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JIM: Welcome everyone to the DLA on CBS Premier! This inaugural episode of the DLA no CBS will be all about the DLA Draft. We will be reviewing and grading all 16 DLA teams on the job they did bringing in new talent to their organizations. I am Jim Greene and as always I am joined by my friend and Orcland Raiders legend Owie Long

OWIE: Thanks Jim. I didn’t know that we were friends.

JIM: Sure we are Owie although I doubt we will have many in the DLA after this broadcast. Well let me tell you how we are going to break this down before we get started. We will be going team by team in order of their first round pods and grading them on what they picked up against what their perceived needs were. With all that said this will be a long broadcast so let's get right to it Owie tell us first about Coach AutoAxpert and the Brescia Lionesses.

OWIE: Sure Jim, well with the first pod in the draft it is no surprise that the Lionesses definitely need to improve from a winless season last year and that means getting some good talent in the draft. Coach AutoAxpert had an extra 4th round pick this draft traded to them by coach bghandras which he then traded away along with his own fourth round pick to move up in the 4th round and acquire an extra 4th rounder next draft. The move got him to a wrestle/jump up lineman that arguably could have still been around a few picks later in his own slot. However, he did pick up Arnold Myiers Blitzer with +ST/+AG/Juggernaut/Frenzy/Standfirm with his first pick which was most certainly the most sought after player at his position. The lionesses only picked up one guard player this draft for a team devoid of the skill altogether. I would like to have seen them go after more guard with their great position in the draft so i am giving the Lionesses a C for the 3rd draft of the DLA

JIM: I think he did better than average, both the ag/b/d/sh lino and the guard lino were drafted with patience and pretty late-ish compared to the value. Well the second Pod belonged to Coach Wearsquid and the East Valley Mountain Men. What do you think fo their offseason pickups?

OWIE: Coach wearsquid renamed the former east coast miners. This team will no doubt be anchored on their first pick in the draft Tony Mumbay Oger with Block/Dodge/Guard. This was a great pickup for the Mountain men as he will be one of the more dominant players at the position for years to come. The rest of his draft didn’t disappoint either as he picked up more much needed guard at the blitzer position as well as a wrackle lineman. Grade B+

JIM: I think the whole draft was solid, but not spectacular. I would say pretty average. Maybe even below average.

Coach Thoriin and the Ouakam Labu Fisherknights had the third pod and had a lot of holes coming into the draft being one of the lower tv teams in the league. They have been beaten up pretty badly in the past and have a ton of rookie players and perms on their team that they were looking to replace with fresh talent and are obviously in a rebuilding year. They got an amazing value at pick 3 with Todd Nathinson Lineman +ST/+AG/Guard/Dodge who probably should have been the first player gone in this draft. He picked up another quality guard lineman and a +STR/+MV catcher and essentially traded away his last pick for a 1 year blitzer. Other than trading away his final pick which i feel he needed to build for next year he had a good draft. This team is pretty beat up and going to need to play really well to hope for a championship this year. He really needed players to replace those banged up. Grade B

JIM: ok.

OWIE: The fourth pod belonged to everyone's favorite Hablador de espanol y primo de coach Waaghaflaga GortekSlayer and Kukulkan’s Dragons. The real story of the draft in my opinion is that coach was able to pick up Barrett Jones Ogre +STR with his second pick of the draft at number 20 overall. This guy is going to be an immovable object later on with plenty of room to develop with some luck. With his first round pick this team is now stacked with +STR and should be able to push around most other teams in the league. He traded away his final pick for a future 4th giving him some leverage next year too. Grad B+

JIM: I think the Jones pick was pretty bad value. a no block ogre in the 2nd round is a huge gamble. he needs 2 quick mvp and a double roll to justify the investment. anything else is just loss of value. I think this is a candidate for the worst draft in the league this season

OWIE: Pod 5 went to a new coach Supercowboy12 of the Lancashire Wolverines BBC no doubt again picked for their position in the draft. He picked up one of the top three throwers in the draft with his 1st pick which would be great if not for the fact that he already had 2 mid tier throwers with plenty of years left on them already. What is more inexplicable is that he failed to get any value for either of his older throwers upon acquiring the third. Perhaps he intends on dealing one of these players before the season starts. His biggest need was at lineman and he was in great position to get a good one but just didn’t. Grade C-

JIM:agree this was below average draft. You are spot on, plus you could knock on other picks as well. All 4 picks leave something to be desired. No blunder, but 4 times marginal value loss means significant value loss. (as if 3rd rounder died immediately.)

