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Joined: Aug 10, 2005

Post   Posted: Oct 15, 2009 - 01:34 Reply with quote Back to top

Hey, just testing what time it is. Seeing if it's past midnight there for the Fumbbl cup draw.

Joined: Jul 28, 2005

Post   Posted: Oct 30, 2009 - 15:54 Reply with quote Back to top

you failed

Hopefully my pulsating avatar will remind you to always take +1 Strength...ALWAYS!

Joined: Feb 07, 2007

Post   Posted: Dec 31, 2009 - 21:38 Reply with quote Back to top

Dead last, what a poor year it has been. Lost so many games that were so close to being a tie or tie's to a win.

I guess I am getting what I deserve from a poor year with Orcs in 1st round and if get past that High Elf in 2nd.

Joined: Jul 30, 2005

Post   Posted: Jan 25, 2010 - 17:27 Reply with quote Back to top

PLAY YOUR GAMES, this is rediculous.

Joined: Jul 30, 2005

Post   Posted: Mar 05, 2010 - 04:23 Reply with quote Back to top

I played my 4 games in 6 days guys come on get with it. Play your games.

Joined: Jul 29, 2005

Post   Posted: Mar 05, 2010 - 05:25 Reply with quote Back to top

One less Ag 3 Ogre!

It's a beautiful thing!

Joined: Jul 29, 2005

Post   Posted: Jul 14, 2010 - 07:17 Reply with quote Back to top

It was a hard fought game that featured a mummy dead and another niggled on turn 1 (they both got better), a third mummy niggled later, and a star skeleton dead (those two didn't get better) at the end.

But despite the injuries on the Khemri side, and a much needed 2-1 victory for GA, the game will most likely be remembered as the final game for GA Mega-Star Gwathris Melaglar. After he was thrown from the pitch by the Death's Super-Star Mummy, Basher, GA fans and, more tragically, the GA Apothecary, watched in horror as the skeletal fans closed in. Although Melaglar was able to fight his way back to the GA bench, an unfortunate punch to a fan's skull left the valiant Lion Warrior with an injury which the GA medical staff confirmed would never fully heal.

Although the GA ownership considered resorting to unethical magical remedies, Gwathris reiterated the staff's previous admonitions against such measures and assured everyone that he would rather retire knowing that his amazing 81 game career was pure and untainted by alchemy. He will be missed...

Joined: Jul 29, 2005

Post   Posted: Jul 29, 2010 - 08:53 Reply with quote Back to top

The ownership of Gladius Argentum would like to recognize the extraordinary achievement of GA Super-Star Riodan Celedor who, along with the team, celebrated game number 100 tonight!

One of the earliest stars in the GA galaxy, Riodan has not only played in every one of the team's games, he is the only remaining player from the team's opening game nearly 4 1/2 years ago. This despite often being called upon to man the line of scrimmage when the team's usual front-line defenders were unable to answer the call. Rarely the team MVP, Riodan has simply excelled at one of the most difficult accomplishments in Blood Bowl, staying healthy.

Fortis Riodan! Ut persevero Palma!

Joined: Jul 29, 2005

Post   Posted: Dec 09, 2010 - 06:42 Reply with quote Back to top

The ownership of Gladius Argentum is sad to announce that after an astounding 105 consecutive starts, GA Super-Star Riodan Celedor will be forced to miss the team's 106th contest due to a smashed ankle received during a block from Stink Fest's Putrefacon in this game.

Although disappointed at the prospect of ending his amazing streak and the team doctors' expectation of lasting impairment, Riodan assured GA management that no illicit alchemy would be accepted. The Star was quoted as saying "I made it through 105 starts naturally, I'm not about to start using the Image now!"

Joined: Jul 29, 2005

Post   Posted: Nov 26, 2011 - 05:48 Reply with quote Back to top

The players, coaches, and management of Gladius Argentum are happy to celebrate their 100th victory with a win against a scrappy Reanimation Nation team. GA was very fortunate on several fronts during the game, from the weather to fan interventions.

Barring several unlikely turns of events, this game was GA's final for the 2011 season and, as the Evansville Cup approaches, GA is finally healthy and planning to make a strong bid for their 4th Cup trophy.

Congratulations to all EBBL teams on an excellent season and good luck in the Cup!

