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Post   Posted: Jun 23, 2017 - 19:44 Reply with quote Back to top

So I made it to the playoffs, top 4, this season and wondering thoughts on which inducements to get.

I played this guy 2 games back and was able to kill 2 of his better players and won 3-2. But a lot of it was some really good luck.

The inducements I took last time was Kreek Rustgouger, Skitter stab-stab, bribe, and the new mage.

Even with the bribe Kreek only stayed on the board 4 turns, failed the bribe roll...But he did serious damage while on the pitch. First 2 turns he killed 1 player and caused 2 other casualties. I feel like he was a strong reason for my win gaining player advantage. Skitter did a really good job against him as well since I was able to run in stab ball carries who had blodge and run off, he caused 2 casualties himself as well. He did happen to kill off my rat ogre though, so I have no str advantage whatsoever.

His last game was super rough and I feel like I have chance to beat him and hopefully win the whole thing.

My team - http://thenaf.obblm.com/index.php?section=objhandler&type=1&obj=2&obj_id=1622

His team- http://thenaf.obblm.com/index.php?section=objhandler&type=1&obj=2&obj_id=1676

He is down to 10 players so he will have to take a loner.

My TV - 1300
His TV- 1690 after taking the loner

Inducements - 390 + 150 petty cash

He also has 150 in petty cash as well if he wants to spend it. Unsure what he will be taking or if he will be using it at all. Even though I have 150k I think I should save a good chunk of it for the finals, if I happen to get there.

I think taking players off the pitch is the key to winning this game again.

So just looking to hear peoples thoughts on which inducements to use.

Also no wizards or cards.
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