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I'll wait for the final product before making judgements, but another site has said that it's going to be a direct adaption of tabletop:


How much stock we can put in that remains to be seen. After all, Cyanide BB and BB2 are meant to be a faithful reproductions and they're missing bits.

Ultimately I remain hopefully optimistic Smile

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This is great! Mordheim city of the damned, is a great game.

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I've been pleasantly surprised with most of the specialist games that have come out in this recent cluster, at least the PC ones anyway. Battlefleet Gothic infact I feel blows most similar naval combat games out of the water, pun intended. It's balance isn't great but hey, neither are any of the GW tabletop games let's be real. And the second SpaceHulk one is a great xcom-alike.

That said, I will not be buying Mordehim unless they change that godawful control and view scheme. Playing a Turn based game in a character action view is abysmal. Instead of simply having a toolbar like most PC games, you ad this weird clearly designed for a console controller interface that required you to scroll through various options to get to what you wanted to do. The amount of games that were slowed down by both sides fidgiting to carve out that extra 1/10th an inch around obstacles because of the movement rings was annoying too. I really hope they go a more x-com route for the control mechanics, no reason not to have grids.

As to it being 1:1 I doubt it. The skirmish games were awkward, clumsy as all get out, could sometimes result in wildly unbalanced scenarios (especially the wounds rule, you think an AV10 Blodgestepper is unkillable, try facing a guy with max wounds), and in all honesty if it wasn't for the flavor they wouldn't be all that great. And this is coming from a guy who loved them.

They never got the continual refinement Blood Bowl did, and instead stayed in a sorta limbo of regular Warhammer rules with some weird bits stapled on. The multiple awkward phases (which make sense in the context of having to sit down and look up rules tables and stat sheets) won't translate well to a PC game, nor will the tendency for a match to get into a locked state and then quickly snowball to "everyone is dead game over lol". I'm expecting a more pragmatic conversion like they did with Mordheim.


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Interesting, I remember Necromunda being a lot of fun. I'll probably wait and see what the reviews are like though ..

"Opinions are like arseholes, everybody's got them and they all stink." - The protagonist, Fallout 2

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build ur own
u dont need a powerful PC for fumbbl tho, lol
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