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Past Players of Good, Bad, Furry
Team Page
14Rat FaceGutter Runner510Dodge, Blockd
136 in 1000000Lineman13d
115 in a 1000000Lineman10m, -st
64 in 1000000Lineman22m, -st
9RatinatorStorm Vermin1915Block, Guard-ma, d
8Garbage RummagerThrower67Pass, Sure Hands, Accurated
63 in1000000Lineman86Blockd
6#2in1000000Lineman30m, m, -st
61in1000000Lineman10m, n
4Banded RatGutter Runner2278Dodge, +MA, Block, Sprint, Catch, Sure Feetm, n, -av
3Head workLineman2629Claw, Blockm, -av, m, m, d
12Man tackleStorm Vermin158Block, Tackled
12SteffiGutter Runner00Dodge 
10Iron PumpStorm Vermin20Blockm
1TaxiLineman4042Block, Claw, Tacklem, m, n
13SkkitleLineman1216Block, +MAd
14Experiratt IIRat Ogre1610Mighty Blow, Frenzy, Prehensile Tail, Big Guy, Wild Animal, Guardd
6SkreenLineman1021Block, Tackled
5Target PracticeLineman10m, n
2Speed BumperStorm Vermin119Block, Tackled
16Rat-In-A-HatGutter Runner4078Dodge, +AG, Sure Hands, Block, Leap, Passm, n, n
6BrawlStorm Vermin10Blockm, n
3LuluLineman60m, -av
15Grease RatGutter Runner38103Dodge, Block, Side Step, Shadowing, Tackle, Diving Tacklem, d
16RatGutter Runner514Dodge, Blockd
13PetardStorm Vermin40Blockm, -ma
10MeltdownThrower138Pass, Sure Hands, Accurate 
12Waiting for DeathThrower1511Pass, Sure Hands, +MAd
3RataganStorm Vermin43Blockd
14Dan CollLineman2234Block, Dirty Player, Tacklen
13Chosen oneLineman100-ma, m, n
4NadsLineman3420Block, Kick-st
6Foo to be PitiedLineman180 
10The ProfessionalStorm Vermin1110Block, Guardd
9Elbows Knees and ToesLineman3137Block, Claw, Razor Sharp Clawsm, -st
7Wall BrickLineman139Blockd
1Expendable RatGutter Runner3459Dodge, Dauntless, Block, Tackle, Side Stepd
15White RatGutter Runner2354Dodge, Block, Side Step, Tackle, Diving Tacklen, m, n
4Dust BiterLineman77Blockn
6Gutter ScumLineman70m, n
4SacrificeLineman10m, n
2Hopping RatGutter Runner34100Dodge, Block, +MA, Sprint, Sure Feet, Side Stepn
1DeathwishThrower36Pass, Sure Handsd
15Bush RatGutter Runner20Dodged
16Plague RatGutter Runner2989Dodge, Block, Catch, Side Step, Strip Ball, +ST-av, m, n
8JanklLineman6655Block, Dirty Player, Foul Appearance, Kickn, d
6Where do they come fromLineman30-ag, d
2Pond ScumLineman10 
12FrustationLineman3336Block, Kick, Dirty Playern, d
3Line MaggotLineman40m, n
12Green EggsLineman10m, n
3CausalityLineman10m, n
12Attack RatGutter Runner28Dodged
11PotentailStorm Vermin80167Block, Guard, Mighty Blow, +ST, Tackle, Strip Ball, Break Tacklem, d
12Funky Rat Gutter Runner513Dodge, +AGm, n
10Fill InLineman140d
9PunchLineman135m, n
6MashedLineman1216Block, Kickn
3CheapLineman70m, n
16Not Another RatGutter Runner2026Dodge, Block, Side Stepd
8Buck ShotLineman1923Claw, Block-ma, -av
15Blitz RatGutter Runner2681Dodge, Block, Side Step, Sure Feet, Sprint, Catch 
