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Past Players of Care Bears for the Fluff
Team Page
8Good Luck BearGutter Runner26Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Wrestled
15Tenderheard BearLineman10d
9Grumpy BearLineman62-av
4Cheer BearLineman10d
15Tenderheard BearLineman50-av, m
11Laugh-a-lot BearLineman132m, m
4Cheer BearLineman20m, m
13Secret BearLineman50-av
13Secret BearLineman10m
4Cheer BearLineman100-st
3Champ BearGutter Runner614Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Wrestled
8Good Luck BearGutter Runner2531Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Wrestle, Strip Ball, Leapm, d
9Grumpy BearLineman205m, d
7Funshine BearGutter Runner312Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Wrestle-ma
4Cheer BearLineman72d
4Cheer BearLineman10-av
9Grumpy BearLineman30-ag
9Grumpy BearLineman10d
9Grumpy BearLineman10m
4Cheer BearLineman32d
11Laugh-a-lot BearLineman210m, m, d
4Cheer BearLineman10-av
11Laugh-a-lot BearLineman10d
14Suprise BearLineman308Dirty Playerm, -ma
10Harmony BearLineman93n
11Laugh-a-lot BearLineman40-st
4Cheer BearLineman50m, d
8Good Luck BearGutter Runner1322Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Wrestle, Two Headsm, m, -ma
9Grumpy BearLineman122n
11Laugh-a-lot BearLineman90d
4Cheer BearLineman90-ma
8Good Luck BearGutter Runner824Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Wrestle, +AG-st
4Cheer BearLineman20d
10Harmony BearLineman150-ma
9Grumpy BearLineman90m, m, d
15Tenderheart BearLineman474m, n
9Grumpy BearLineman20-st
8Good Luck BearGutter Runner98Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Two Headsm, d
8Good Luck BearGutter Runner10Dodge, Weeping Daggern
4Cheer BearLineman100m, m
9Grumpy BearLineman22d
7Funshine BearGutter Runner3654Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Horns, Wrestle, Strip Ball, Side Step-av
14Suprise BearLineman257Kickm, m, -ag, n, d
8Good Luck BearGutter Runner56Dodge, Weeping Dagger, +MAm, d
11Laugh-a-lot BearLineman197Kick-ma, d
5Daydream BearThrower3123Sure Hands, Pass, Leader, Accurate-ag
11Laugh-a-lot BearLineman30d
11Laugh-a-lot BearLineman10d
2Birthday BearBlitzer2336Block, Guard, Tackle, Mighty Blown
11Laugh-a-lot BearLineman30d
8Good Luck BearGutter Runner71Dodge, Weeping Dagger-ag
8Good Luck BearGutter Runner36Dodge, Weeping Daggerd
9Grumpy BearLineman150d
7Funshine BearGutter Runner1319Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Block, Side Stepn, m, m, -av
4Cheer BearLineman214-av
2Birthday BearBlitzer1017Block, Claw, Mighty Blowm, n
7Funshine BearLineman40d
11Laugh-a-lot BearLineman20-ma, d
7Funshine BearLineman10n
12Love-a-Lot BearLineman124n, n
12Love-a-Lot BearLineman10n
14Suprise BearLineman220-ag, d
12Love-a-Lot BearLineman50m, d
10Harmony BearLineman387Kickm, -ma, m, m, d
5Daydream BearThrower2729Sure Hands, Pass, Leader, +AGn, m, d
4Cheer BearLineman160d
11Laugh-a-lot BearLineman140d
10Harmony BearLineman30m, d
14Suprise BearLineman94d
10Harmony BearLineman40d
8Good Luck BearGutter Runner2636Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Block, +MA, Side Stepm, -av
10Harmony BearGutter Runner10Dodge, Weeping Daggerd
12Love-a-Lot BearLineman110m, n, -ag
