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Past Players of Museikos
Team Page
8AstuntasNorse Lineman10Blockd
7SeptintasNorse Lineman20Block-st
12dvyliktasNorse Lineman310Block, Dirty Player 
9DevintasNorse Lineman57Block, Dirty Player 
11vienuoliktasNorse Lineman27Block, Dirty Playerd
8AstuntasNorse Lineman510Block, Dirty Player 
7SeptintasNorse Lineman78Block, Dirty Player 
6SestasNorse Lineman610Block, Dirty Player 
13TryliktasNorse Lineman65Block 
12dvyliktasNorse Lineman30Block-av
9DevintasNorse Lineman610Block, Dirty Playerm, m
5Penktas!Norse Lineman77Block, Dirty Playerm
6SestasNorse Lineman57Block, Dirty Player 
12dvyliktasNorse Lineman33Blockd
11vienuoliktasNorse Lineman810Block, Dirty Player 
7SeptintasNorse Lineman69Block, Dirty Player 
12dvyliktasNorse Lineman10Block 
5Penktas!Norse Lineman48Block, Dirty Player 
7SeptintasNorse Lineman40Blockd
4KetvirtasNorse Lineman103Blockm, -st
10DesimtasNorse Lineman148Block, Dirty Playerd
6SestasNorse Lineman103Blockn
5Penktas!Norse Lineman612Block, Dirty Player 
11vienuoliktasNorse Lineman917Block, Dirty Player, Kick 
10DesimtasNorse Lineman58Block, +AG 
9DevintasNorse Lineman128Block, Dirty Playerm
8AstuntasNorse Lineman2017Block, +ST, Fend 
4KetvirtasNorse Lineman813Block, Dirty Player 
5Penktas!Norse Lineman513Block, Dirty Player 
11SabasNorse Lineman10Blockd
6SestasNorse Lineman913Block, Dirty Player 
12dvyliktasNorse Lineman28Block, +ST 
5Penktas!Norse Lineman613Block, Dirty Player-ag
9DevintasNorse Lineman98Block, Dirty Playerm
5Penktas!Norse Lineman33Block-st
7SeptintasNorse Lineman1813Block, Dirty Playerm
13TryliktasNorse Lineman74Block-ma, d
4KetvirtasNorse Lineman1415Block, Dirty Player 
9DevintasNorse Lineman78Block, Dirty Player-ma
3TreciasNorse Berserker10Block, Frenzy, Jump Upd
10DesimtasNorse Lineman1414Block, Dirty Playerd
7SeptintasNorse Lineman714Block, Dirty Player 
6SestasNorse Lineman1214Block, Dirty Player 
10DesimtasNorse Lineman10Blockd
6SestasNorse Lineman15Block-ma
4KetvirtasNorse Lineman40Blockd
4KetvirtasNorse Lineman16Block, Dirty Player 
10DesimtasNorse Lineman32Blockd
9DevintasNorse Lineman52Blockd
1PirmasYhetee59Frenzy, Claw, Disturbing Presence, Loner, Wild Animal, Mighty Blow-av
8AstuntasNorse Lineman2214Block, Dirty Playerm
4KetvirtasNorse Lineman36Block, Dirty Player 
8AstuntasNorse Lineman26Block, Dirty Player 
12DvyliktasNorse Lineman1519Block, Dirty Player, Kick 
11VienuoliktasNorse Lineman2212Block, Guardm
12DvyliktasNorse Lineman46Block, Dirty Player 
11VienuoliktasNorse Lineman26Block, Dirty Player 
8AstuntasNorse Lineman52Blockd
6SestasNorse Lineman1213Block, Dirty Player-av
11VienuoliktasNorse Lineman20Block-st
5PenktasNorse Lineman2110Block, Dirty Player 
4KetvirtasNorse Lineman921Block, +AG, Sure Handsd
13TryliktasNorse Lineman66Block, Dirty Playerm
12DvyliktasNorse Lineman62Blockn
7SeptintasNorse Lineman1713Block, Dirty Playerm
8AstuntasNorse Lineman60Block-ma, d
2AntrasNorse Berserker34107Block, Frenzy, Jump Up, Mighty Blow, Juggernaut, Tackle, +AV, Guardm, d
4KetvirtasNorse Lineman83Blockd
