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Open [L]eague Cup VI
14th January 2016

The Open [L]eague Cup is a knockout tournament open to all coaches. There is no TV limit. Each coach is allowed a maximum of two teams.

The Cup is open to any [L]eague division team that the tournament staff considers appropriate. Teams may be excluded for example if they have been built up by playing only a very small number of teams.

If a coach is unfortunate enough to have his/her teams drawn against each other, the coach may choose which team progresses.

Deadlines 11 Days first two rounds. Then 9 days

Though the tournament is open to all coaches most coaches are likely to be on European time zones.

House Rules
1. Fouling +1 to armour roll.
2. Claw does not stack with other skills that modify armour rolls.
3. Piling On allows coach to reroll injury only.
4. Right Stuff prevents the Tackle skill when blocked.
5. Sneaky Git functions like Guard on foul assists.
6. Banned sneaky git players are sent to the KO box instead.

Do NOT be timing your opponent out when they are away from the keyboard. This is against Fumbbl rules.

BRB = Be right back

Wait for the opponent to return. If the opponent does not return close the client and follow disconnection procedures.
PM the opponent. If the opponent does not respond within 24 hours contact the commissioner.

Additional O[L]C rule.

Do not time the opponent out immediately the first time they exceed 4 minutes.
If you wish to time them out post a warning at or before 4:00 but do not time them out before 4:30.

The second time you can time them out on 4:00.

Generally try to avoid timing people out.