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Post   Posted: May 12, 2017 - 22:04 Reply with quote Back to top

5+ minimum for primary linemen was only in my suggestion, anti did mention something about wanting to encourage use of them
Another good idea would be to limit underworld troll to stunty linemen teams
But if you can have 12+ players without using any primary linemen, then it's not much of a restriction

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Post   Posted: May 12, 2017 - 23:31 Reply with quote Back to top

Well, currently linemen are almost a requirement to get a roster in under 1000k
salary cap is 1750tv, which is the maximum tv a team can have veggie the draft, will also force linemen

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Post   Posted: May 13, 2017 - 07:33 Reply with quote Back to top

With 12 teams, I feel comfortable enough starting season 1.

Monday, the 15th I will release a finalized draft sheet. So far you've seen 40 players on it, I'm only adding 10 more.

Friday, the 19th I will post the draft order, at which point the draft has begun, and the coach with the first pick is on the clock. You have 24 hours from the time of the previous pick to make your selection (there will be a draft PM for this). If a pick is not made in that time, then I will be making your pick for you.

The draft will last for 2 rounds, with the order of picks being reversed in the 2nd. That means that the person who chose first in the 1st round picks last in the 2nd, and the last to pick in the first gets a 2nd pick in a row choosing first in the 2nd round.

I'm going to aim to start the Preseason on Friday the 26th. The preseason will be a single click through game for all teams. You'll get one MVP to pass to any rookie on your roster who was not a draft pick (which you should not have during the preseason game anyways), and some cash.

After your preseason click through, you will then purchase your draft picks prior to readying your team. This will be your only chance to purchase your draft picks, if you fail to purchase them at that time, then they have simply decided to not sign with your team, and sought a new career elsewhere.

During the season 1 Preseason, draft picks will cost 100k to purchase. After the season begins, they will have their costs adjusted to properly reflect their TV.

If everything goes well, Regular Season will begin on Monday, June 5th.

Season 1 will be run as a Triple Round Robin. Teams will be split into 2 Conferences, the North American Conference, and the Euro Conference. Round 1 of the season will be an in conference round robin. Round 2 will consist of 2 cross-conference matches, there will be no penalty for failure to play these matches due to timezone issues. Round 3 will be a second in conference round robin. That is a total of 12 games.

At the end of the regular season, the 2 teams in each conference with the best records will be entered into the playoffs. Since we're currently a small league, There will be a NA Championship, a Euro Championship, and the winner of each will play in the League Championship.

I need each coach to declare in the Eligibility message which Conference they wish to play in. If you can play in North American and Euro time zones regularly, and don't care which conference you're in (or if you're willing to bite a bullet for the sake of the league), please indicate that you can play in both. The sooner this is done, the better, but you have, according to current timetables, until the 25th to declare your conference.

Good luck everyone, let Season 1 begin

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Post   Posted: May 13, 2017 - 19:00 Reply with quote Back to top

Final Draft board with all 50 players:

Goran Plaguemist - Pestigor - MA 7, ST3, AG3, AV8, GSM (AP), Horns, Regeneration, Nurgle's Rot*, Dodge (140k)

Grimgrot Bricktooth - Troll Slayer - MA5, ST4, AG1, AV8, GS (AMP), Block, Dauntless, Frenzy, Thick Skull, Break Tackle (180k)

Boltz Blitzen - Gutter Runner - MA9, ST2, AG4, AV7, GAM (SP), Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Dauntless (110k)

Vincent Redneck - Thrall - MA6, ST4, AG3, AV8, G (SAP) Regeneration, Thick Skull, Wrestle (160k)

Foulscum The Hideous - Beast of Nurgle - MA4, ST6, AG1, AV9, Mighty Blow, Disturbing Presence, Foul Appearance, Tentacles, Loner, Nurgle's Rot*, Bonehead, Regeneration, Prehensile Tail (230k)

Booststers McFoul - Goblin - MA5, ST2, AG3, AV9, A (GPS), Dodge, Right Stuff, Stunty, Titchy, Sure Feet, Dirty Player, Sneaky Git (120k)

Bjorn Beastborn - Ulfwerenar - MA6, ST4, AG2, AV8, GS (MPA) Frenzy, Block (150k)

