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Past Players of WIL to Win
Team Page
4Will HavtowinBlocker77Block, Tackle, Thick Skull, Guard-st
6Will WingamesBlocker66Block, Tackle, Thick Skull, Guardd
3Will NeedskillsBlocker149Block, Tackle, Thick Skull, Guard-ma, d
8Will TosucceedBlocker42Block, Tackle, Thick Skull-av
6Will GetelvesBlitzer183Block, Thick Skulld
2Will GetdtBlocker1817Block, Tackle, Thick Skull, Guard, Side Stepn, d
3Will TackleelvesBlocker140Block, Tackle, Thick Skulld
4Will BerebornTroll Slayer3150Block, Dauntless, Frenzy, Thick Skull, Tackle, Mighty Blow, Multiple Blockm, -ag, d
2Will NeedDTBlocker130Block, Tackle, Thick Skullm, n, m
4Will MoreclawBlocker1214Block, Tackle, Thick Skull, Diving Tacklem, d
1Will GetfouledRunner3678Sure Hands, Thick Skull, Block, Fend, Pro, Kick-Off Return, Tackle-av, d
8Will HebepombedBlocker2431Block, Tackle, Thick Skull, Guard, Mighty Blow-ag, d
7Will IbeclawedBlitzer1613Block, Thick Skull, Tackled
6Will NeednewpepsBlitzer2214Block, Thick Skull, Guardd
10Will ItopitBlocker125Block, Tackle, Thick Skullm, d
6Will StillneedabenchBlocker60Block, Tackle, Thick Skulld
4Will BringithomeBlocker137Block, Tackle, Thick Skull, Guardn, d
3Will BeanewguyBlocker322Block, Tackle, Thick Skull-st
11Will I TBlocker20Block, Tackle, Thick Skulld
2Will HegettwelveBlocker256Block, Tackle, Thick Skull, +MAd
11Will EBlocker150Block, Tackle, Thick Skulln
5Will YBlocker3334Block, Tackle, Thick Skull, Guard, Mighty Blow, Stand Firmm, -ma, m, d
5Will HemakeitBlocker42Block, Tackle, Thick Skulld
5Will HeaddstBlocker20Block, Tackle, Thick Skulld
4Will WewinBlocker232Block, Tackle, Thick Skull-ma
10Will RollwellBlocker2330Block, Tackle, Thick Skull, Guard, Mighty Blown, d
5Will HeplusstBlocker20Block, Tackle, Thick Skullm
6Will HedieBlocker2620Block, Tackle, Thick Skull, +ST, Mighty Blowm, -st
3Will TherebedblsBlocker2829Block, Tackle, Thick Skull, Guard, Mighty Blowd
2Will He SkillBlocker1911Block, Tackle, Thick Skull, Guardd
10Will KnotBlocker60Block, Tackle, Thick Skulld
14Will HemakeadiffBlocker10Block, Tackle, Thick Skull 
4Will BlockBlocker162Block, Tackle, Thick Skullm, d
11Will EBlocker2611Block, Tackle, Thick Skull, Guardd
9Will HeliveTroll Slayer66112Block, Dauntless, Frenzy, Thick Skull, Mighty Blow, Pro, Tackle, +ST, Guardm, -av, m, -av, -ag, -st
8Will I amBlitzer5448Block, Thick Skull, Mighty Blow, Grab, Guardd
18Duane ClearlightningBlocker10Block, Tackle, Thick Skulld
3Will MaimeBlocker2040Block, Tackle, Thick Skull, Guard, Mighty Blow, +MA-ma
1Will HeflyRunner64188Sure Hands, Thick Skull, Kick-Off Return, Block, Dodge, +AG, Side Step, +MAm, d
17Harold FasttreeBlocker10Block, Tackle, Thick Skulld
3Will XplodeTroll Slayer30Block, Dauntless, Frenzy, Thick Skulld
1Will SharpBlitzer30Block, Thick Skulld
12Will KillTroll Slayer87178Block, Dauntless, Frenzy, Thick Skull, Mighty Blow, Tackle, Pro, Guard, Piling On, Shadowingm, m, m, -ag, m, -ag, d
10Will HekillDeathroller2729Dirty Player, Break Tackle, Juggernaut, Mighty Blow, Stand Firm, Loner, No Hands, Secret Weapon, Grab, Piling On 
3Will ThickyBlocker92Block, Tackle, Thick Skullm, d
13Will BangBlocker1811Block, Tackle, Thick Skull, Mighty Blowm, -av, -av, -ag
5Will SurelyBlocker3743Block, Tackle, Thick Skull, +ST, Mighty Blow, Guardn, m, n, m, d
12Will IngBlocker1211Block, Tackle, Thick Skull, Guard-av, d
11Will HandyRunner1622Sure Hands, Thick Skull, +MA, +MAm, d
10Will DangerousTroll Slayer90Block, Dauntless, Frenzy, Thick Skull-ma
9Will MadTroll Slayer1617Block, Dauntless, Frenzy, Thick Skull, Mighty Blow, Prod
8Will KnockBlitzer1517Block, Thick Skull, Tackle, Mighty Blow-st
7Will BashBlitzer76132Block, Thick Skull, Mighty Blow, +AG, Guard, Dodge, +AG-ma, m, m, d
6Will HeartyBlocker379Block, Tackle, Thick Skull, Guard-ma
5Will RoundBlocker47Block, Tackle, Thick Skulld
4Will ShortBlocker2918Block, Tackle, Thick Skull, Guard, +MA-av, d
3Will ThickBlocker50Block, Tackle, Thick Skull-av
2Will StoutBlocker4240Block, Tackle, Thick Skull, Guard, Mighty Blow, Grab-ma
1Will QuickRunner1539Sure Hands, Thick Skull, Block, Tackle, Prod