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2015-03-29 19:54:42
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2011-12-05 10:57:01
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2011-04-14 09:09:26
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2010-07-22 23:35:52
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2010-06-25 20:59:30
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2015-03-29 19:54:42
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Returning from my Journey
Returning from my Journey

So I am back again, but not to play. I miss watching Blood Bowl and loved the aspect of doing commentating while I was playing. Also I had too many projects up in the air and thought I needed to do them and also play Blood Bowl in order to be part of FUMBBL.
So live commentating is coming to FUMBBL.
I have created the project Mayhem which will be a rank unofficial ranked league king of the hill style tournament. The champion will defend his spot against random drawn opponents (that of cause has applied for the specific challenger match). Of cause all FUMBBL rules apply.

Read more about Project Mayhem in the forum:

I will be streaming these games I am commentating on using Twitch. I will apply a 4min. delay so that coaches cannot use my commentating to gain an advantage. I will try to go between fluff and analyze the game play.
Lastly, my aim is to feel confident enough to be able to live commentate majors, leagues (simi or final matches), or other grudge matches and such.

Looking forward to another chapter
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Posted by Stonetroll on 2015-03-29 20:27:31
Sounds interesting, where do I sign up?
Posted by Stoffel on 2015-03-29 20:32:15
Waht is the Name of the Twitch Channel? and can you give us a Link ;-)
Posted by Ehlers on 2015-03-29 20:44:04
Stoffel if you watched the video I linked to in the forum you would see it in it :D
But here it is: http://www.twitch.tv/ehlersportal

Stonetroll: Here is the main group page for now: https://fumbbl.com/p/group&group=8207&op=view
Posted by BillBrasky on 2015-03-29 21:43:01
I think this should be a [L]eague group.

Looks cool!
Posted by Ehlers on 2015-03-29 21:52:45
why? People play mostly in ranked. If you play in league than you belong to a league. In order for this to work out, people need to play lots of game in order to get to higher TW.
Posted by BillBrasky on 2015-03-29 22:09:12
There is a massive tendency for [R] people to pick on new coaches and/or only play vs easy matches.

I would require teams to start new, and only play in this League to avoid that problem.

Otherwise, teams are not starting on even playing fields.

Also, I'm not sure about the admin feelings about arranging player run tournies for [R] teams. It might violate some of the competitive rules.
Posted by Ehlers on 2015-03-29 22:30:28
Well how would you pick in my setup? Yes you might be able to apply for the draw and therefore pick that way. But you then have to accept the next game you get handed. And as I started in the thread if you decide not to play the next game, your team will not be allowed to participate in the future.

Plus I also asked for feedback in the thread regarding the range of people be able to be drawn. I can always narrow that down to 100TW, so you cant play big up or down.

My "tournament" is just another way of portray the top list on FUMBBL, https://fumbbl.com/p/toplist. Simple by having the longest win streak instead of people picking their opponent to be on top of that list. (That is if we assume that is picking).

I could simple remove the tournament in the title and call it group, like E.L.F or one of the other group where you get points for playing games.

Posted by BillBrasky on 2015-03-29 23:07:37
I could play a team 5000 games, and trim them to 100 tv.

That's extreme, but that is why I'd suggest new teams only.

[L] seems the better but pure new [R] teams would be ok.
Posted by Ehlers on 2015-03-30 00:07:22
Well ranked rules apply. And I could set a 200TV +- limit. Why I brought it up. So if the champion team is 1500TV, then your team would need to be within the 200TV as in 1300 or 1700.

And there will only be 1 game played per draw. So 1 champion vs 1 challenger, where the challenger is drawn from a pool of teams.

Next game will either be the current champion or the challenger who won and became the challenger. New pool is made and a new challenger is drawn.

So in order for you to play 5000 games, or lets say just 100 games will either require that you win all your games (as the champion) OR you get extremely lucky and get picked for each draw. BUT ranked rules still apply "1 in 10 games played vs the same coach". So should you have played that team 9 games ago, then you would not be able to play as ranked rules trump all.

Plus it only run on wednesday with 3 games. Doubt many more games would be able to played.

The "tournament" does not stop, but is an ongoing process of tracking who has the must win streak.

My format is the same as someone putting a team up on Gamefinder and accept the first team that challenge him. In my Project Mayhem you must accept the challenge and therefore it become harder to pick your way to a winning streak.

And other people have made groups which use the ranked space as the ground, just take a look at ELF and Staples in the past.

So I cant see how anyone can exploit this and be able to do it multiplied times.
Posted by BillBrasky on 2015-03-30 00:17:37
Well if it is [R], people can bring in old teams that pick hard.
Posted by xnoelx on 2015-03-30 00:25:34
Bill's right. This should be done in L. In R, metagroups like ELF are allowed as they don't involve being scheduled against a specific opponent. You just play your normal games and a scoring system is applied to those. You'll note that none of them include any sort of tournament, like your proposal, which requires scheduling specific matches. You should at least ask for approval from admins.
Posted by Ehlers on 2015-03-30 00:36:39
Billbrasky that is exactly the point! I want old teams to be played. I want to see the old teams I remember when I was active here and be able to see them take it out on each others.
Yes they might be able to pick the first game hard, but then they themselves can be picked hard by another coach. And if I lower the TV limit to 150 or 100, then you cant pick.

xnoelx, I cant see how my format is a problem. But will send a PM tomorrow then.
Posted by koadah on 2015-03-30 02:22:40
This sounds as though it should be done in [L]eague. But if the admins allow it then fine.
Posted by Balle2000 on 2015-03-30 18:41:42
League sounds like the thing. I like the idea though Ehlers. Good luck. I might join.