORK Dey Will BLOCK Da Best Ov Hits
Gorrukk Rito Boyz Letz Find Us Some Stuntyz Ter Crush We Need Some More Sharp Axez HurHur...

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Post   Posted: May 12, 2015 - 09:13 Reply with quote Back to top

Leaving the bloodstained clearing and smoking embers of the nights cooking fires behind Gorrukk leads the boys towards a known Dwarf Stronghold Karak Hirn (Though the boys only know it as "Da Good Fight") in search of better armour and "weapons" (Ever greedy Gorrukk knows the Dwarves here are very wealthy. He craves their gold) for the boys. ...Only upon arrival he's Furious to discover somebodys already beaten them here...

Warboss Gorrukk Da Quarterer WHATT!! WHO DID DIS!! FIND EM AN KILL'EM!!

As one the boys stormed through the broken splintered gates and on into the great hall that was the Dwarves grand entrance foyer.
Ahead of them stood an armie of the greatest weapon artisans known in the old world..Chaos Dwarves!. Here too for the precious metals held below The Black Mountain...
Gorrukk You Stunty Gitz Gis Back Me Loot An I Mite Let Ya Leave Wif Ya Livez...Maybee!! NO! WELL YER DEAD DEN! BOYZ GET'EM!

Just as the boys began to storm forwards to battle a ball bounces and lands at Gorrukks steel shod foot.
The challenge has been set winner gains all in a game of ball...

With the orcs already in possession of the ball they begin the sprint towards the Fallen Dwarves as they begin to lower their shoulders cracking knuckles and grinding teeth the chaos stuntys part and push forth smaller "greenskins" to receive the charge of the orcs.
Atruda BloodBringer seeing green rage brings both fists down on a stunty greenskins head Fracturing its Skull and leaving it twitching in a twisted heap before swinging left to knock another traitorous greenskin out. With the Fallen Dwarves avoiding the furious green wall of orcs the path is clear for Urturam SkullMangler to run the ball in for a TOUCHDOWN!.
The Chaos in the Dwarves became apparent with the revealing of Bull/Dwarf amalgamations and a Dwarf with a huge Mutated Claw ending its arm. It churns through Korugg DeathSnarls armour like a sword through curdled goats milk Badly Hurting him and ensuring Tuska Da Mad Healer is kept busy in the wings.
Urrmegga IronMaw picks up some discarded armour formerly of the previous dwellers of the Mountain and bashs another stunty greenskin into Unconciousness.

final score td 1(1-0) cas 0(0/1/0-1/0/0)
WAAAAAGGH!! for the win

Urrmegga IronMaw Team Kaptin Hur Dis Sum Shiny Iron Gunna Make A Gauntlet From It Kant Wait Ter Krump Sum MIGHTY BLOWs Wif It HurHur...

Gorrukk ..*muttermutter*..Fieving Stuntyz...Took Sum Loot..*muttermutter*..Grab Dat Loot Boyz Letz Go..*muttermutter*..
Mogrogg Da Shaman Da Great Idol Nearz Blood Spilled Dere Will Pleez GORK'N'MORK Mite Even Find Loot Or Favuur...

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Post   Posted: May 12, 2015 - 21:20 Reply with quote Back to top

Why you so good at writing stuff from an Orc's perspective?

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Post   Posted: May 12, 2015 - 21:21 Reply with quote Back to top

You really get inside their head Very Happy

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Post   Posted: May 13, 2015 - 03:50 Reply with quote Back to top

Its the thick skull long arms and bad teeth I have mostly Very Happy


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Unknown to Gorrukk and his mob they had been followed since their run in with the elves at the clearing. Upon leaving The Black Mountain they find their way barred by a warband of treacherous DarkElves all set up in formation with the ball waiting for the orcs just baiting them to play.
Gorrukk still soured by the run in with the thieving Chaos Dwarves and short of fuse takes the bait...
Warboss Gorrukk Da Quarterer Youz Gunna Ragret Getting In Me Way POINTY EARZ!! GET'EM BOYZ!!

Urrmegga IronMaw Team Kaptin Lissen Ere Ladz Dese Pointy Earz Even More Cunnin Den snottlinz Watch Yer Backz Gottit!

Taking to the pitch the boys quickly forgot IronMaws advice as their ire was again stoked by the bloodshed bound to come.Mogurhg DeathTaker wastes no time uppercutting an elf bobbing about in front of him..only to find the elven fans are cheering louder than the orc mobs this momentarily distracts the boys allowing the elves to score.
IronMaw Memba Ladz Pointy Earz Iz Squishy We Gotz To Smack'em More!!
Taking the Kaptins ever sage advice Arold Tuskripper grabs an elf and clubs it into the ground leaving its prone form where it fell while almost simultaneously an unusually heavily armoured elf clubs Bolgrot BrainCrusher unconscious. Badrok Stonesplitter notices in a moment of clarity the elves are going to score again and begins to chase the ball carrier down suddenly having to dodge an agile elf stepping into his path he trips over the extended boot of another..both elves look down on him sneering as he lays there Badly Hurt.
Another of the armoured elves sneaks up and with steel shod boots flying kicks straight into Zurghgaz TuskBreakers midriff Smashing his Hip. Leaving him growling on the ground the elf chuckles and like smoke in the wind is gone again.
Tuska Da Mad Healer gets to TuskBreaker and pours a flaming liquid over his leg before running off cackling..TuskBreaker makes to chase him in rage but stops realising his leg is completely healed.
Meanwhile the elves have run another ball into the endzone and are sauntering back up the field like they are the only ones there.The elves throw the ball low and purposefully at Urturam SkullManglers head not counting on him being the tribes best ball orc. He deftly catches it grinning and lays an elbow across an armoured elfs face as he dodges past him laying the elf out cold.
Urrmegga IronMaw finally spots the driving force behind the opposing team and runs to blitz her knocking her down hard and making sure shes out for the rest of the match as skullmangler lays the ball down for a TOUCHDOWN!.

final score td -1(1-2) cas 0(1/0/0-1/0/0)
Brotherhood Of The Evil Mutants FC for the win

IronMaw Youz Idiotz I Told Yaz To Krump'em!!
BrainCrusher Your Eads Thick Not Dat Tuff Tho Go Get Dat Armour From Dat Pointy Ear Might Elp Ya BLOCK
TuskBreaker Dat Healer Iz Mad As A Gobbo In A Bog Ole But It Workz Evrytime HurHurHur...

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hi all
this is not how I wanted to progress however after a month of unsuccessful gamefindering im left with no choice
does anybody have a tv 1160-1200 orc or goblin team in ranked that would be interested in a game ?
so that I may continue my story
thanks Very Happy

Joined: Feb 20, 2015

Post   Posted: Jun 19, 2015 - 16:33 Reply with quote Back to top

Thank you to drpoods for stepping up to the plate it was a good game and i now have some solid fluff to get underway
Also thanks to m0gw41 for offering me a game aswell we will most certainly have that as a thanks for your coming forward mate

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