Joined: Jul 29, 2005

Post   Posted: Dec 27, 2011 - 17:49 Reply with quote Back to top

Ladies and Gentlemen, As the 2011 season of the Evansville Bloodbowl League comes to an end, a hearty congratulations goes out to the newly crowned EBBL Regular Season Champion, the Naggarond Despoilers. Naggarond was able to clinch the title with a "last minute" victory over Dave's Death. Naggarond's accomplishment is all the more impressive in light of the stiff challenge from frequent regular season champion, Gladius Argentum, as well as a late charge from perennial contender, the New World Warriors. Both of whom finished but a single point behind the eventual champion Despoilers.

As always, when the regular season ends...The Cup begins! Therefore the management of Gladius Argentum is proud to present a look at the upcoming Evansville Cup VII with Matchup analysis and predictions. (The following previews, opinions and predictions are purely the work of the coach of Gladius Argentum, Craftnburn, and are not meant to represent authoritative, or even really very serious, analysis.)

As the current version of the Cup will consist of 19 teams, there will be 3 "play in" games followed by 8 "first round" games.

The first matchup sees the Blingdenstone Burrowers looking for revenge against the furry-footed communists of the Knob Hill Knockers. It was only a scant few weeks ago that Blingdenstone was mauled into submission by the red tide of halflingism. With 5 players badly hurt and two seriously injured, Burrowers near-legendary Gutter Runner, Funk, walked off the field with the rest of his team; however, unlike the rest of his team, Funk never stopped walking…he walked away from the game of Bloodbowl forever! Blingdenstone will no doubt be looking to avenge this humiliating defeat, and despite improved play by the Knockers, should be able to do so. Prediction: The Burrowers remember how to score (even without their grand “Funk” railroad) Burrowers 2-1

In the second entry game, the lanate lasses of the Bearded Ladies! will try to contain the poncey passing prowess of E’villes Loren Fellowship. This game will probably be decided by which team embraces their racial strengths to the fullest. If the dwarven Ladies! can contain their enthusiasm for rushing the ball downfield prematurely they stand a good chance of blunting the elven passing attack. Likewise the Fellowship need to remember that they are NOT dwarves and that attempting to stand toe to toe with ANYONE is probably not a recipe for a long healthy life. Prediction: The Ladies! bring the pain and the Fellowship is broken. Bearded Ladies! 2-1

Our final preliminary game features a heavenly host of Angels hoping to avoid Domination. The Antioch Angels have proven something of an enigma this season, one week dominating a top team like the New World Warriors, and barely able to survive a game versus a spanking new Halfling squad the next. Will the heavenly ladies be able to get over the hump against a cartoonish group of goblins like Animation Domination? Prediction: Yes, yes they will. Angels in the outfield 3-1.

With those three games out of the way, we come to the bulk of the tourney, what is essentially the “first” round of games. With the top four seeds separated into opposite corners of the bracket, it is not unreasonable to expect those teams to be our “final four”; however, as the saying goes…”On any given day…” Will we see upsets? Will the regular season champs, Naggarond, cruise to the final game? Will perennial bridesmaid, the New World Warriors finally hoist the cup? Or will it come down to one of the only two teams who have EVER taken home the trophy, Gladius Argentum and the Prague Impalers? Let’s see how the pairings came down…

As the number one seed, regular season champs Naggarond, have the benefit of facing the winner of two of the lowest seeds from the “play in” round. Naggarond will come in a little shorthanded, missing the services of an injured lineman. Normally missing a player with such important skills could prove costly, but in this case, the remaining Despoilers squad should be able to hold up against their lower ranked opponent, whoever it may be. Prediction: Naggarond buries the Burrowers with tenacious D. 3-1.

The undercard in the “top-seed” bracket features the powerhouse Impalers looking to seal the deal against a necro squad with a penchant for late game heroics. Prague comes into this tournament perhaps with something to prove. Their most recent game was a rather uninspiring tie with a seriously outmanned Green Trees squad. Reanimation Nation meanwhile hasn’t fared so well against the top teams in the league, although their last effort against the Impalers netted them a 1-1 tie. Prediction: Prague out front early, the Nation comes roaring back, but Prague goes into OT with a healthy lead in the body count. Impalers drive the stake home 3-2.