OWIE: Pod 6 Nextflux and the Trondhiem Trolls despite their ferocious name focus instead on a roster which resembles an elf team with all the +AG and +MV that they are built around. Despite that their first pick was Sharrif Floyed Lineman +ST/Break Tackle/Side Step which was a really nice acquisition as it both fits their scheme while adding some punch to their lineup. Factor in the late draft ogre with Dodge and Side Step and the Value AG/Dodge blitzer they acquired and this team really stuck to their playstyle and picked up some great players in a niche that other teams are not employing. Grade B+

JIM:agreed, solid draft. Not 'A' type good, but well above average.

OWIE: Pod 7 Lasgalen and the Rome Blue Eagles needed a little bit of everything this draft having players retire across almost all positions. That is exactly what they did picking up two blitzers two lineman and a great defensive catcher in Xavier Rhodes with their second pick with +STR/Block/Shadowing/Stand Firm. this was a good draft for coach Lasgalen getting some necessary guard onto his team but he didn't exactly acquire any really amazing players at a great value. C

JIM: Agreed. The best pick was the catcher, the blitzer was right on money, the rest was underwhelming. I think such draft is supposed to be called AVERAGE. This feels like the median draft in this excercise.

OWIE: Pod 8 was Coach Waaghaflaga and his Carolina White Squirrels. Another new coach who must have just lost focus picking two throwers with his first two picks in the draft. I think he must have just gotten the +STR Lust picking up the Strong Arm/+STR thrower first before getting the running blodge/standfirm/+MA thrower 2nd forgoing a key guard player that he could have gotten in place of a guard player. If he had to do it over again I bet this coach would have gone after a guard lineman or blitzer first knowing that he could have held off and gotten a great thrower even with his second pick. My guess is this coach would be willing to deal one of these QBs out for a guard player with some life left on them. Grade C-

JIM: I thought the 2nd round thrower pick was very good, and actually a steal. The other picks were okay. I think this is minimum average draft, not below average, unless you want to knock hard on the 1st rounder. I have only problem with the 4th rounder, but that is of least importance.

OWIE: Pod 9 was Supa coach of the Savoland Scoundrels. This Coach is a veteran of Draft leagues and that shows in his choices from the draft board. Going for players with one or two skill increases and focusing on stat ups. This savvy vet plans to make use of the talent he already has while developing his newer players to be what he wants them to be rather than just taking whatever is around to be had at his higher draft pod. Grade B+

JIM: I think the 1st rounder was a huge blunder. Could have got a +AG catcher later. Also could have drafted a blitzer later. With that said the latter did not cost him, as he got a fantastic 4th rounder. I think fail and perfection has only a thin line. As if he traded down from 1st round, take a +AG catcher, and another draft pick, then this could have been an 'A' type draft. How you grade this is up to you...

OWIE: Pod 10 was misterloanstar of the Austin All Blacks employing a similar strategy as our coach Supa, The All Blacks. Needing fewer positionals the All Blacks filled up some of their lineman slots as well as a pair of two skill blitzers one with guard/tackle the other with +STR/Sure Hands no doubt to develop later into a more useful players. Grade B-

JIM: I think the 1st round pick was great, but I am not happy about the later picks. Hard to rate. He made the most important decision right, but erred on the others.

OWIE: Pod 11 was Rafe a new coach trying to fill huge shoes by taking over the former Houston Aeros previously owned by Bazakastine re naming them Leeds Lionhearts. For his first pick took a leaping ball sacking Blitzer as well as another defensive blitzer defensive lineman and a great value in a Block/Leader Thrower late in the 4th round. Rafe also delt his one year blitzer to fill to fill up two roster spots in a two for one deal with Thoriin. Grade B

JIM: I am inclined to rate this draft as 'A'. I could nitpick the last pick, but even that makes sense, and could be a decent player with block or wrestle. So i think this is as perfect as it gets.

