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Post   Posted: Feb 14, 2018 - 11:45 Reply with quote Back to top

The Archers of Avelon were in complete disarray. Their home stadium had been cursed by chaos and they had been losing games. Worse, their captain, Revwe Larereta had ceased to provide the leadership they needed. Since her near death experience several games earlier, she had become despondent. On the field she normally played like her old self, but off the field she was unrecognizable. Gone was the attitude of arrogance and the compulsion to guide the squad through difficult times. If a decision was to be made she deferred to Nienna or even more uncharacteristically to Kondor.

That was the situation when Kondor found a match against one of the most infamous vampire teams in the Fumbbl Confederation. When a Nurgle squad canceled a match due to an unforeseen breakout of cleansing Never Date Before First Bite had an unexpected opening on their busy calendar. Coincidentally, Kondor’s petition for a match arrived the same day as the cancelation was announced.

Thus the Archers of Avelon traveled to Bloody Falls and stepped onto the pitch and fell flat on their faces. From the opening kickoff it was clear that there was no game plan. At least there was no plan to win the game. It turned out that the Archers had decided to take a shot at Fumbbl fouling badges. The plan was to foul as often as possible with the most prominent player on the pitch. Revwe fouled twice before the ref tossed her out. Nienna fouled two more times before the ref threw her from the match. The goal was to register 16 fouls but it all came unraveled when they hit a stretch where they could not even knock down a thrall. By the time they realized their plan had been thwarted, the two best players were in the penalty box and the chance of winning was gone.

There was a chance to steal the ball and tie it late in the game but the Archers simply did not have the elf power available to seal the deal. This was largely due to the fact that while the elves had opened the game by fouling, they were unable to penetrate vampire armor while the vampires scored five casualties.

When the game came to a close, Kondor crossed the field to congratulate Coach Crook for a good win. He hoped that Crook would be willing to give the Archers a shot at redemption at some point. After all, the Archers existed to prove that High Elves are superior to all other races in the Old World.

2-1 Loss to Vampires https://www.fumbbl.com/p/match?id=3945366

Joined: Apr 04, 2008

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Another game and the losing continues. The Archers of Avelon stars have lost their minds. Once again Nienna has focused on fouling to the detriment of the team. This time it took three fouls before the referee sent her off. In a game coached by Hey Guys, that is enough to swing the match in his favor. On the bright side, the foul did result in a niggling injury to a dark elf. That means the Archers only need to injure 93 more to earn a badge.

Inside, Kondor had begun to wonder how long the losing streak would stretch. The chaos curse continued to crush the team.

1-0 Loss to Dark Elves https://www.fumbbl.com/p/match?id=3945914

Joined: Apr 04, 2008

Post   Posted: Mar 30, 2018 - 10:38 Reply with quote Back to top

With Avelon Stadium having been cursed, the Archers were forced into a long and painful road-trip culminating in catastrophe. In the Under-Empire, the high elves took the pitch against Coach Soul Thief’s ratmen known as the Skavenblight Heroes.

There was nothing heroic in the Archer performance. Again and again the rats charged and blitzed stealing the ball and making the Archers look like amateurs.

Still they fought on. In a heroic effort, Nienna reached the ball and tried to make a move down the sideline. It was not to be. The reaper had come to Skavenblight and this time he would not be denied. Having thinned the elf ranks, the rats surrounded her and gave her a final push into the hands of their ravenous fans.

Suddenly, the ball was unimportant as the legendary thrower fought for her life. A slave grabbed her by the hair only to have her reflexively crush his snout. A towering six foot black rat punched her in the ear only to have her respond by kicking him in the knee that supported most of his weight and he dropped like a sack of wet manure. But it was the skilled assassin’s blade that she could not avoid while distracted by so many other threats. It slipped cleanly into her unarmored side, through her liver and into her spleen. The kill was anything but clean yet it was effective.