Khan Pendium - Flesh Golem - MA4, ST4, AG2, AV9, GSM (AP) Stand Firm, Thick Skull, Regeneration, Side Step, Block (180k)

Bouncer McLeaps - Slann Lineman - MA6, ST3, AG4, AV8, GA (SP) Leap, Very Long Legs, Pro (130k)

Otto Gexemillion - Skink Runner - MA8, ST2, AG3, AV7, GA (SMP) Dodge, Stunty, Leader (120k)

Deadrick Black - Clan Eshin Assasin - MA8, ST3, AG4, AV7, GA (SMP) Shadowing, Stab, Secret Weapon (10+), Pass Block, Diving Catch (130K)

"Fall Apart" Freddy Bloatford - Zombie - MA4, ST3, AG2, AV8, GM (SAP) Regeneration, Thrall, Foul Appearance (110k)

Gluttony - Giant Squig - MA4, ST5, AG1, AV9, S (AGP) Loner, Claw, Really Stupid, No Hands, Thick Skull, Jump Up (150K)

Hops O'Roo - Kangor - MA6, ST3, AG3, AV8, GS (AMP) Leap, Very Long Legs, Prehesile Tail, Sprint (110K)

Elvira Whisperwillow - Witch Elf - MA7, ST3, AG4, AV7, GA (PS) Dodge, Frenzy, Jump Up, Juggernaut (140K)

Hypolita Tartarus - Amazon Blitzer - MA6, ST3, AG3, AV7, GS (PA) Block, Dodge, Side Step (120K)

Viktor Ironsnoot - Chaos Dwarf Blocker - MA4, ST3, AG2, AV9, GS (MPA) Block, Tackle, Thick Skull, Wrestle (90k)

Zaknaria Bloodblade - Dark Elf Lineman - MA6, ST3, AG4, AV8, GA (SP) Stab, Stakes (100k)

Aranel Oakeneye - Wood Elf Lineman - MA7, ST3, AG4, AV7, GA (SP) No Hands, Hypnotic Gaze, Fend (100k)

Wolfrick Howler - Werewolf - MA8, ST3, AG4, AV8, GA (SP) Frenzy, Claw, Regeneration, Shadowing (140K)

Pennywise Jambelly - Halfling - MA5, ST4, AG3, AV7, A (GSP) Dodge, Stunty, Right Suff, Block, Stand Firm (170K)

Pillar of Strength - Tomb Guardian - MA4, ST6, AG1, AV9, S (MAGP) Ball & Chain, Regeneration, Block, Dodge (240K)

Spinal Tapper - Skeleton Lineman - MA5, ST3, AG2, AV8, GA (SP) Thick Skull, Regeneration, Dirty Player (90K)

Sssean Hissstul - Saurus - MA6, ST5, AG1, AV9, GS (AP) Extra Arms (160K)

Dontario Blackwell - Human Renegade - MA6, ST3, AG3, AV8, GSMP (A) Thrall, Loner, Thick Skull, Pro (90K)

Pensylvester Shrapenel - Dark Elf Renegade - MA6, ST3, AG4, AV8 GAMP (S) Animosity, Dump-Off, Big Hand, Strip Ball (130K)

Baron Reginald Fangrick - Vampire - MA6, ST4, AG4, AV8, GSA (P) Hypnotic Gaze, Regeneration, Foul Appearence (180K)

Grimwat Anklenibbler - Chaos Halfling Carver - MA5, ST2, AG3, AV7, AM (GSA) Chainsaw, Dodge, Right Stuff, Secret Weapon (7+), Weeping Dagger (130K)

Rorik Svengard - Norse Runner - MA7, ST3, AG3, AV7, GAS (MP) Block, Dauntless, Thrall (100K)

Fezrick Zitrot - Nurgle's Rotter - MA5, ST3, AG3, AV8, GM (SAP) Decay, Nurgle's Rot*, Strong Arm, Accurate, Bombardier, Secret Weapon, No Hands (90K)

Finton Treeleaf - Wood Elf Catcher - MA8, ST2, AG4, AV7, GA (SP) Catch, Dodge, Sprint, Guard (120K)

Ratticus Flynch - Storm Vermin - MA7, ST3, AG3, AV8, GS (MAP) Block, Claw (120K)

Smitty O'Mercurial - Dwarf Runner - MA6, ST3, AG4, AV8, GPS (A) Sure Hands, Thick Skull, Diving Tackle (150K)