Coming in as the Fifth seed with a late season surge is the E’ville Empire III taking on the aforementioned Green Trees. The Empire scored a solid 2-0 victory over the Trees not so long ago, but come in with considerably less beef than in that contest, having lost their Minotaur late in the game, along with two permanent injuries in the next. The Trees, however, have shown lately that they still remember how to score with eleven TDs in the last 5 games. Prediction: The Trees prove that the shutout by the Empire was a fluke. Green Trees 3-2.

And our last game in the “left hand” bracket showcases rumblin’, bumblin’, and stumblin’ on both sides of the pitch. The malodorous menace of the Ungol Armpits will hope to feast on Taconight. The Armpits are still clinging to their grandfathered Ogres, but there’s certainly no lack of testosterone with these grandpas. The lizards meanwhile come in rather untested, being only a recent addition to the league; however their coach has already displayed some of his legendary experience in guiding the team to a solid start of 2/1/1. Prediction: The Armpits show that lizard tastes an awful lot like chicken, and who doesn’t like chicken tacos? Armpits 2-1.

Although the left half of the bracket has the “big name”, in season champ and number 1 seed Naggarond, the other side of the tourney isn’t just a bunch of also-rans. Having seeds 2, 3, 6 & 7 help to make this half of the tourney hold its own and may provide some of the most interesting matchups.

Sitting at the top of this bracket is the second seeded New World Warriors who edged out the third on tiebreak. The Warriors will be looking for their turn in the spotlight after coming up short back to back in Evansville Cups III and IV. Game planning for the first step on their journey may prove difficult, given the opposite styles of their two potential opponents. Will it be the slow grind of the Bearded Ladies! or the quick strikes of E’ville’s Loren Fellowship. Luckily for coach KhorneliusPraxx, his humans are well suited to adapting to either strategy. Prediction: The dwarven grind works to near perfection in slowing the pace of the game; unfortunately for the ladies, a last-minute error leads to a last-minute heartbreak. Warriors score at the buzzer 1-0.

Relegated to the third seed for the first time in their history, Gladius Argentum will be looking to prove that their position is a result of the number of games rather than the quality of games. Scheduled to face the winner of the third “entry” game and considerable inducements, GA will be focused on winning foremost, but also on avoiding injuries which could cost them later in the tournament. Coach Craftnburn has been known in the past for being unable to take his foot off the gas pedal, both offensively and defensively, even to the detriment of his players’ health. Prediction: The Silver Swords strike quickly, but resemble an angel of mercy once the battle is won. GA 3-1.

At seed number 6, the Rottie Whilers, faces a considerably more developed opposing team in the League of Bones. The Whilers have made a respectable showing for themselves in their brief time in the league. With two wins and a draw in the three games, league scoring places them slightly ahead of their opponents. However, it may appear to some that the League engaged in a bit of sandbagging in the middle part of the season. While most teams completed three or four games in 06.11 section of the year, the League endured a single losing effort to the eventual season champs before bowing out for nearly four months. It remains to be seen if lack of play will affect the undead squad or if they can simply shamble on as before. Prediction: The Whilers make dogged use of their greater team strength and treat their opponent like the League of Milk Bones. 2-0.

The last of our “first” round games belongs to Dave’s Death and the Petting Zoo Escapees, two teams apparently headed in opposite directions. Early in the league’s history, the mummies of Dave’s Death struck fear into even the hardiest of EBBL teams. Times change, even for the dead. Recently the Death have seemed more like a bad case of the flu, with casualties for being few and far between. Even when the body count has gone their way, they haven’t been able to finish long drives. The Escapees meanwhile appear to be on their way up and looking…well, more Nurgle than a Nurgle team. Sporting no less than six mutations on five players these beastman are real beasts. With players like creepy Mr. Tumnus (Don’t stay for tea little girl!), a hideously clawed former Governor, and a brat covered in enormous hog warts, it’s not surprising they’ve been chewing through weak opposition like they were puddles of beef tako. Prediction: The “Death” may be from boredom, but hey, it works…at least this time. Dave’s Death 1-0.

