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Joined: Jul 10, 2004

Post   Posted: Mar 21, 2017 - 20:04 Reply with quote Back to top

I'm gonna induce something of course. I see no wrong with it and I except others to the same against me.

If something is immoral IMO it is trying to force someone to play in a suboptimal way by putting social pressure on him....

But we have different value systems.

Cya in the game.

Joined: Oct 25, 2003

Post   Posted: Mar 21, 2017 - 21:02 Reply with quote Back to top

I don't feel I put any social pressure. Merely expressed my interest as to your decision.

Had we played a week earlier I would have ahad equivalent, a week later you would be unlikely to have the cash, but at this exact moment, it is as it is.

The circumstances gave you an advantage you took. Fair enough.

Barbarus hic ego sum quia non intelligor ulli
I am a barbarian here because i am not understood by anyone

Joined: Sep 27, 2006

Post   Posted: Mar 28, 2017 - 10:44 Reply with quote Back to top


Welcome back Blood Bowl fans, your man Blasensky is bringing you exclusive coverage from the Khemri desert. While Milford and everyone else is hanging out in Ulthuan, there is still a Major being played down here. And we have a final!

First finalist are the Invincible Soldiers. These Shambling Undead spent half a million Crowns on inducements against the Purple Delvers to win the quarter final, but seemingly that wasn't enough to cause a major scandal. As an official who does not want to be named told me, "Everybody was just happy that those blasted Dwarves were out, and besides, the Soldiers spent another half a million Crowns to buy the Pharaoh a new gold mask, fantastic piece, who could refuse such a gift?" With this expenditure there was no money left for more inducements in the semi, where the Undead faced the Widows Sons, cheered on by the die-hard Human League fans. And the Sons played a great game, winning the attrition battle, killing one Wight and smashing the other's hip, and solidly pinning down the Undead's ball carrier mid 2nd half at 0-0. The fans already saw the Sons advanced to the final, but Karl played the match of his lifetime, evading several tackles and blocks the Humans threw at him with mounting frustration, and rushing it in for the Undead, and then a Blitz! diminished the Humans' chances of an equaliser, so it stayed at 1-0.

Second finalist are the Hessen Clowns, a Lizardman team of unspectacular Sauri and freak Skinks. They beat Coca Loca BBL 2-1 in the semi. Those High Elves didn't really win their qualifier, and didn't really win the quarter final either, which had to be interrupted at 2-2 due to a commotion caused by Star Player Eldril Sidewinder, who played for the opposing Wood Elves. An official spokeself denied any involvement of Coca Loca, but coach mrt1212 had been seen talking to Eldril the morning before the match. Irregularities left and right, but that's Blood Bowl isn't it, everybody cries bloody murder but in truth the fans love it. As our insider contact said, "It's an ARR team, they can get away with it, and besides, they're not in the final are they?" The High Elves had their shots in the semi but Nuffle was not with them that day.

A great year for diversity in this unusual Major format, none of the final 4 being of any of the races who have won the CoS previously, both ARR and HL represented, and both finalists of only recently unforlorned races. It's going to be an interesting final. Undead's coach Tricktickler, currently 37th in the SR Rankings, brings more experience, with two Major titles under his belt already, but he is short two Wights, which is a serious handicap. His opponent Jos75 is a newcomer, currently 128th in the SR Rankings, but has already eliminated three Major winning coaches from this tourney (ok one of them was coaching Rookie Goblins but still). Will he keep his cool? Will he be able to keep his Freak Skinks in the game? Watch out for the final of the 8th Crown of Sand to find out!

Joined: Jul 10, 2004

Post   Posted: Apr 02, 2017 - 22:36 Reply with quote Back to top

The final will be played on Monday 22:30 bbtime.
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