10DesimtasNorse Lineman1823Block, Guard, Fend-ma, n
7SeptintasNorse Lineman40Blockm, d
2AntrasNorse Berserker38Block, Frenzy, Jump Up, +AG 
6SestasNorse Lineman118Block, Dirty Playerm, d
11VienuoliktasNorse Lineman135Blockn
3TreciasNorse Berserker2687Block, Frenzy, Jump Up, Mighty Blow, Juggernaut, Tackle, Guard, Fendm, m, d
14KeturioliktasNorse Lineman1112Block, Dirty Playerd
13DesimtasNorse Lineman10Block 
9DevintasNorse Lineman2211Block, Dirty Playerm, m, m, d
10DesimtasNorse Lineman62Blockm, m, d
6SestasNorse Lineman615Block, Dirty Playerd
12DvyliktasNorse Lineman1517Block, Kick, Leader-st
9DevintasNorse Lineman48Block, Guardd
11VienuoliktasNorse Lineman77Blockd
3TreciasNorse Berserker817Block, Frenzy, Jump Up, Mighty Blowd
8AstuntasNorse Lineman1518Block, Dirty Player, Kickm, m
6SestasNorse Lineman46Block, Dirty Player 
12DvyliktasNorse Lineman52Blockd
4KetvirtasNorse Lineman1617Block, Dirty Player, Kickm
10DesimtasNorse Lineman96Block, Kick-av
17William DeepfireNorse Lineman10Blockd
9DevintasNorse Lineman86Block, Dirty Playerd
9DevintasNorse Lineman10Blockn
8AstuntasNorse Lineman60Blockd
6SestasNorse Lineman50Blockm, n
5PenktasNorse Lineman2713Block, Dirty Player-ma, m
8AstuntasNorse Lineman36Block, Dirty Player 
7SeptintasNorse Lineman189Block, Dirty Playerm
6SestasNorse Lineman47Block, Dirty Player 
7SeptintasNorse Lineman16Block, Dirty Player 
5PenktasNorse Lineman76Block, Dirty Player 
12DvyliktasNorse Lineman1210Block, Dirty Playerd
6SestasNorse Lineman46Block, Dirty Playerm
4KetvirtasNorse Lineman1314Block, Dirty Player-av
5PenktasNorse Lineman26Block, Dirty Player 
4KetvirtasNorse Lineman16Block, Dirty Player 
12DvyliktasNorse Lineman26Block, Dirty Player 
11VienuoliktasNorse Lineman188Block, Dirty Playerd
9DevintasNorse Lineman1016Block, Guard, Fendd
6SestasNorse Lineman46Block, Kick 
14KeturioliktasNorse Lineman10Block 
12DvyliktasNorse Lineman38Block, Kickd
4KetvirtasNorse Lineman66Block, Dirty Player-ma
4KetvirtasNorse Lineman00Block 
2AntrasNorse Berserker35110Block, Frenzy, Jump Up, Mighty Blow, Juggernaut, Tackle, Guard, Dodge-ma, -ag, m, d
6SestasNorse Lineman36Block, Dirty Playerm
8AstuntasNorse Lineman2018Block, Guard, Fendd
7SeptintasNorse Lineman1517Block, Dirty Player, Kickm
12DvyliktasNorse Lineman28Block, Dirty Player 
2AntrasNorse Berserker825Block, Frenzy, Jump Up, Mighty Blow, Juggernaut-st
11VienuoliktasNorse Lineman1419Block, Dirty Player, Kickm, d
5PenktasNorse Lineman156Block, Dirty Playerm, m
4KetvirtasNorse Lineman78Block, Dirty Player 
8AstuntasNorse Lineman56Block, Dirty Player 
5PenktasNorse Lineman20Blockd
4KetvirtasNorse Lineman30Block-ma
3TreciasNorse Berserker37115Block, Frenzy, Jump Up, Mighty Blow, Juggernaut, Tackle, Guard, Fend-ag, -av
6SestasNorse Lineman148Block, Dirty Playerd
4KetvirtasNorse Lineman26Block, Dirty Player 
12DvyliktasNorse Lineman66Block, Dirty Player 
10DesimtasNorse Lineman3436Block, Dirty Player, Guard, Kickm, m, d
8AstuntasNorse Lineman76Block, Dirty Player 
7SeptintasNorse Lineman106Block, Dirty Playerm, m
14KeturioliktasNorse Lineman2118Block, Kickd