Nameless Slave - Hobgoblin - MA7, ST4, AG4, AV7, G (SAP) Wrestle (180K)

Twilyn Saroot - High Elf Lineman - MA6, ST3, AG4, AV8, GA (SMP) Dodge (100K)

Bro'mok Oru Brack - Black Orc Blocker - MA5, ST4, AG1, AV10, GS (SP) (130K)

Garish Grimgiggler - Ghoul - MA7, ST3, AG3, AV7, GA (SMP) Dodge, Leap (100k)

Skullar the Unliving - Wight - MA6, ST4, AG3, AV7, GS (AP) Block, Regeneration, Mighty Blow, Grab, Frenzy (180K)

Gordon Ungor - Beatman - MA6, ST3, AG3, AV8, GSM (AP) Horns, Thrall, Nerves of Steel (90K)

Lilgrin Goldtooth - Underworld Goblin - MA6, ST2, AG3, AV7, GAM (SP) Dodge, Right Stuff, Stunty, Regeneration, Guard, Leader, Thick Skull (110K)

Nostilo Odorfus - Snotlng - MA5, ST2, AG3, AV6, A (GMPS) Fan Favorite, Dodge, Stunty, Side Step, Right Stuff, Titchy, Fend (110k)

Inoriu D'Trevelyan - High Elf Catcher - MA9, ST3, AG5, AV7, GA (SP) Catch, Stand Firm (190k)

Grouper E. Horns - Chaos Renegade Minotaur - MA5, ST5, AG4, AV8, S (GMAP) Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Horns, Loner, Wild Animal, Leap (230k)

Gorthak Cracktusk - Orc Blitzer - MA6, ST3, AG4, AV9, GS (AP) Block, Dodge, Diving Tackle (180k)

"Dirty" Donny Djokavich - Norse Lineman - MA6, ST3, AG3, AV7, G (SAP) Block, Dirty Player, Fend (90k)

Roderick The Stampede - Bull Centaur - MA6, ST5, AG2, AV9, GS (AMP) Sprint, Sure Feet, Thick Skull, Dodge (220K)

Aliel Blackwind - Dark Elf Runner - MA7, ST3, AG6, AV7, GAP (S) Dump-off (160k)

Batholomew "The Bloody Baron" Black - Vampire - MA6, ST4, AG4, AV8, GSA (P) Blood Lust, Hypnotic Gaze, Regeneration, Claw (140k)

Tiny Tim - Ogre - MA5, ST4, AG2, AV9, S (GAP) Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Throw Teammate, Thrall, Block (150k)

Frogfucious Croaker - Slann Blitzer - MA7, ST3, AG4, AV8, GAS (P) Diving Tackle, Jump Up, Very Long Legs, Leap, Block (170k)

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Post   Posted: May 14, 2017 - 20:51 Reply with quote Back to top

The Simon and Marcy Talk Show! Featuring the inaugural Draft for the aptly named Draft CRP League!

Simon: Good morning Marcy! Got any lovely draftees for us to check out today?

Marcy: Eww, Simon. We do, but none of them for that reason. You get up to some really weird talk, even for a Wizard.

First off, we're doing this show in four categories! Top three draft players for the "overall" category, rated for their ability to fit into any lineup and plug any gap. Following that, we're looking at the top three players to fit into an agility role, a bash role, and a control role! Players will only feature in a single category, of course.

Simon: Heheheheh. Sounds good Marcy! Who're we oogling first?

Marcy: *audible sigh* First up, for best overall player, we have... Baron Reginald Fangrick! This vampire conquered his Bloodlust by literally tearing off his own face, leaving him horribly disfigured. During training, opposing players were sometimes left literally too terrified to even try to hit him!

Simon: Sounds cute to me! Say, what's say we match you up with the nice Baron, hmmm? Next we have... "Nameless Slave"?

Marcy: Ignoring that, but that's right! Nameless Slave, as he's named (let's just bypass the idiosyncrasies of that sentence), is both abnormally fast and strong for a Hobgoblin. We were told he's basically a vampire. Guess all that mining paid off!

Finally, we have the monstrously strong Halfling, Pennywise Jambelly!

Simon: Ooooh. He sounds nasty. Delicious, too! I heard he's got an awfully heavy belly that keeps him in place, and he really leans into those punches for extra strength!

