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 Issue 6 - February 27 2506
Admin Corner

It's been almost a year. Even though I have been spending quite a bit of time "away" from FUMBBL, the site has undergone a few changes since then. The Team Strength formula went through some minor modifications, some additional statistics matches and teams were added and a few other small patches and additions.

Recently, the upper limit of the "40 strength rule" in the Ranked division was changed. The rule now applies to teams below TS 250. This change was made because we were seeing the high-end teams play a lot of quite one-sided games with extreme strength differences. This is not something I want to encourage and this change will force those teams to play more balanced games.

Naturally, this means that the number of potential opponents for those teams were drastically reduced. The coaches of the high-end teams are now forced to work harder to find games. I personally hope that this change will make these teams choose to participate in the major tournaments to a higher extent. To see these super teams fight for glory against other very high-end teams is a great experience.

Looking forward, I am currently working on redesigning the player image gallery section of the site. The new system will have some features a lot of you have been requesting for quite a while. Apart from being a lot more responsive and technically "cool", it will support folders (!!). There are still some design decisions I have to make for the new system but I'm sure you will appreciate the end result.

With that, I will end the Admin Corner for this time and let you get on with the rest of this GLN issue.

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