8AstuntasNorse Lineman26Block, Dirty Player 
13TryliktasNorse Lineman4557Block, +AG, Guard, +AG, Fendm, m, m, m, m, m, d
11VienuoliktasNorse Lineman613Block, Dirty Playerm, -st
10DesimtasNorse Lineman46Block, Dirty Player 
12DvyliktasNorse Lineman55Block-av
11VienuoliktasNorse Lineman26Block, Dirty Player 
10DesimtasNorse Lineman47Block, Dirty Player 
6SestasNorse Lineman1012Block, Dirty Player-st
5PenktasNorse Lineman1819Block, Dirty Player, Kickm
1PirmasYhetee82171Frenzy, Claw, Disturbing Presence, Loner, Wild Animal, Mighty Blow, Block, Guard, Thick Skull, Stand Firm-ma, -ag, -ag, m, -av, d
8AstuntasNorse Lineman1216Block, Guard, Fendd
6SestasNorse Lineman87Block, Dirty Playerm
9DevintasNorse Lineman4131Block, Guard, Fend, Frenzym, n
7SeptintasNorse Lineman1831Block, Dirty Player, Kick, Fendm
12DvyliktasNorse Lineman148Block, Dirty Playerm
11VienuoliktasNorse Lineman157Block, Dirty Playerm
12DvyliktasNorse Lineman26Block, Dirty Player 
11VienuoliktasNorse Lineman20Blockn
3TreciasNorse Berserker2967Block, Frenzy, Jump Up, Mighty Blow, Juggernaut, Tackle, Guardm, d
12DvyliktasNorse Lineman20Block-av
3TreciasNorse Berserker15Block, Frenzy, Jump Up-av
8AstuntasNorse Lineman116Block, Dirty Player-ma
5PenktasNorse Lineman147Block, +AG-av
11VienuoliktasNorse Lineman40Blockd
7SeptintasNorse Lineman916Block, Dirty Player, +AV 
11VienuoliktasNorse Lineman23Blockd
11VienuoliktasNorse Lineman43Block-ma
10DesimtasNorse Lineman2515Block, Dirty Playern
14KeturioliktasNorse Lineman1617Block, Dirty Player, Kickn
12DvyliktasNorse Lineman10Block 
9DevintasNorse Lineman2325Block, Guard, Mighty Blowd
13TryliktasNorse Lineman3421Block, Dirty Player, Kickm, n
12DvyliktasNorse Lineman43Blockd
9DevintasNorse Lineman20Blockm, d
12DvyliktasNorse Lineman10Block-av
9DevintasNorse Lineman48Block, +STd
17Martin DirtywingNorse Lineman10Blockd
8AstuntasNorse Lineman2114Block, Dirty Playerm, -ag
7SeptintasNorse Lineman2233Block, Dirty Player, Kick, Frenzym
4KetviratsNorse Lineman5442Block, Guard, Fend, Wrestlem, -av
3MoterisNorse Berserker2875Block, Frenzy, Jump Up, Mighty Blow, Juggernaut, Tackle, Guardd
3MoterisNorse Berserker20Block, Frenzy, Jump Up-st
3MoterisNorse Berserker10Block, Frenzy, Jump Upd
11VienuoliktasNorse Lineman2216Block, Dirty Player, Fendm
10DesimtasNorse Lineman2311Block, Fend 
6SestasNorse Lineman4029Block, Dirty Player, Kickm, m, d
5PenktasNorse Lineman3229Block, Guard, Fend-ma, d
5PenktasNorse Lineman10Blockd
11VienuoliktasNorse Lineman510Block, Guard-av
10DesimtasNorse Lineman50Blockd
9DevintasNorse Lineman1135Block, +AG, Sure Hands, Fendd
8AstuntasNorse Lineman60Blockm, d
7SeptintasNorse Lineman1114Block, Dirty Playerd
6SestasNorse Lineman50Block-st
5PenktasNorse Lineman42Blockd
4KetviratsNorse Lineman811Block, Dirty Player-av
3MoterisNorse Berserker79Block, Frenzy, Jump Upd
2ZmogusNorse Berserker69128Block, Frenzy, Jump Up, Mighty Blow, Juggernaut, Tackle, Guard, Stand Firmm, m, m, -ag, -ma, d
1Bezdzione!Yhetee5181Frenzy, Claw, Disturbing Presence, Loner, Wild Animal, Mighty Blow, Guard, Block, Dodge, Stand Firmm, d