Marcy: Exactly, Simon! Glad you're keeping up for once. Next up, the Agility players. First off, we have High Elf Catcher Inoriu D'Trevelyan. His name is rather off-putting, but his speed is top notch. Some say he's outrun even Gutter Runners during training, and slipped through opponents like butter!

Simon: I see. What about Aliel Blackwind? I was told he's like water, you just can't catch him. Well, if he's like water, I'll just freeze him!

Marcy: ... Right. He's slippery, but not quite the fastest. Still, he's a great catch for any player looking to fill in for an Agility player. Finally, we have Wolfrick Howler! This Werewolf is quick on his feet and excellent at keeping pace with his opponents. Trainers described him as basically being another shadow!

Simon: That's amazing! Ehehehehe. Oh! It's time for a commercial. We'll see you all soon! Hey Gunther, bring me some coffee!

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Post   Posted: May 15, 2017 - 03:30 Reply with quote Back to top

The Simon and Marcy Talk Show! Featuring the inaugural Draft for the aptly named Draft CRP League! (Part 2)

Marcy: ...that's why red is the most delicious colour! Back to the show. Our next category is the well loved Bash category, for players that do their best to get other players off the pitch.

Simon: I like these ones! Let's see now... Pillar of Strength comes up first! He's a Tomb Guardian, but rather fresh. No stinky Decay for this fellow! He's also gotten rather attached to... A pillar on a chain. Seems to like doing that whole Goblin Fanatic thing. Also almost impossible to knock down, it says.

Marcy: He's a tough one, alright. We've also got the amazing Roderick The Stampede. While not quite as fast as him name would suggest, he'll easily trample any player with his sheer muscle.

Simon: I've got more muscle than him. I've been working on my pecs. Anyway, who's last?

Marcy: Sssean Hissstul. He's a Saurus who was born with Extra Arms. He's apparently well known for using them to add strength to his pushes. Four arms hits harder than two, it seems! Finally, let's have a look at the Control players. Less famous than the other two, this group contains players that offer control of the pitch, either by tying down opponents, shattering cages, or keeping them off the sidelines.

Simon: They're boring. All they ever do is sit around hugging people. Like this first guy, Foulscum the Hideous. A hugger. Smart, for a Beast of Nurgle... Sorry, are we calling them Rotspawn now, after the Nurgle vs Phoenix King case? Whatever. Lots of strength, waaaaay smart, and what does he do with it? He hugs people. All day.

Marcy: Nothing wrong with a little love, Simon. Frogfucious Croaker's one of these players. While not a particular standout in an otherwise amazing draft, he's been noted as particularly agile, especially at cutting through cages.

Simon: Right, right. Who's last? Ooh, Skullar the Unliving. I remember when he was Headar the Living Terror. How times change. He was great at moving people around, rather strong too.

Marcy: After having half his head broken off, it seems Skullar became really angry, like those Ulfwernar types. Frenzied with rage, even, but it seems like he's one of the more brilliant ones. A rare sort that can still put people where the team needs them to go, even when half blind with fury.

Simon: Normally, that would be all, but we have a special mentions section!

Marcy: Right, here's a few amazing players that would normally be the stars of their team. Grouper E. Horns, one of the most amazing Minotaurs ever. He apparently does backflips, front flips, and handles the ball like an elf.

Simon: I heard he's something of a renegade, though. We also have Khan Pendium. This Book Golem was created with books made of flesh. Not sure how that works, but the Referees' Guild people say he qualifies as a Flesh Golem. Anyhoo, we're told his body's very malleable. He had horns and claws for a bit, but they were put back after he accidentally put someone in the hospital. I'm sure a good coach can coax him into growing them back though!

Marcy: Nostilo Odorfus is next. A clear Fan Favorite, this Snotling is bound to be loved by friends and foes alike, though I wouldn't rate his chances of survival highly. We also have the notoriously heavily armoured Booststers McFoul, the tiny, foul Goblin who enters the pitch looking more like a pile of armour than a Goblin. All that gear comes at a cost, though: He's slow, even for a Goblin!

Simon: That's our show, then! We'll see you guys next week for a special exposé on cursed artifacts, and why you should never wear one that hasn't been properly examined!