Nienna turned quickly hoping to catch the attacker but he faded back into the crowd. The rest of the crowd had been cowed by her savagery and placated at the sight of blood from the fatal wound. She fought free and reached the Archer dugout.

Corbis assessed the wound, looked at Nienna and shook his head gravely. She nodded acknowledging the situation then asked if he could help her watch the remainder of the game. He did what he could by packing the wound as tightly as possible and restricting blood flow to the lower part of her body. Thankfully, the game ended quickly.

With the loss, the Archers went to 1-1-7 for their road stretch marking their worst record in team history.

When the team slogged back to the sideline, they stood around their team mate with little to say.

She was weak but she addressed Kydeth, Revwe, and Throthradir. “Help me to the pitch. I am not going to bleed out here in the dugout.”

Leaning on Kydeth and Revwe for support she walked several meters onto the field before wavering and slowly lowering herself into a seated position. She smiled at Revwe. “Now I know what all those marks felt like.”

She shook her head no. “You are a professional. Your marks never felt anything.”

Nienna looked at Meldalf. The two of them had an on again off again fling since he joined the team. Now he was on one knee in front of her stoic. She reached out and took is hand giving him a tender squeeze. Then she reached to the belt tightly cinched to restrict blood flow. She loosened it and started to sing. No one had ever heard her sing before, and a surprisingly perfect pitch sang the chorus of an Ancient Elven celebratory tune as Nienna looked heavenward. When the final words cleared her lips her features were pale. A moment later she was gone.

Throthradir produced a elven ceremonial cloak woven with bloodbowl symbols. In the coming hours, it would accompany her to the funeral pyre.

When company carried their comrade from the field, Throthradir hung back to chat with Kondor. “This is my last match.” He said. “Tell the others I’ve returned to my family. I will spend the remainder of my days with them and enjoy the riches I have acquired. I have no desire to die on the pitch.”

Kondor was slightly surprised considering the fact that Throthradir was a legend in his own right, but he nodded at the catcher with approval. “I bare you no ill will Throthradir. Go and be well. I will tell the others.”

Later that night, when the funeral pyre was only embers Kondor allowed himself to realize the situation. His grudge against the Archers was gone. Nienna was dead, Throthradir retired, Revwe was at his command, and Kydeth had often been an ally. For the first time since joining the team he would largely be in command of the team.

A chapter in Archer history was about to unfold.

Game stretch since last entry.

1-0 loss to Chaos
1-1 Tie Vs khemri https://www.fumbbl.com/p/match?id=3946804
2-0 Victory over Chaos Dwarfs https://www.fumbbl.com/p/match?id=3960586
4-0 loss to Dark Elves https://www.fumbbl.com/p/match?id=3962119
3-0 loss to Skaven https://www.fumbbl.com/p/match?id=3962119

Joined: Apr 04, 2008

Post   Posted: Mar 30, 2018 - 10:39 Reply with quote Back to top

The Archer of Avelon Legend Nienna Nehharma has died at the hands of skaven fans. She simply could not sidestep away from the sideline fast enough.

She leaves the pitch for the final time with following Ranked Division stats to her name as well as 4 fumbbl badges.

A moment of silence please and then we will raise a glass to one of the Fumbbl Greats.



Records Held

All Time Thrower Records:
#1 All Time Scorer - 21 TDs
#1 All Time Casualties Caused - 18 Cas
#1 All Time Rusher - 1000 Yards
#1 Most Fouls - 24 Fouls
#1 Most Games Played - 112 Games
2nd All Time Star - 273 SPP
2nd All Time Number of Blocks - 423 Bks
4th All Time Passer - 144 Cps

Active Thrower Records at Time of Death:
#1 Scorer
#1 Most Casualties
#1 Most blocks
#1 top rusher
#1 Most Fouls
#1 Most Games Played
2nd top star
3rd top passer
13th most yards passing
16th most MVPs

Active High Elf Records at Time of Death:
3rd Most rushing yards
3rd Most completions

All Time High Elf Records:
5th All Time Greatest Rusher
8th Most Completions
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