14Suprise BearLineman40d
11Laugh-a-lot BearLineman92m, d
4Cheer BearLineman120-ag, d
11Laugh-a-lot BearLineman30d
15Tenderheart BearLineman457Kickm, m, m, -ma, d
10Harmony BearGutter Runner96Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Blockm, -ma
8Good Luck BearLineman154d
12Love-a-Lot BearLineman130m, m
14Suprise BearLineman142-ma, d
13Secret BearLineman1048Dirty Playerm, m, m, d
12Love-a-Lot BearLineman40-av
10Harmony BearLineman92-ag, m, -av
13Secret BearLineman32d
12Love-a-Lot BearLineman20d
11Laugh-a-lot BearLineman170d
10Harmony BearLineman40d
10Harmony BearLineman10-st
8Good Luck BearLineman120-av
9Grumpy BearGutter Runner4897Dodge, Weeping Dagger, +AG, Leap, Wrestle, Horns, Strip Ballm, m, m, d
3Champ BearGutter Runner103120Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Wrestle, Strip Ball, Side Step, Leap, Jump Upm, m, m, m, m, m, m, m, m, d
13Secret BearGutter Runner23Dodge, Weeping Daggerd
11Laugh-a-lot BearLineman62m, -av
2Birthday BearBlitzer5593Block, Guard, Tackle, Mighty Blow, Stand Firm, Grabm, m, m, m, -av
9Grumpy BearGutter Runner919Dodge, Weeping Dagger, +MA, Two Headsm, -ma
13Secret BearLineman72d
8Good Luck BearLineman100d
12Love-a-Lot BearLineman172m, m, n
10Harmony BearLineman154-ma, m, -st
2Birthday BearBlitzer816Block, Guard, Mighty Blowm, n
12Love-a-Lot BearLineman52d
14Suprise BearLineman268Wrestlem, d
14Suprise BearLineman10d
8Good Luck BearLineman90m, d
10Harmony BearLineman50d
11Laugh-a-lot BearLineman140m, m, d
11Laugh-a-lot BearLineman10d
12Love-a-Lot BearLineman72d
12Love-a-Lot BearLineman10-av
13Secret BearLineman182m, d
4Cheer BearLineman5113Kickm, -ma, d
4Cheer BearLineman10d
11Laugh-a-lot BearLineman70m, -ag
10Harmony BearLineman130m, -st
4Cheer BearLineman42d
4Cheer BearLineman12d
15Tenderheart BearLineman384m, d
13Secret BearLineman62m, m
15Tenderheart BearLineman10-av
10Harmony BearLineman30-st
11Laugh-a-lot BearLineman40-av, m
15Tenderheart BearLineman10n
13Secret BearLineman42d
10Harmony BearLineman30n
15Tenderheart BearLineman40d
11Laugh-a-lot BearLineman60d
4Cheer BearLineman93n
10Harmony BearLineman86Kick-st
11Laugh-a-lot BearLineman55d
13Secret BearLineman70m, m, n
8Good Luck BearLineman309Wrestlem, -ma, -av
11Laugh-a-lot BearLineman60d
2Birthday BearBlitzer3966Block, +MA, Guard, Mighty Blow, Tackled
10Harmony BearLineman90-ma
8Good Luck BearLineman94d
8Good Luck BearLineman10d
8Good Luck BearLineman10-st
11Laugh-a-lot BearLineman85-ag, m, n
15Tenderheart BearLineman2217Wrestle, Kickm, d
10Harmony BearLineman80-av, -ma
14Surprise BearLineman4363+ST, Kick, Wrestle, +AV-ma, m, -ma, m, -av, d
7Funshine BearLineman11511Dirty Playerm, -ma, -ma, m, d
13Secret BearLineman1919Wrestle, Fendm, m, -st
11Laugh-a-lot BearLineman50-ma, d
7Funshine BearLineman20d
8Good Luck BearLineman917+AG, Wrestled
7Funshine BearLineman10n
15Tenderheart BearLineman1010Kickd
13Secret BearLineman60m, d
5Daydream BearThrower111119Sure Hands, Pass, Two Heads, +MA, Dodge, Leader, Accuratem, -ma, m, -ma, -av
13Secret BearLineman25d
9Grumpy BearGutter Runner65149Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Two Heads, +AG, +ST, +AG, Wrestlem, m, m, m, m, m, d
7Funshine BearLineman122d
11Laugh-a-lot BearLineman145m, d