6Meat ShieldLineman20n
9Skid MarkLineman96Clawm, -st
5NigglerLineman7356+ST, Block, Tackle, Strip Ball-ag, d
4DoomedThrower3756Pass, Sure Hands, +AG, Accurate, Strong Arm, Blockd
3LOS MachineLineman129Block-ag, -ma, d
10Splatter MarkLineman1210Clawn, d
3Cranky Steroid RatRat Ogre12Mighty Blow, Frenzy, Prehensile Tail, Big Guy, Wild Animald
7Mouse RatGutter Runner3358Dodge, Block, Side Step, Shadowing, Tackle-av
10The ScreenLineman50m, n
12Fat RatGutter Runner1339Dodge, Block, +MA, Catchn
9TheTempLineman105m, n
4Next in LineThrower26Pass, Sure Hands, Accuratem, n
16Lab RatGutter Runner2237Dodge, Block, Side Step, Shadowingd
9ScabiesLineman35m, -st
15Manky ratGutter Runner2354Dodge, Block, Pass Block, Side Step, Catchn
11Green Green WhiteLineman3352+AG, Block, Dodge, Tacklen
5Fated to DieThrower1511Pass, Sure Hands, Accurate-av, d
3Pain Mark 2Rat Ogre1715Mighty Blow, Frenzy, Prehensile Tail, Big Guy, Wild Animal, Guardm, n
14The ReplacemntStorm Vermin66185Block, Claw, Razor Sharp Claws, Tackle, Guard, Shadowing, Pro, Strip Balln, d
16Filthy RatGutter Runner1127Dodge, Block, Very Long Legs-ma, d
13DamageLineman4832Block, Kick, Dirty Player-st, d
11DropbearLineman96Blockm, n
10CollateralLineman1415Foul Appearanced
8CheeseLineman3227Block, Dirty Player-ma, -ma, -st, d
13Blind RatGutter Runner23Dodged
12Kinky RatGutter Runner1232Dodge, Block, Very Long Legs, +AGm, n
3ChitterThrower1223Pass, Sure Hands, Strong Arm, +AGm, n
16UglyStorm Vermin829Block, +MA, Guard-av
1ShatterLineman4054Claw, Block, Tackle, Shadowing-ma, n
10FragileLineman80-av, d
4JumpyThrower2332Pass, Sure Hands, Accurate, Block, Tacklen
10TetnisLineman50m, n
7SnapperLineman3161+AG, Block, Pass Block, Pron, m
6Envious Of the ClawLineman3471Claw, Block, Tackle, Pron
14Black RatGutter Runner916Dodge, Sprint, Blockd
10Dock RatGutter Runner33Dodgem, n
9PestilenceLineman3727Block, Dirty Player-av, m, n
14Sewer RatGutter Runner56Dodge, Blockm, n
9ChomperLineman40m, n
10ChopperLineman50m, n
5Dirty RatLineman78Blockd
13Scaredy RatGutter Runner2153Dodge, Block, Catch, Sprint, Sure Feetn, m, n
12Dead ratGutter Runner1944Dodge, Block, Sprint, Pass Block-ma
13TripperGutter Runner23Dodgem, -st
2RevengeStorm Vermin83109Block, +AG, Foul Appearance, Tackle, Claw, Guard-ag, d
12RunnerGutter Runner69Dodge, Blockd
5ChomperLineman40n, m, n
4LashRat Ogre2222Mighty Blow, Frenzy, Prehensile Tail, Big Guy, Wild Animal, Guard, Break Tackle-ma, -av, m, -ag
11KickLineman117Blockm, n
8ElbowLineman4246Block, Dirty Player, Kick-av
7BiteLineman2227Block, Tacklem, n
6PinchLineman2011Block-st, d
3NoisyThrower36109Pass, Sure Hands, +AG, Accurate, Block, Safe Throw, Strip Balld
2TailsStorm Vermin10Blockd
1HeadsStorm Vermin3028Block, Guard, Mighty Blowm, n