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Group managers: Renegade, SarumanTheWhite
***ATTENTION*** <a href=http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=group&op=view&group=1826>King KO II - Ressurection</a> now recruiting coaches.

<img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v313/Renegade22UK/KingKO-AllmightyAllmighties.bmp">;

<b>The Silver plate on the trophy above is reserved for the name of the winner. Remember - it could be you!! If you want your name printed proudly for others to see, sign up now and prove you deserve it.</b>
<b>Imagine writing winner of Fumbbls biggest ever straight KO tourney on your info page!!</b>
I intend to give the link to a smaller trophy image to the victor to place at the top of their teams Bio.

Only one coach can claim the title and crown himself King of Kings! That coach <b>could be you!</b>

The coveted King KO trophy stands proud in the Fumbbl Hall of Trophies, eagerly awaiting the caress of the victors grubby little hands!

<u><b>Tournament Structure</b></u>
The King KO is the biggest ever straight KO tourney on Fumbbl. Its a simple knockout featuring over a hundred teams, which is an absolutely awesome sight. As in all KO competitions the winner of each match progresses to the next round. The winner of a 128 team King KO will have played and won 6 matches!

<u><b>Team Restrictions</b></u>
Only LRB compliant teams may participate in the cup. Old World, Ogre, Lustrian, Chaos Pact and all stunties except standard Halfling and Goblins are prohibited. In short - only teams that are allowed in ranked may be used in the King KO, despite it being a U division tournament.
Only new teams may enter. Once the King KO has begun matches outside the competition are not allowed.<UL><LI>Only TR100 teams are allowed</LI><LI>All teams must be in the Unranked division</LI><LI>All teams are to be LRB compliant</LI><LI>Old World, Ogre, Lustrian, Chaos Pact and all stunties except Gobbos and halfling aren't allowed</LI></UL>
There really is no rush for games. 1 match every 2 weeks is plenty for this to be as exciting and sucessful as possible. If you know who your next opponent is don't hold out for weeks before playing so the next stage starts. Its possible for teams to progress many stages ahead and have to wait for the others to catch up.

Finally, when the tournament has started and the games are being played please try to include match reports. Its nice to know whats been going on and the style of play of the various coaches. This'll help me with the periodic write ups I intend to include as the competition progresses.

<u><b>Prematurely quitting the Tournament</b></u>
This tournament relies heavily on coaches playing the games. A team that retires before playing a match ruins the chances of the team they were due to play. For this reason any coach that fails to complete a match by retiring the team will be banned from this and all future King KO tournaments. This doesnt apply to coaches going on holiday etc but please contact me should this be the case so we can come to some form of agreement. The reason I ask you to do this is because without your team holding a place in the tournament i'm unable to replace it. I'd also like coaches to stay in the tournament with your teams so I can fill empty slots with them.

Obviously I have no power or right to tell you to complete the games but remember its U division - therefore your precious ranking wont be affected! If you are taking a beating try not to conceed. Learn from it and bounce back with a bit more knowledge and experience! :)
Anyone that conceeds matches wont be allowed to compete in future king KO\'s as it gives an almighty advantage to the coach thats takes away double winnings and an extra mvp.

<b><u>Coaches banned from future King KOs :-</b></u>
<b>icemancometh</b> - failing to complete a match by retiring his team and neglecting to notify myself or his opponent he intended to do so.
<b>Hadez</b> - failing to complete a match by retiring his team and neglecting to inform myself or his opponent that he intended to do so.

<u><b>Future King KO points</u></b>
No teams with anything that reffers to the title of the tournament will be allowed to enter. For Example :-
King Ko Queens
Queens of KO
Norses of King KO

<b>All future king KO teams are to have the letters (KK) after their team name ie:-</b>
Slavelords of Sufference (KK)
Can't Rhyme This (KK)
The reason being to enable me and other coaches to identify King KO matches in the games list.
I' also like the semifinalists to hang onto their teams and not retire them so that after 4 King KO's we can have a 16 team 'Elite King KO' tournament to decide the overall winner. Obviously this means those teams aren't to play any games.