4Cheer BearLineman4230Dirty Player, Kickm, -ma
15Tenderheart BearLineman1212Wrestlem, d
6Friend BearGutter Runner10Dodge, Weeping Daggerd
10Harmony BearLineman2422Wrestle, Shadowingm, m, d
11Laugh-a-lot BearLineman95d
7Funshine BearLineman85m, m, d
4Cheer BearLineman70d
4Cheer BearLineman10d
9Grumpy BearGutter Runner166Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Sure Feet-av
7Funshine BearLineman35d
9Grumpy BearGutter Runner45Dodge, Weeping Dagger-av
14Surprise BearLineman285-ag, m, m, m, -ag, -ma, d
3Champ BearGutter Runner99176Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Wrestle, Strip Ball, +ST, Side Step, Leap, Tacklem, m, m, n, -ag
11Laugh-a-lot BearLineman90d
13Secret BearLineman2112Dirty Playerm, -ma, m, m, d
14Surprise BearLineman50m, -av
4Cheer BearLineman127+AGm, m, d
13Secret BearLineman55d
9Grumpy BearGutter Runner1219Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Wrestle, Hornsm, d
15Tenderheart BearLineman2430Dirty Player, Sneaky Gitm, -av
13Secret BearLineman50d
15Tenderheart BearLineman25m, d
10Harmony BearLineman2310-av, m, d
13Secret BearLineman510d
8Good Luck BearLineman4917Kick, Dirty Playerm, d
3Champ BearGutter Runner2242Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Wrestle, Strip Ball, Dauntlessm, d
13Secret BearLineman55-ma, -ma, d
11Laugh-a-lot BearLineman245-ag, d
10Harmony BearLineman115m, -av
13Secret BearLineman50-av
7Funshine BearLineman3322Guard, Blockm, -ma, n
4Cheer BearLineman2112Dirty Playerm, -ma, n
13Secret BearLineman10d
7Funshine BearLineman40d
2Birthday BearBlitzer7987Block, Mighty Blow, Guard, Tackle, Claw, Juggernautm, m, m, -st
2Birthday BearBlitzer13Blockd
13Secret BearLineman30-ma, d
10Harmony BearLineman1110Wrestle-st
4Cheer BearLineman90m, d
11Laugh-a-lot BearLineman1412Guard-ag, n
3Champ BearGutter Runner1631Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Wrestle, Strip Ball, Side Stepm, m, m, d
17Tristan TruestreamLineman10d
4Cheer BearLineman35m, d
15Tenderheart BearLineman3240Kick, Dirty Player, Wrestle-ag
14Surprise BearLineman376Dirty Playerm, -ag, m, m, m
11Laugh-a-lot BearLineman75n
11Laugh-a-lot BearLineman10d
7Funshine BearLineman1413Wrestle-ma, -av
15Tenderheart BearLineman30d
7Funshine BearLineman10d
10Harmony BearLineman70m, d
11Laugh-a-lot BearLineman10d
8Good Luck BearLineman3237+ST, Block, Tacklem, m, -ag, d
15Tenderheart BearLineman40-av
9Grumpy BearGutter Runner4377Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Horns, Wrestle, +MA, Two Heads, Frenzym, m, -av
3Champ BearGutter Runner1018Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Wrestle, Side Step-av
9Grumpy BearGutter Runner46Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Wrestled
15Tenderheart BearLineman45m, d
14Surprise BearLineman1112Wrestlem, m, m, d
11Laugh-a-lot BearLineman60-av
10Harmony Bear Lineman1013Kickm, d
3Champ BearGutter Runner70Dodge, Weeping Daggerm, -av
14Surprise BearLineman50d
15Tenderheart BearLineman60m, d
11Laugh-a-lot BearLineman65m, m, d
3Champ BearGutter Runner515Dodge, Weeping Dagger, +AGd
13Secret BearLineman212m, m, m, d
10Harmony BearLineman87Wrestle-av
7Funshine BearLineman2010Wrestlem, d
13Secret BearLineman22d
13Secret BearLineman29Guard-av