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Post   Posted: May 15, 2017 - 22:58 Reply with quote Back to top

The Draft CRP Season 1 Draft has officially begun
Draft order is as follows:

Round 1

Round 2

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Post   Posted: May 18, 2017 - 15:25 Reply with quote Back to top

Leaked notes from the planning session of the Lazy Lustrians

DCNA Conference - Six teams
Us, Motley Marauders, Mojave Raiders, Night of the Livid Dead, Murderheim Mayhem, and Barak Varr Sealords

Team Analysis
Motley Marauders - Goblins, Orcs Blitzers, Ogres, Chaos Dwarves, Gutter Runners, and a Looney.

Drafted Ratticus Flynch (Storm Vermin with Claws) and Khan Pendium (Pitch control Flesh/Book Golem).

Current lineup - Two Ogres, four Orc Blitzers, three Goblins, one Looney and one Gutter Runner. Ratticus Flynch and Khan Pendium still transferring in.

Analysis: Remove the Looney, tie down the Goblins and Gutter Runner. Zone Blitzers (including the rat), Khan Pendium, and Ogres.

Mojave Raiders - Marauders, Gutter Runners, Underworld Skaven Blitzers, Underworld Goblins, Warpstone Troll, Chaos Warriors.

Drafted Roderick the Stampede (Strong Bull Centaur) and Grimgrot Bricktooth (Strong Troll Slayer).

Current lineup: Five Marauders, one Gutter Runner, three Chaos Warriors, a Warpstone Troll, and an Underworld Goblin.

Draftees still transferring in, will be there before our match.

Analysis: Control the Gutter Runner and Goblin. Remove Troll Slayer, force reliance on the Bull Centaur.

The rest of the notes are shredded and torn. It almost seems as though the person who leaked it to the press fought the note taker for it.

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Post   Posted: Jun 13, 2017 - 12:36 Reply with quote Back to top

Last Picked, Second Off

At a press conference today, Experiments of Zharr-Naggr Management confiirmed Drafted player Gluttony would not be joining the team for the transatlantic round, or for anything else in this season.

This comes after numerous reports of a rift between the player and managemnet, with head Coach Espionage going on record as saying "He's not terrible, he's just overpaid, and way better on paper than on the pitch".

In 4 appearances Gluttony had thrown 4 blocks, causing 1 Casualty, and spent 36 turns (out of 64) on the pitch, causing fans and plaudits alike to comment he was not deserving of his star player billing or salary.

Following the death of Boltz Blitzen from Bitter Sweet Symphony, Gluttony is only the second Drafted Star toy leave the league, with round one nearing completion

At this stage there has been no word from Gluttony as to whether he would remain in the sport either with another team or as a short contract player, or pursue a career in another field.

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Post   Posted: Jun 24, 2017 - 21:03 Reply with quote Back to top

Commissioner Power Rankings

With Part 1 of the season nearly in the books, the front office has released it's current power ranking. Please note, these rankings do not reflect the standings, but rather the team's current potential to finish the season on top. The list will be from the weakest to the strongest.

Without further ado, here we go.

12: Bitter Sweet Symphony - Having the dubious honor of being the first franchise to see one of it's draftees killed, the team has underperformed in every aspect of the game in the first season. In fact, the team has more or less vanished since the loss of their draftee, having forfeited in week 4, and appearing to still be a no show in week 5.

11: Tower Blasters - A team that opted for cheap, easily replaceable players, the team has performed poorly in the first portion of the season. Their long term prospects look good, but this season seems to be a wash.

10: Night of the Livid Dead - This is a team that once showed a great deal of promise, but has found itself hamstrung by the needs of it's vampires. being forced to field thralls, or be unable to sustain it's vampire threat, this team was offered a minor restructuring deal for the remainder of the season. They still have time to turn this season around, but it seems more likely they plan to rebuild for next season

9: Mojave Raiders - Now this is a team with some scary potential. They possess freakish strength, and a good mix of speed. That has yet to translate into sustained success. With time, this could be the team to beat, but this just isn't their season.

8: Goblin Slave Runner - This is an interesting team. While they currently stand at 4th in the European Conference, they have been the 3rd(tied) deadliest team this season, with 10 casualties. They lack some of the strength of other rosters, fielding more goblins than any other team, but they more than make up for it with the 1-2 punch of a hard hitting Wardancer, and a surfing threat in the form of a drafted Witch Elf and an Ulfwerener who's developed a taste for Warpstone.

