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Post   Posted: Mar 22, 2017 - 07:56 Reply with quote Back to top

It would be nice to be able to follow and mark a bug report. The reporter should be set to follow his own bug report automatically.

Two buttons/switches would do it.

Mark is like "mark as unread" in emails. If someone removes the mark on a bug is like "mark as read" in emails.

Follow in this context means to auto-mark bug report if new posts has been made by others.

Rationale: A bug report might not contain enough details or resolve requires collaboration of multiple persons. Developers could follow/mark reports they are working on to get resolved. This would support the interaction of the persons involved.

At advanced level, it might have a separate category (Fixing?) for indicating a bug is being worked on.

Make the follower know about changes:

The easiest is to add these categories (Marked; Followed) to the bugs combobox.

At advanced level, "Fixing" and "Fixing by Me" (for devs) could be added as well.

The second easiest would be to add the mark indicator below the upvote/downvote counter and sort those bug reports to the top of the list.

And now the harder. Until this, one have to visit the bugs page to see the marks.

I would go for a bug icon before Messages. It may have a mark counter as the unread counter for messages.

If the icon would be permanent, that would provide a direct link to the bugs page. In this case the counter is necessary.

Otherwise it should be only appeared when there are marked bugs for the user.

Here is a 14x14 icon which may be fine:

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