6Friend BearGutter Runner84198Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Wrestle, +MA, Two Heads, Sure Feet, Sprint, Side Stepm, m, m, m, d
13Secret BearLineman20n
10Harmony BearLineman62d
5Daydream Bear Thrower101153Sure Hands, Pass, +AG, Leader, Block, Accurate, +STm, m, m, n, m, d
2Birthday BearBlitzer4266Block, Guard, Tackle, Claw, Mighty Blowm, m, d
11Laugh-a-lot BearLineman110m, m, d
6Friend BearGutter Runner612Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Wrestlem, d
4Cheer BearLineman3619Dirty Player, Kick-ma, m, -av
13Secret BearLineman67Dirty Playerm, -av
6Friend BearGutter Runner23Dodge, Weeping Dagger-av
13Secret BearLineman20-av
15Tenderheart BearLineman165m, n
4Cheer BearLineman55m, -av
7Funshine Bear Lineman177Wrestlem, m, m, d
14Surprise Bear Lineman2612Wrestle-av, m
3Champ BearGutter Runner2634Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Horns, Wrestle, Strip Balld
11Laugh-a-lot BearLineman1312Guardm, d
13Secret Bear Lineman1118Guard, Blockm, m, n, d
10Harmony BearLineman2112+ST-ma, m, -ag, n
6Friend BearGutter Runner1625Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Wrestle, Strip Ballm, -ma
15Tenderheart BearLineman167Wrestlem, m, m, -st
4Cheer BearLineman170m, -av
14Surprise BearLineman1411m, d
13 Secret BearLineman87Wrestlem, d
3Champ BearGutter Runner1543Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Horns, Wrestle, Strip Balld
11Laugh-a-lot BearLineman125m, m, m, d
13Secret Bear Lineman42d
10Harmony BearLineman97Wrestle-ma, m, m, m, m
7Funshine Bear Lineman2113Kick-ma, -ma
8Good Luck Bear Lineman5948Dirty Player, Sneaky Git, Kickm, -av
7Funshine Bear Lineman20d
14Surprise BearLineman90n
8Good Luck BearLineman12n
15Tenderheart Bear Lineman129Wrestled
6Friend Bear Gutter Runner1520Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Wrestle, Strip Ballm, d
9Grumpy BearGutter Runner5787Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Sure Feet, Two Heads, Sprint, Side Step, Catchm, n
7Funshine Bear Lineman510Wrestled
13Secret Bear Lineman20m, n
11Laugh-a-lot BearLineman127Wrestlem, m
15Tenderheart BearLineman82d
13Secret BearLineman52d
5Daydream Bear Thrower3951Sure Hands, Pass, Leader, Accurate, Pro, Kickm, m, m, m, -st, m
14Surprise BearLineman100d
5Daydream Bear Thrower26Sure Hands, Pass, Leaderd
7Funshine Bear Lineman50m, d
11Laugh-a-lot BearLineman52d
7Funshine Bear Lineman45-av
11Laugh-a-lot BearLineman30d
4Cheer BearLineman2712Dirty Player-ma, m
9Grumpy BearGutter Runner1728Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Wrestle, Strip Ballm, m, d
8Good Luck BearLineman1918Guard, Wrestle-av, -av
8Good Luck BearLineman10-av
11Laugh-a-lot BearLineman100n
3Champ BearGutter Runner3149Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Wrestle, Strip Ball, Dauntlessm, m, -st
6Friend BearGutter Runner2456Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Sure Feet, Sprint, Two Heads, Side Stepm, -av, -st, d
5Daydream Bear Thrower1724Sure Hands, Pass, Leader, +MAd
9Grumpy BearGutter Runner815Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Wrestled
15Tenderheart BearLineman188Guardm, m, m, n
8Good Luck BearLineman97Wrestled
15Tenderheart BearLineman35d