Unfortunately due to the vagaries of the Cup schedule and, most likely, an overall lack of accuracy, predictions and preview for subsequent rounds are unreliable (even more so than the already highly unreliable information presented here) and unlikely…unless I get a strange urge. Speaking of strange urges, did I ever tell you about this one time at band camp…. Wink

Joined: Oct 25, 2005

Post   Posted: Dec 27, 2011 - 19:11 Reply with quote Back to top

Hey! I am surprised and offended at the prediction for my game against the Green Trees. Their record against me as a coach (E'ville Empire II and III) is 0/2/6. Meh, we shall see.. Smile

Joined: Oct 25, 2005

Post   Posted: Jan 01, 2012 - 05:08 Reply with quote Back to top

Make that 0/2/7 Razz

Joined: Jul 29, 2005

Post   Posted: Feb 05, 2012 - 08:46 Reply with quote Back to top

Evansville Cup VII, Revenge is Sweet!

In a rematch of Evansville Cup VI, Gladius Argentum was looking to avenge last years defeat to the Prague Impalers. Both teams had suffered significant casualties in their Cup semifinal games with both Pilnir Mithanu and "Lucky" Lome Scargob surrendering their souls on the pitch.

The game began with GA winning the toss and scoring quickly on a pass from Idril Camalkar to Elendar Cuthalion. The Blitzer then shouldered Boris Krieg out of the way and ran in for the 1-0 lead.

As Prague attempted to answer, Cuthalion was able to blitz Impalers' star Netz Nobblescrew and free the ball. Argentum's other blitzer, Alagosar Nenion, was able to leap in, steal the ball, and pass back to the elvish side of the pitch. The elves were able to withstand the orcs' attempts to regain possession and swung across field where GA Linelf Faerenor Esselar was able to score a crucial Defensive TD and allow the team to go into the half up 2-0. However even the final moments of the first half provided some drama, with the teams trading injuries to their quarterbacks. Lightning quick GA striker Olorian Eldamril, known for his heroics in Evansville Cup IV was able to fracture the leg of bruising Impalers thrower Drew Flees. Mere moments later, vicious Impalers blitzer Vinnie Venger laid a crushing blow on Camalkar, leaving him hurt badly and unable to return.

When the second half began, the impalers received the ball and answered in strong fashion with a powerful drive, resulting in a Crank Gore touchdown. With the elves receiving again, the Impalers kicker managed a perfect boot, to land the ball squarely in the elven endzone. With Camalkar out, the receiving duties fell to Cuthalion who had more than enough speed to fetch even such an excellent kick. With the orc defense spread thin, the elves were able to get the ball to Nunarian Silardor who merely handed the ball to Mirnim Curuchand who went untouched in for GA's 3rd score.

With time quickly running out, the Impalers tried desperately to score quickly...and score quickly they did! Nobblescrew knocked aside Argentum catcher Arodanu Ollchir and scored, only moments after Jorgan Hogoslayer very nearly inflicted a serious concussion on Silardor. Team doctors were able to stabilize the Linelf and report that no permanent damage is expected.

With the game now in it's final moments and little hope to even the score, the Impalers were bent on inflicting some punishment to ease their disappointment at the loss. Forsaking any defense for the opportunity to hurt the opposition, Prague allowed the GA receivers to penetrate deep downfield where they were seeking a "statement" touchdown. After Nobblescrew knocked Eldamril out, virtually the entire remaining Impalers' team fouled Esselar; however this only resulted in the refs sending Gore to the showers a few minutes early. With their opponents bent on destruction, the elves were able to easily get the ball to Curuchand for his second score of the game as time expired.

The management of Gladius Argentum would like to thank the Prague Impalers for a spirited Cup finale and look forward to seeing our arch-rivals again in the upcoming season, along with the rest of an ever-improving Evansville Bloodbowl League. This years Cup contained the largest field ever and was as tough a road as any ever traveled by the Silver Swords. Thanks again to the league, it's coaches, and it's commissioner on another great season of EBBL action.

Gladius Argentum salo ante cum quartum victoria.

[16:52] <@BowlBot> *** Gladius Argentum 4 vs 2 Prague Impalers ***

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Post   Posted: Sep 22, 2013 - 06:52 Reply with quote Back to top

With a scintillating 2 TD game against a formidable Antioch Angels team, Gladius Argentum and the Evansville Bloodbowl League welcomes it's newest Legend: Olorian Eldamril!
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