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2018-02-07 22:00:16
8 votes, rating 5.8
Coach Badpublicity Finally Get lifted His Non-Disclosure Contract From Norden Legion.
It Was a relieved coach who took on the world media, after the deserved win over The Griffins.

Coach Badpublicity.: Welcome to all, its a pleasure to both new and old faces of the press, lets get on with the questions!

Reporter.: Hanzi from Flashfurt Tribunal, Why have we not heard anything from you these last 2 games, and why did you sell the Legion Franchise? Why did you return, and why Flashfurt?

Coach Badpublicity.: First I must say im happy to be back, the reason I have not been able to talk to you, was that I was bound by a non-disclosure contract, that held me to talk about Norden Legion, or any other DLE team, but after my laywer wiped the floor with the argument that the Legion team i owned, and the current one are to completely different teams, and the judge luckily agreed, and released me of that contract, also I hired a GM, who should be in charge of the PR but I have not seen him lately in his office.

Why i left the legion Franchise, its a long story, but to make it short, I had a young protogé, JackH was his name, and I build him up to everything he became, pulling him out of the Cantina where he was a young dish washer, I saw a killing instinct in the way he washed the dishes, and gave him a job, finally i offered him a board membership, and all the money he earned he bought halfling weed and sold it, making alot of money selling to even the players, him and 2 other investors bought me out.

And thank god for that!

Since else i would not be coach for Universe, to why i chose Universe, the reason is simply, if you cant beat em, join em.

Enough about me, the players did great, we will do anything to keep up the same level of play next game.

Reporter.: Jens from Norden News, There are many people in Norden that wish you will come back to Norden, how do you see that possibility.

Coach Badpublicity.: I dont see that happening, also I said no more question about me lets talk about the great display on the field today, and the players who made it happend.

Reporter.: Josh From DLE Daily, what have you done in the time between coaching Legion and now Universe?

Coach Badpublicity.: I said no more questions about me!! This Interview is over!!

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Posted by SpecialOne on 2018-02-07 22:11:26
So, what was the true story with you and Legion? ;)
Posted by c9805222 on 2018-02-07 22:39:42
Just how much money can be made from halfling weed? Asking for a friend of course.