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Post   Posted: Jan 17, 2017 - 22:59 Reply with quote Back to top

Cultist of Nurgle: 60,000 0-4 6/3/3/8 Animosity, Regeneration, Decay, Foul Appearance GM/ASP
Cultist of Slaanesh: 60,000 0-4 6/3/3/8 Animosity, Side Step GA/SPM
Cultist of Tzeentc: 60,000 0-4 6/3/3/8 Animosity, Hypnotic Gaze GP/ASM
Cultist of Khorne: 60,000 0-4 6/3/3/8 Animosity, Dauntless GS/APM
Priest of Nurgle: 90,000 0-1 6/3/3/8 Animosity, Regeneration, Foul Appearance, Disturbing Presence, Tentacles, Thick Skull GM/ASP
Priest of Slaanesh: 90,000 0-1 6/3/3/8 Animosity, Side Step, Very Long Legs, Leap, Claw GA/SPM
Priest of Tzeentc: 90,000 0-1 7/3/3/8 Animosity, Hypnotic Gaze, Bombbadier GP/SAM
Priest of Khorne: 90,00 6/3/3/8 Animosity, Horns, Dauntless, Frenzy, Mighty Blow GS/APM

Rerolls: 70,000
Apothocary: Yes

Animosity works within the cults, for example a Slaaneesh Cultist and their Priest can pass the ball among themselves wihtout a problem, but has to roll animosity for every other player.

You can select which cultist your jounermen are.

Background: The cultist of Choas are everywhere and at all levels of society. The signs of chaotic taint are hard to notice. Maybe a plague victim has lived a bit too long with his supposedly fatal disease or maybe your wizard friend is reading a book with a few too many tentacles coming out of it. However, with the Chaos Gods summoning their soldiers to the blood bowl fields, cultists are coming out into the open to play the game their Gods have approved of.

Yet, even in their combined dedication to spreading Chaos, the inter-cult rivalries persist.

Rational: Cultists are a big part of the Warhammer lore, and even in secret league their only representation is in the Khrone/Slaanesh Demons of Chaos as highly disposable linemen.

Each set of the cultists gets a different set of basic skills that fits their God on top of the base human stat line. Everyone has animosity as the cultists hate each other about as they hate the people who don't believe in any Chaos God.

Khrone's followers are well known for taking on the biggest challenges they can, so Dauntless and strength access made sense.

Slaanesh followers are known for their agility, but I didn't want to give a basic linemen dodge. Side Step was my compromise along with agility access.

I gave the Nurgle followers Foul Appearance as even the basic cultists tend to be horrible looking plague victims. Regeneration also made sense, as Nurgle's followers are known to rising back from otherwise fatal injuries. However, I paired it with decay partially because these are weaker plague victims and to keep regenerating linemen on an apothocary team balanced. While mutation access makes more sense on the followers of Tzeentc, passing access makes absolutely no sense on Nurgle.

Tzeentc cultists tend to be magical users of all stripes, and hypnotic gaze is the only magical ability that would make sense. Again, passing access is present as a lore compromise.

The Priests are the leaders of their cult who have gained much greater favor among their Gods and have much greater gifts. I thought about them having different stat lines, such as the Priest of Khrone strength 4 and the Priest of Slaanesh agility 4, but I decided against it.

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Post   Posted: Jan 18, 2017 - 22:44 Reply with quote Back to top

Hi there,
I respectfully put to you that the prices are off.
6338 is a 50K statline. Good skills are 20K. Animosity does not give a discount.
Regen is a 20-30K skill. Decay doesn't really give much discount either.

So, just for the lineman, I'd be thinking:
Nurgle - 70-80K
Slaanesh - 70K
Khorne - 60K
Tzeentch... Frankly, HypnoGaze is a very dangerous skill - I'd go with somthing else. I don't even see the connection fluffwize.

The Priests are underpriced as f*ck.

No idea how the team would play though.
What were you going for, playwize?


