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Joined: Apr 13, 2019

Post   Posted: Dec 13, 2019 - 14:12 Reply with quote Back to top

TREE: Hello everyone! I am Tree Longgrow, and with me for this very special Extra Sensory Perception Network event is former College great, Loony for the Florida Haters, Slim Beboew.

SLIM: An honor to be here with someone as old as you Tree.

TREE:Well there are a ton of bowl games many of which don't matter so I think we start with the least important games first! what better way to start than with the battles of the losers. The McNurgle Bowl!

SLIM: this "exciting" game pits the winless Braziermakers against the Warpstone Falcons.

TREE: you would think a military team would know better than to show up to the games drunk. but regardless this is Airforce's second trip to the McNurgle in as many season! an accomplishment of it's own! really I'm less interested in who wins this game and more interested in whether the falcons can 3pete! regardless we really should pick a "winner" to this game and I am picking the Braizermakers. It may not be a popular decision but it is an unimportant one.

SLIM: Next we have the WaffleHouse Bowl of Salty Tears. There we have the Bro-Hio State Buckeyes coached by OTS, whom by the way I rarely see score any one turners despite his Coach name, and the Navy Midskeletalmen. Everyone was really excited about coach Aenir's return to the NCBB, Not as excited as for the return of Garcangle, but still excited. Too bad he let them all down with this terrible record which wasn't even bad enough to make McNurgle. Still OTS may be even MORE Disappointing as they went from making the respectableish Killer light bowl last season to whatever this is this season. Still generally speaking Wood Elves are better than tomb Kings and I am picking Bro-Hio for this game.

TREE: Next we have the Famous Irrena Potato Bowl featuring the Deff Bulls and the Illinois valley CC ranchers.

SLIM; I once asked Coach Surgtacos "how do you pronounce Gallaudet?" he response was "how the hell would I know? I am deff!" you know What he dose know" how to coach a Chorf team. Coach Amon is no slouch himself but when these two teams lock horns, see i made a pun i know how you all love puns both teams have a cow mascot thingy and i said lock horns, I think that the Bulls Bullcentaurs will be the difference maker, it was a good strategy to skill them up first.

TREE: That was almost a love fest. you are losing your edge Slim! Next we have the Planeters Goober Bowl featuring the Party Minors V. the Crimson Birds. I like the Nurgle to win this game. Humans are just not a very good race for bloodbowl and those stinky bastards are. I look to see a end of season mid game transfer student as the disturbing presence makes ball handling impossible for the clumsy humans and they literally drop the ball in this game against the nurgle.

SLIM: another pun? go easy this is going to be a long wall of text. er' i mean show. The WonderBra Wonder Bowl features Karak V. the Warfrogs. if you want to all about overcoming adversity look no further than coach Rodney and his war frogs, broken and built back in one season they had a 5 win finish and made this bowl. they will get to play an "fun" game against dwarfs which I'm sure everyone will want to see because dwarfs are so much fun to spectate. Gimmie the frogs in this one.

Well.. were are suddenly out of time for the day as a crack in the warp just opened and we have to fight off some blue horrors! Tune in later today for the exciting conclusion

Joined: Sep 16, 2012

Post   Posted: Dec 13, 2019 - 16:13 Reply with quote Back to top

It's the WaffleHouse Salty Bowl of Tears.

Per the Lord of Waffles, this is your final warning.

2016 Chaos Cup Stunty Champion

Joined: Oct 12, 2018

Post   Posted: Dec 13, 2019 - 17:58 Reply with quote Back to top

I would argue that showing up drunk is a time honored military tradition stretching back centuries.


Joined: Apr 13, 2019

Post   Posted: Dec 13, 2019 - 20:45 Reply with quote Back to top

SLIM: and then I said horror? I hardly knew her!?

TREE: And were back with FUMBBL's greatest hot mess of spelling errors pot holes, bad puns and abrupt reward less endings.

SLIM: Next i suppose we ought to talk about The Killer Light Bowl... This is going to be a great game between two popular coaches. you dont make a bowl like this with how these two played all season without a little help from the coaches poll. Still deserved or not these two are going to play an exciting game. the Hawks have a pair of +ST lineman while the Devils have a pair of +AG skinks. This should be one for the ages. Dont for get to ping @JIIIIMMM what are you doing!?! every time you think Jim makes an unwise move. I will take Miami to win this game because Kzarik was mean to me.

TREE: The Tossitos Fiesta Bowl pits the Howelson tigers against the Golden Go For Its. soon to be known as the SECOND best human team in the NCBB the Go for its have had an impressive season. 3 catchers and 2 +MA blitzers make the go for its one fastest teams in the league. and they will need that speed to stay away from the Tigers Mummies er I mean 2 COUNTE 2! +ST golums. I Like the Tigers in this game.

SLIM: Next the Dead Ex orange Bowl featuring the BeeBees Vs. the Krytens. this is the battle of opposites. that is to say both teams are set up the opposite way that they should be! more dodge on the undead than on the elves more Guard on the elves than the undead. I like the BeeBee's in this game JR is a hell of a coach but so is Nelphine. i think the elves will break and the Ghouls will make a break for it.

TREE: The Uluthans Rose bowl features the Waterfoul V. Wisconsin. Two great coaches both with overrated teams. the ratgerrrs have some gutter runners with +MA and +ST. Still if Kryten decides to actually pay attention to his game rather than chat in discord he can win even with a pedestrian team. This is a hard choice. but I think good old Chuck will win thes game. Go Wisconsin!

Well this is the part of the show where we discuss the playoffs! 4 teams 3 games winner

SLIM: our first game is "the good lizard team" Cal v. Poi who many think shouldent have made the playoffs for a national championship. Poli has no real outstanding players, Cal has a monster saurus carrier and all the speed in the world. This game will belong to Cal

Next defending chams TCU take on a Udub team that is more machine than man. Good thing their coach is one of the best High Elf coaches ever. but i dont think that will be enough. TCU wins but leaves battered.

Now. The moment you have all been waiting for! I could talk for hours about matchups, defensive scheams, injuries and the like. but I wont. Cal is your next national champions.
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