OWIE: Pod 12 was JackH and his West Coast Schemers. JackH is another long time draft league coach and again this shows in his draft choices. While he did pick up a great value in Jed Tomkin Blitzer MightyBlow/Dodge/Guard/Tackle in the 12 spot he focused more on players with stat ups and filling his lineman slots. Grade B+

JIM: Agreed

OWIE: Pod 13 The_Demon and the Liverpool WarBirds as with many of the Higher pods this is not this coaches first rodeo, or rather draft. This go around he grabbed Johnathan Hankens Block/BreakTackle/Tackle Ogre, a one turn scoring catcher as well as a three skill blitzer and 2 skill catcher who no doubt will ride the bench and develop over the season. This team is fast and has gotten faster in the draft it is hard to argue against a winning coach with so much experience. Grade B+

JIM: Agreed. This was above average draft. the ogre is sort of a reach, but he did not start the rush, only adapted to it. the blitzer was great value pick at that spot.

OWIE: Pod 14 Badpublicity and the Elsenore Elites Travis Frederick linman +AV/Block/Guard was his first pick great value at his slot getting some much needed guard along with the AV and block to keep him on his feet and alive, he also jot a blitzer with +MA and lineman with Jump up to ad some speed to his team. But lets be honest if you can get to legend with goblins does it really matter at that point who you end up with in the draft? This coach is going to win some games this season. B+

JIM: This is a great draft by badp. Borderline 'A' grade level. All 3 picks so far are stellar.

OWIE: Pod 15 Coach Stowley and the Brighton Seagulls have taken over for the runner up Paris Texas Chainsaws. Terron Armstead lineman Block/Guard/Tackle brought some valuable guard to his team with his first pick which I really like but then he takes the imperfect thrower he really didn't need with his second pick. There were some more valuable players on the board at that point in the draft and i wonder if he wasn't blinded by the number of skills rather than quality of them like other, *Coff Squirrels Coff* coaches. Grade B-

JIM: Agreed. I think this was a below average draft, or at best case average.
OWIE: Pod 16 bghandras the winner of last seasons playoffs league champions. The league administrator has done a lot of trading and shuffling this offseason to gain himself a bunch of picks in this seasons draft. The Archers are a team that favors skills that keep their players on the field like thick skull and +AV. His first couple of picks he picked up a couple of blitzers to start right away and then went after players that he will hope to develop as he likes for future seasons. Again it is hard to criticize a coach who has played in so many draft leagues. Grade B+

JIM: Agreed. It was not perfect. Some trade worked, others did not. last one worked, but was a loss of value. the 1st rounder blitzer was a reach. the other draft picks are good money for profit.

Joined: Apr 13, 2019

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Well that is almost all we have for you today folks if you have stuck around this long then I salute you for you determination. Also as always DLA is Currently recruiting! They have a Coach ready to leave that just needs YOU to take over his team. Not only that but it its one that arguably had the best draft in BadPuclicity and the Elites! The wait list is empty and we would especially love to have some of you North American coaches to help fill that division. It is like real life fantasy football mixed with table top gaming! Click the link below or contact bghandras for inquiries into openings in the league.


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Great read!

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Good Read!
The Trolls had targeted Sharrif Floyd before the draft started, we also got +AG/Dodge Blitzer, a player we were eager to sign, despite that, we didnt forsee that Ogres were drafted that early this season, compared to last season were the Ogres went much later. We blame coach Weresquid for this! IF you'all did as I did, you could all have Ogres for later picks, which I thought actually weakened your other picks, nevertheless we ended up with the worst Ogre (dodge/sidestep), in retrospect, if we wanted one of the other Ogres we must have picked one with our 1st pick, which was out of the question.

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Post   Posted: Jul 14, 2019 - 16:55 Reply with quote Back to top

It is really hard to rate someone else's draft. I know from my own point of view that i did not do everything right, but i am generally happy about the overall result. I did switch horse at the very end on the verge of 4th round, making a trade that was a loss of value, but netted a player i really wanted.
On the other hand i am least happy with my 1st round pick, but only in retrospect. I was happy to pick him then, but now i think as blitzers slid, that i have possibly overdrafted, and could have done better. Tough one.

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