3Champ BearGutter Runner57Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Horns-st
14Surprise BearLineman2820Dirty Player, Wrestlem
7Funshine Bear Lineman2212Wrestlem, -ag, -ma, n
3Champ BearGutter Runner817Dodge, Weeping Dagger, +AG, Wrestled
2Birthday BearBlitzer75181Block, Claw, Mighty Blow, Tackle, Juggernaut, Frenzy, Juggernautm, -av, m, m, m, -av
14Surprise BearLineman60d
8Good Luck BearLineman130m, -ag, -st
4Cheer BearLineman2910Wrestle-st, m, m
15Tenderheart BearLineman163-st, d
7Funshine BearLineman75m, m, -ag, -av
10Harmony BearLineman5138Kick, Dirty Player, Wrestlem, n, d
11Laugh-a-lot BearLineman2317Wrestle, Fendm, d
7Funshine BearLineman15d
13Secret BearLineman3918Guard, Wrestlem, m, -ag, -ma, -ma, d
15Tenderheart BearLineman32m, m, d
7Funshine BearLineman63-st
7Funshine BearLineman10-av
11Laugh-a-lot BearLineman80m
7Funshine BearLineman10m
10Harmony BearLineman136Wrestlen
13Secret BearLineman100m, m, m, d
9Grumpy BearGutter Runner39102Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Two Heads, Sprint, Sure Feet, Nerves Of Steel, Side Step-ma
1Bedtime Bear Blitzer2323Block, Guard, Mighty Blowm, d
11Laugh-a-lot BearLineman105-st, m, m, d
13Secret BearLineman20d
4Cheer BearLineman2316Dirty Player, Kickm, d
8Good Luck BearLineman2618Kick, Dirty Playerm, d
13Secret BearLineman30-av
4Cheer BearLineman45d
14Surprise BearLineman2716Guardm, -ma, m, m, m, d
4Cheer BearLineman10-av
15Tenderheart BearLineman2212Wrestlem, -ma, n
10Harmony BearLineman1310Dirty Player-ma, d
7Funshine BearLineman2112Guardm, d
14Surprise BearLineman30d
10Harmony BearLineman30d
18Harold PaletreeLineman10d
10Harmony BearLineman42m, d
7Funshine Bear Lineman70-av
4Cheer BearLineman95m, d
7Funshine Bear Lineman10m
15Tenderheart BearLineman95m, -ma, d
15Tenderheart BearLineman10-st
4Cheer BearLineman34m, d
3Champ BearGutter Runner5284Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Wrestle, Horns, Strip Ball, +AG, Tacklem, m, m, m, -av, -av, n
13Secret BearLineman2010Guardm, m, n, -av
7Funshine BearLineman117Wrestle-av, -ma, n
6Friend BearGutter Runner7092Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Wrestle, Strip Ball, Leap, Dauntless, +AGm, m, m, m, m, -ma, r
3Champ BearGutter Runner57Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Strip Ballm, -st
2Birthday Bear Blitzer59147Block, +MA, Mighty Blow, Tackle, +MA, Juggernautm, m, m, m, d
4Cheer BearLineman1511Wrestlem, -st
7Funshine BearLineman80m, -av
4Cheer Bear Lineman20m, m
11Laugh-a-lot BearLineman3430Guard, +MAm, m, -ag, m, -ag, n, d
7Funshine BearLineman10d
7Funshine BearLineman25d
10Harmony BearLineman3024Wrestle, Dirty Playerd
8Good Luck BearLineman3826Kick, Dirty Playerm, m, -ma, n, -ma, d
9Grumpy BearGutter Runner46126Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Wrestle, +MA, Sprint, Sure Feet, Side Stepm, m, -st, d
7 Funshine BearLineman75m, d
15Tenderheart BearLineman2921Wrestle, Guardm, m, -ma, m, -st
1Bedtime BearBlitzer5038Block, Guard, Tackle, +AGm, -ag, m, -ag
10Harmony BearLineman60m, d
10Harmony BearLineman30-st
15Tenderheart BearLineman40m, d
10Harmony BearLineman30-st
7Funshine BearLineman95-ag, d
13Secret BearLineman3211Wrestle-ag, m, d
8Good Luck BearLineman145-ma, d