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Post   Posted: Jan 19, 2017 - 03:47 Reply with quote Back to top

People seem to forget there is chaos undivided too. Could some cultists not worship the entire pantheon? If you're going to make a cultist team they ought to not be so closely tied to the different chaos gods and instead should be more general.

Chaos Cultist: 40,000 0-12 6/3/3/7 G
Chaos Chosen: 110,000 0-2 5/4/3/8 Wrestle GS
Disciple of Nurgle: 90,000 0-2 5/3/2/9 Regeneration, Disturbing Presence, Foul Appearance, Thick Skull, Animosity GS
Follower of Slaanesh: 80,000 0-2 7/3/3/7 Side Step, Dodge, Animosity GA
Champion of Khorne: 110,000 0-2 6/4/1/8 Frenzy, Mighty Blow, Animosity GS
Priest of Tzeentch: 80,000 0-2 6/2/3/7 Pass, Sure Hands, Leap, Animosity GP

RR: 70k
Uses Apothecary
Same star players as Chaos teams

Animosity - Does not affect actions between players of the same god, chaos cultists or chaos chosen. Does apply to others i.e. Tzeentch player attempting to pass to a slaanesh player will fall foul of animosity.

Maybe something like this?

The cultists are your basically linemen, but fragile with no skills as they are new to the cult and lacking equipment or training. They match Tilean linemen and are fair for 40k each. You can use these to bulk out your roster, to afford the more expensive positionals and to replace losses. This team is not as tough as nurgle or chaos teams.

The Chaos chosen are like your chaos warriors, but not quite as tough. They're imbued with power by chaos. They do, however, begin with wrestle. This makes them your safest players to block with when starting out. There are only 2 as there are 2 other strength 4 players on the team.

Disciples of Nurgle do not have the best stats for blocking, passing, running or anything really. However, they are absolutely amazing at taking a hit. Shove them on the LOS and they likely won't get taken out. If they do they have regen and the team has an apothecary - about the same chance of losing one as losing a vampire. They are great at holding up enemy big guys - giving a chance the big guy might not even be able to block them (foul appearance) - and disturbing presence hurts enemy elfball. They become even better with a skill up, especially something like dauntless or stand firm. They also are good for a slow cage. As they don't have the best stats (not fast, can't handle the ball) and they're mostly designed for taking hits and acting as excellent speed bumps they are 90,000 even though they have a lot of skills.

Followers of Slaanesh are 80,000 and the cheapest positional. They're basically your catchers. With slightly higher speed than the rest of the team, dodge and sidestep they're a pain to deal with. However, they are low armour and they can easily move too far away from the team for support. Agility skill access will help. There might be some argument to say they should be 90,000, but I've based things on Amazons. For +1 movement and sidestep that seems about 30k to me. Do shout if that's out! I think the animosity aspect helps lower their price too - the passers aren't as reliable passing to them as they would be on say an orc or human team.

Champions of Khorne are your blitzers. Similar to a norse Ulfwerener, but they trade any ability with the ball for harder hitting power. They desperately want block. They are here to hit stuff. These are your other strength 4 players and they're pricey at 110,000. While faster than chaos warriors they lack the armour or dodging agility of them so they will die faster. Blood for the blood(bowl) god?

Priest of Tzeentch - these are your passers. At 80K each they're not too expensive, but that's because of low strength and agility. Put these guys near the enemy and they will die. However, leap extends their passing range and gives them vectors opponents might not expect! This makes them quite interesting on the team, though animosity can be problematic. However, if they hand off to a cultist or chosen - or another priest of tzeentch - then they're golden!

How's this seem? I've put the rerolls as 70k due to availably to GSAP, having some high armour as well as movement 7 and strength 4 access, and because they'd get access to mutations. They have excellent development options like most chaos teams. They're more fragile to begin with for most positionals and definitely the linemen (who you will need as you can't afford all positionals for some time), but their long term prospects look good. It'd also be just as easy to have a balanced approach as it would be to favour 1-2 Gods and load up on their players.

Tempted to add the following:
Cult Leader (Chaos Undivided): 80,000 0-1 6/3/3/7 Block, Leader GSA
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