7: Barak Varr Sealords - Now this is the first truly nasty team on the list, wielding 2 chainsaws, and a vampire who has overcome his greatest weakness. This team can do everything. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean they do everything well, but with so many options available, you can never count them out.

6: Motley Marauders - Another heavily Goblin influenced team, this one is a bit of a statistical anomaly. They've suffered the second worst casualty difference, and yet still managed to tie with two other teams for most TDs scored in the first part of the season.

5: Experiments of Zharr-Naggr - Far and away the roster with the most ST in the league. They picked first in the Draft, and they picked last, and with both picks managed to take a player with ST5 or better. One draft pick has gone on to be a nightmare for opposing teams to deal with, while the other has spent the majority of the season in the hospital. Rumors abound that the final pick of the draft may soon be out of work.

4: Lazy Lustrians - This team is anchored heavily by a pair of Beasts of Nurgle, and a Halfling. Yes, you heard right, a Halfling. Few teams can go toe to toe with the Lustrians. Despite a porous defense that has given up the 3rd most TDs in the North American Conference, no one doubts that this team will be a force come playoff time.

3: Murderheim Mayhem - And now we get to the top team in the North American Conference. Leading the conference in casualties, TDs, TD differential, and coming in 2nd in casualty differential, they are hands down the front runner to represent the NADC come time for the Championship. One of, if not the fastest, team in the league, they are just as capable of bashing as they are of finesse. This team suffered the league's first death, in a Gutter Runner that has yet to be replaced, and after sputtering through their first two matches, has found a rhythm that seems nearly unstoppable.

2: Eureka Blitz - The success of this team is boggling. They are a team with more potential than most, but somehow they've made that potential shine through in a younger and undeveloped roster. The majority of the roster began their career with no skills, and yet they have played as if they had several seasons of experience. Few had them as a favorite to make the playoffs before the season, but now we may begin talking about Championship gold.

1: Dark Horse Chargers - Another team that could legitimately claim at being the fastest roster in the league. This team boasts 7 players with MA8 or greater. This has led them to be the highest scoring team in the league. With Legendary head coach Bill Brasky at the helm, this team is in Championship or Bust mode right now, and sits solidly atop the EUDC.

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Coach Outraged, Vows to appeal

At a press conference today, a fired up Coach Espionage vowed to do everything in his power to block the referee's association's move to restrict star players Pillar of Strength's on field actions.

The issue arose after several coaches called into question the legality of his blocking methods, and the RA held an inquiry. In a report released earlier today, the referee's found that in about half of all drives Pillar was using techniques that should result in a sending of, and promised to more strictly enforce the rules next season.

Coach Espionage pointed out that in an earlier inquiry, they had found that while his methods were on the line they were not illegal, and claimed that the only reason it had come up again was due to effective training methods, and the young players discipline in applying them. "He went through the first half of the season averaging a casualty every second game, we get him in the gym, we bulk him up, we teach him how to hit harder, and now they say he's too strong" "There were no issues redraft, he was the number one pick, all of a sudden we get him to his potential, and now the issues arise". "Is the league going to place restrictions every player who gets "too good"?".

When asked what he thought about the reports claims that he was too hard to counter, Espionage replied "So now we have to train our player to play in ways that are easy to counter? We are not winning every game, so if he's too good, what about all the teams beating him?"

"We make draft decisions based on the Commissions redraft reports, which the Referee's Association contribute too. We negotiate contracts based on the rules of the game as they are when negotiating them, had we know this new interpretation of the rules we might not of drafted him, and we certainly would not have assigned 20% of our salary cap to a player who's only allowed to play his natural game half the time"

Espionage finished of by saying that if the commission chose to implement the recommendation in the report, he would appeal "at every level possible"

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With Season 1 in it's final week, and the playoffs coming, it's once again time to recruit for Draft CRP.

Season 1 had 12 coaches, and I believe only 2 are not returning, that said, I believe 3 others have made their intentions to join for season 2, and submitted rosters, bringing the current total up to 13 teams.

So, we are currently looking for more coaches, and have slots available in both the North American Conference, and the European Conference.

Join us on Discord or send myself and/or jordinoboy a PM if you're interested in joining the league.
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