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Post   Posted: Feb 21, 2017 - 08:48 Reply with quote Back to top

Imps: 0-16 10K 5/1/3/5 Decay, Titchy, Stunty, Right Stuff, Animosity, Foul Appearance M/AGSP
Fury: 0-6 110K 7/3/3/7 Foul Appearance, Very Long Legs, Leap, Claw, Animosity GAM/SP
Verminlords: 180K 0-2 7/5/3/8 Loner, Wild Animal, Pro, Horns, Disturbing Presence, Very Long Legs, Animosity GSA/PM
Hellcannon 160K 0-1 2/6/2/10 Loner, Wild Animal, Frenzy, Bombidier, Hail Mary Pass, Throw Teammate, No Hands, Secret Weapon, Thick Skull SP/GA

Reroll: 70K

Apothecary: Yes

Rational: These are demons in the Warhammer universe who are not connected any Chaos God, at least not yet. From what I can gleam, none of these demons actually regenerate. Not sure the apothcary makes much lore sense, but this team would otherwise be way to fragile. Also animosity on everyone because these demons really shouldn't play nice together.

Imps are the tiniest and weakest of demons and possibly the weakest of known creatures. The result of idol thoughts and raw emotion. They first appear as an unalligned weak demon, waiting to be morphed by the Gods into familiars and other such weak but not as weak magical constructs. So I made them the weakest creatures that would even be vaguely useful on the pitch, and even that is up for debate. However, that does mean they are nearly absurdly cheap. Also, yes, they only have mutation access and don't start with dodge.

The Furies are ugly flying clawed creatures that pick off lone opponents, which is best reflected in very long legs, leap, claw, and foul appearance.

Vermonlords are powerful demon summons of Skaven, who appears as a wild creature but is actually acting upon knowledge from the future. A combinatin of Wild Animal and pro is the best way to reflect this. Looking upon them makes you regret doing so but is so hard to turn away, best represented by disturbing presence, and they stand upon tall, thin legs, so very long legs was required (although a wild animal loner leaper may not be the wisest development path, particularly since you have enough leapers as it is).

Finally, the Hellcannon. A giant demonic artillery piece that channels the literal power of hell to bring destruction to the moral plane. You can stuff an imp inside for potential OTTD, although stuffing any creature to the hole of this thing, even a demon, is a risky porposition, hence always hungry. However, the Refs are going to object too the giant flaming cannon of death on the field.
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