2Birthday BearBlitzer2650Block, +AG, Claw, +STd
5Daydream Bear Thrower99165Sure Hands, Pass, +AG, Leader, Dodge, Accurate, +MAm, m, -st, m, m, m, -ma, r
10Harmony BearLineman40m, -st
8Good Luck BearLineman40n
7Funshine BearLineman55d
8Good Luck BearLineman10d
6Friend BearGutter Runner3544Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Sprint, Two Heads, +STd
15Tenderheart Bear Lineman95-av
6Friend BearGutter Runner214Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Horns-ag
10 Harmony BearLineman40m, -av
14Surprise BearLineman6123Guard, +ST-ag, m, m, -ma, -ma, d
8Good Luck BearLineman1110Guardd
3Champ BearGutter Runner4474Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Horns, Strip Ball, Wrestle, Dauntlessm, n, -st, m, r
11Laugh-a-lot Bear Lineman4012Kickm, m, m, d
7Funshine BearLineman1716Guard, Kickm, d
9Grumpy BearGutter Runner3758Dodge, Weeping Dagger, +MA, +ST, Strip Ball, Wrestlen, r
10Harmony BearLineman1415Wrestlem, -ma, d
2Birthday BearBlitzer2437Block, Mighty Blow, Tackle, +MAm, -ma
6Friend BearGutter Runner2031Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Wrestle, Strip Ball, Side Stepm
3Champ BearGutter Runner1019Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Sprint, Hornsd
11Laugh-a-lot BearLineman63n, d
6Friend BearGutter Runner212Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Hornsd
6Friend BearGutter Runner10Dodge, Weeping Dagger-st
11Laugh-a-lot BearLineman30d
6Friend BearGutter Runner20Dodge, Weeping Dagger-ma
2Birthday BearBlitzer1226Block, Mighty Blow, Clawm, n
14Surprise BeaLineman257Wrestlem, d
11Laugh-a-lot BearLineman50-st
4Cheer BearLineman5724Wrestle, Dirty Playerm, m, m, m, -ma, m, d
11Laugh-a-lot BearLineman20d
10Harmony BearLineman1716Wrestle, +AGd
11Laugh-a-lot Bear Lineman10d
9Grumpy BearGutter Runner1620Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Strip Ballm, m, m, d
4Cheer BearLineman27Fendm
4Cheer BearLineman10-ma
10Harmony BearLineman30d
14Surprise BearLineman60d
7Funshine BearLineman2210+AV-ma, m, n, -av
8Good Luck BearLineman3029Kick, Dirty Playerm, d
6Friend BearGutter Runner1323Dodge, Weeping Dagger, +AG, Hornsm, -av, m, d
5Daydream Bear Thrower4649Sure Hands, Pass, Leader, Big Hand, Accuratem, m, m, m, -ma, -ma
5Daydream Bear Thrower10Sure Hands, Passn
4Cheer BearLineman86Dirty Playerm
7Funshine BearLineman80d
8Good Luck BearLineman80d
5Daydream Bear Thrower518Sure Hands, Pass, Two Heads, +MA 
4Cheer BearLineman50d
4Cheer Bear Lineman20d
5Daydream BearThrower46Sure Hands, Pass, Leaderm, -av
7Funshine BearLineman89Kick-st
4Cheer Bear Lineman60n
13Secret BearLineman6421Wrestle, Fendm, -ma, -ma, n
7Funshine BearLineman37d
13Secret BearLineman10d
14Surprise BearLineman2521Dirty Player, Kickd
7Funshine BearLineman55-ma
8Good Luck BearLineman133m, m, -ma
7Funshine BearLineman10d
4Cheer Bear Lineman70m, m, d
3Champ BearGutter Runner4697Dodge, Weeping Dagger, +AG, Leap, Guard, Side Step, Wrestlem, m, m, n, d
1Bedtime BearBlitzer82275Block, Claw, Mighty Blow, Juggernaut, +MA, Guard, Tacklem, m, m, m, m, -ma, -ma, -av
4Cheer BearLineman30d
8Good Luck BearLineman102d
14Surprise BearLineman125m, -ag
7Funshine Bear Lineman142d
13Secret BearLineman199Dirty Playern
4Cheer BearLineman60-st
11Laugh-a-lot BearLineman4123Guard, Fendm, m, m, m, m, m, m, d
5Daydream BearThrower2545Sure Hands, Pass, Big Hand, Leader, Accuratem, m, m, m, m, -st
3Champ BearGutter Runner1457Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Sure Feet, Sprint, Catch, +MAr
3Champ BearGutter Runner10Dodge, Weeping Daggerd
4Cheer Bear Lineman97Wrestled
6Friend BearGutter Runner4776Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Wrestle, Strip Ball, Dauntless, Leap, Side Stepm
8Good Luck BearLineman125m, m, m, n
7Funshine BearLineman149Wrestled
8Good Luck BearLineman30n
7Funshine BearLineman20-ag
10Harmony Bear Lineman5927Guard, Fendm, d
9Grumpy BearGutter Runner60102Dodge, Weeping Dagger, +ST, Horns, Wrestle, Strip Ball, Leapm, m, d
10Harmony Bear Lineman25n
7Funshine BearLineman52d
11Laugh-a-lot BearGutter Runner711Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Hornsd
10Harmony BearLineman76Guardd
3Champ BearGutter Runner1854Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Wrestle, +MA, Sure Feet, Sprintm, d
2Birthday BearBlitzer73221Block, Mighty Blow, Tackle, Juggernaut, Guard, Grab, Thick Skullm, m, m, m, -ma, d
9Grumpy BearLineman1218Fend, Wrestlem, -av
8Good Luck BearLineman1413Wrestlem, d
12Tenderheart Bear Lineman20n
10Harmony BearGutter Runner20Dodge, Weeping Daggern
2Birthday BearBlitzer67Block, Mighty Blowd
6Friend BearGutter Runner2325Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Sure Feet, Very Long Legsm, -ma, m, -av
2Birthday BearBlitzer33Block-av
11Laugh-a-lot BearLineman40m, d
11Laugh-a-lot BearLineman10d
8Good Luck BearLineman110d
14Surprise Bear Lineman4626Kick, Dirty Playerd
6Friend BearGutter Runner79Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Side Stepm, d
8Good Luck BearLineman25n
13Secret BearLineman52-ag
4Cheer BearLineman3412Wrestlem, m, m, d
8Good Luck BearLineman20-ma
10Harmony BearGutter Runner1432Dodge, Weeping Dagger, +MA, Sure Feet, Sprintd
9Grumpy BearLineman62-ma
6Friend BearGutter Runner616Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Block, Hornsm
8Good Luck BearLineman50d
9Grumpy BearLineman50m, -ma
3Champ BearGutter Runner2839Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Wrestle, Strip Ball, Dauntlessd
9Grumpy BearLineman10d
1Bedtime BearBlitzer64149Block, Claw, Mighty Blow, +ST, Jump Up, Dodgem, m, n, d, r
4Cheer BearLineman137+AG 
4Cheer BearLineman20-av
3Champ BearGutter Runner56Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Wrestled
9Grumpy BearLineman50d
12Tenderheart Bear Lineman3122Kick, Dirty Playerm, -ag
5Daydream BearThrower5968Sure Hands, Pass, Leader, Two Heads, Accurate, Kick-Off Returnm
3Champ BearGutter Runner611Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Wrestled
9Grumpy BearLineman60n
5Daydream BearThrower56Sure Hands, Pass, Leaderd
7Funshine BearLineman5044Fend, Wrestle, Pass Blockm, -ma, m
3Champ BearGutter Runner40Dodge, Weeping Daggerm, -ma
6Friend BearGutter Runner2341Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Wrestle, Strip Ball, Tacklem, -ma
3Champ BearGutter Runner53Dodge, Weeping Daggerd
10Tenderheart BearGutter Runner2852Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Block, Side Step, Fend, Diving Tacklem, m
1Bedtime BearBlitzer1851Block, Mighty Blow, Juggernaut, Tackle, Prom, m, n
6Friend BearGutter Runner312Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Blockm, d
5Daydream BearThrower1318Sure Hands, Pass, +MA, +AGd
12Tenderheart Bear Gutter Runner57Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Blockm
8Good Luck BearLineman3124Wrestle, Fend-ma, m
7Funshine BearLineman138Wrestlem, -av
6Friend BearGutter Runner30Dodged
15Tenderheart BearLineman27d
11Laugh-a-lot BearLineman4738Dirty Player, Two Heads, Sneaky Git 
15Tenderheart Bear Lineman20d
8Good Luck BearGutter Runner30Dodgem, n
13Secret BearLineman2221Block, Fendm, m, d
14Surprise Bear Lineman2516Block, Kickm, m, -st
11Laugh-a-lot Bear Lineman56Dirty Playerd
12Tenderheart BearLineman70m, n
6Friend BearRat Ogre715Mighty Blow, Frenzy, Prehensile Tail, Big Guy, Wild Animal, Guardm, -av, d
8Good Luck BearLineman63m, n
6Friend BearLineman25m, n
5Daydream BearLineman1316Block, Kickm, d
2Birthday BearBlitzer5791Block, Guard, Mighty Blow, +AG, Juggernaut, Tacklem, m, m, m, d
3Champ BearGutter Runner2137Dodge, Weeping Dagger, +MA, Block, Side Stepn, m, -av
7Funshine BearGutter Runner1518Dodge, Blockd
1Bedtime BearBlitzer2416Block, Guard, +AGm, -av
11Laugh-a-lot Bear Gutter Runner1516Dodge, Block, Side Step-av, m, n
14Surprise Bear Lineman116Blockm, n
12Love-a-Lot BearLineman95m, d
7Funshine BearGutter Runner611Dodge, Blockm, d
14Surprise BearLineman20m, n
1Bedtime BearStorm Vermin816Block, +MA, Guardd
12Love-a-Lot BearLineman50d
15Tenderheart Bear Lineman2120Dirty Player, Kickm, d
15Tenderheart Bear Lineman20m, n
12Love-a-Lot BearLineman30d
11Laugh-a-lot BearGutter Runner1112Dodge, Blockm, n
8Good Luck BearRat Ogre1615Mighty Blow, Frenzy, Prehensile Tail, Big Guy, Wild Animal, Guardd
7Funshine BearGutter Runner1228Dodge, Block, +AGm, n
15Tenderheart Bear Gutter Runner66Dodge, Blockd
7Funshine BearRat Ogre55Mighty Blow, Frenzy, Prehensile Tail, Big Guy, Wild Animald
13Secret BearLineman3532Block, Tackle, Kickm, n, m
4Cheer BearLineman6338Block, Tackle, Strip Ballm, m, m, m, m, d
9Grumpy BearLineman596Dirty Playerm, d
11Secret BearGutter Runner106Dodge, Blockm, d
15Tenderheart BearRat Ogre818Mighty Blow, Frenzy, Prehensile Tail, Big Guy, Wild Animal, Guard, +MAd
14Surprise BearLineman2734+ST, Block, Tackled
6Friend BearThrower4153Pass, Sure Hands, Block, Accurate, Safe Throw, Kickm
13Secret BearGutter Runner86Dodge, Blockd
12Love-a-Lot BearLineman2225Horns, Clawm, d
5Daydream BearLineman3731Claw, Block, Tacklem, m, d
2Birthday BearStorm Vermin4241Block, Guard, Claw, Tacklem, m, m, n
1Bedtime BearStorm Vermin3270Block, Claw, Tackle, Claw, Multiple Blockn
5Daydream BearGutter Runner31Dodged
5Daydream BearGutter Runner13Dodged
11Laugh-a-lot BearLineman1311+AGd
10Harmony BearLineman5418Block, Tacklem, m, -ma, m, m, m, m, m, m, m, -ma, m, m, n
9Grumpy BearLineman1520Dirty Player, +AGm, d
8Good Luck BearLineman237Dirty Playerm, -av, m, m, d
7Funshine BearLineman2111Guardd
6Friend BearLineman96Blockn, m
4Cheer BearGutter Runner1828Dodge, Block, Side Stepm, n
3Champ BearGutter Runner4536Dodge, Block, Side Step, Strip Ballm, -av, m, -av, d
2Birthday BearStorm Vermin32Blockd
1Bedtime BearStorm Vermin27Block, Guardm, n