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Blekinge Bulls
Roster [R] Wood Elf



Team colors: Black and turkosgreen
Symbol: Bulls head
Owner: Anganatyr
Head Coach: Anganatyr
Assistant Coach: sir Orckiller
Home Stadium: Green Leaf Stadium
Sponsor: Real Reikland Stout
Players: Wood elves
Team Motto: -"You just see a green shadow before our touchdown!"
Cheerleaders: The Defenders of Nature
Team Mascot: Benjamin Bagger (Halfling)
Apothecary: Elfhamish
Team Wizard: Althren the wise


Blekinge Bulls competitions

Table top local leagues:

Rödeby Cup I (winner)
Katakomb Masters I (winner)
Rödeby Cup II (winner)
Rödeby Championship II (came to semifinal)
Katakomb Masters II (winner)
Rödeby Cup III (winner)
Edekling Bowl I (Tournament break off)
Katakomb Masters III (winner)
Edekling´s 7´s Bowl I (winner)
Baby Bowl I (winner)
Katakomb Masters IV (winner)
Murmaid Cup (out after the first game)
Katakomb Masters VII (winner)
Katakomb Masters VIII (winner)
Legaby Open I (winner)
Edekling Bowl II (winner)
Katakomb Masters IX (didn´t even came to play-off´s)


Secret League
Road to the NAF Championship 2018 (came out nr 11 in Group A with 42 teams, in Group B was 44 teams) Result: 3-1-2 ,7 points (+6)
Crown of Sand IX: Qualifer VII
BAR Brawl X - Hi
Old World Rookie Rumble #30
Europen Online 2018
Svenska LÖBBL IX
Svenska LÖBBL X
Svenska Ligan: Vinterkuppen X
Svenska Ligan: Vinterförlorarna X
Svenska Ligan LV: Allsvenskan
Svenska LÖBBL XI
Warpstone Open XIV: Qualifier V

Table top tournaments:




This is the first team I ever made for table top Blood Bowl and now it´s my first FUMBBL team. Blekinge Bulls was created in 1988 or 1989. On FUMBBL the team was created in 2015. In the beginning it was an elves team, but when the rules changed it turned in to a wood elf team. The team lives in the big Blekinge forest (also called the Kard forest) in their wood elf village in the trees. The village name is Gondirin and it´s located in the swedish fantasy world Ereb Altor. The Blekinge forest is famous for it´s many big clans of minotaurs, this is were the Bulls in Blekinge Bulls came in. During the Dungeon Bowl league "Katakomb Masters" the team played as a Rainbow wizard team. In a match during "Rödeby Cup III" the wardancer sir Orckiller got serious injured (MA-1) and therefore he was turned into a assistant coach.

The village of Gondirin.

After Blekinge Bulls first game on FUMBBL the coach Gozer_the_Gozerian wrote as follow on the match report:
-“Coach Gozer made stupid mistakes aplenty in the dying moments of the game, and it possibly cost him the match. The only reason he even got the tie was due to some luck when the elves tripped and turned the ball over in the 2nd half. Then the Baggers were able to blitz the final kickoff, giving them a chance to claim the victory, which they summarily blew. Thanks for the fun game, you deserved the win in this one.”

Thank you for the kind words Gozer_the_Gozerian.

In the teams second game on Fumbbl one of the wardancers (nr. 3, Green Ghost) was killed by "Throw a rock" during the kick off in turn 8, 1st half. The opponent was downtown sneakers (goblin team) with the coach Iuinos.

In the fourth game coach CarlosRofi conceded when the first half ended. At that time Blekinge Bulls had done 3-0 in touchdowns. The opponent was Rat´s Horns (skaven team).

After 9 games the team had 5/4/0. The tenth game was in FUMBBL CUP XVI against the blackbox team prinzipielles Nurgeln (Nurgle) with the coach fertfert. During this game the starplayer Morg´n´Thorg played with the elves. Blekinge Bulls lost 0-1 and was out of the cup after the first game. Other teams/coaches that lost the first match in the cup; Nadorins with coach Kfoged, Left My Heart In San Francisco with coach Zed and VMD´s in The Box with coach BillBrasky. There was 257 teams in the FUMBBL CUP XVI.

In game 15 nr. 10 N. Surehand was sadly killed by the team BringMeToDeath (Shambling Undead) and are now playing as nr. 3 (zombie) in that team. After 7 games N. Surehand had made 1 cas/2 spp and he was retired from BringMeToDeath. During the game Blekinge Bulls was really bashed with:
Nr.6 K. Fastfoot MNG
Nr.7 B. Bootó -AV
Nr.9 B. Svensson DEAD (RIP)
Nr.10 N. Surehand DEAD (RIP)

N. Surehand as a zombie.

Then I wanted the team to meet the different races in Secret League, so I created a Blekinge Bulls for that.

After 17 games nr. 7 B. Bootó was retired. He had -AV, Niggling Injury, -AG, -AV, -MA. I love my players to much.

In game 24 the team meet the famous Verminton Tailgunners (Skaven) and their coach Inforthepain.

To take part in Road to the NAF Championship 2018 I created a Blekinge Bulls for that purpose. The team came out nr 11 in Group A with 42 teams, in Group B was 44 teams. Result: 3-1-2 ,7 points (+6).

In game 25 the team meet the famous Left My Heart In San Francisco (Halfling) and their coach Zed.

In game 26 Blekinge Bulls meet the coach sann0638 (NAF president) and his team WBLOS Wonders (elven union).

In game 27 Blekinge Bulls took part in Crown Of Sand IX: Qualifier VII. The team meet Bad Luck Sux (wood elf) and their coach The_Murker from Canada. For the first time on FUMBBL Zara the Slayer played for the team. Blekinge Bulls lost the game with 0-2 because I played like crap.

In game 28 Blekinge Bulls played in BAR Brawl X - Hi were the wood elfs meet Coca Loca BBL (high elf) and their coach mrt1212 from United States. We lost the game with 0-2 and was out of the brawl. During the match Jordell Freshbreeze (starplayer) played for the team and was killed.

Then the Blekinge Bulls version for Secret League took part in Old World Rookie Rumble #30. The first game was against the Estalia team Irrana Inquisitors and their coach Nightbreed (United Kingdom), ending with 1-2 loss in overtime.

The next tournament for Blekinge Bulls was Europen Online 2018. The team played in the squad Too Fast, Too Fabulous together with the two swedish coaches havaji and Grumplekins. The first game was against Strider84 and his Wood Elf team Team Woodhound. Too Fast, Too Fabulous ended in place 44 of 46.

At the same time Blekinge Bulls played in Svenska LÖBBL IX. In this league the team meet the race Simyian for the first time. Here is a diss song from KnalleRatz (skaven) coach Kros4n (it´s in swedish), the game ended 1-1. Thank you Kros4n. During the league Blekinge Bulls played aganist Bretonnians for the first time on FUMBBL. It was aganist the team Lords of Crabs and the coach soky56. Blekinge Bulls made it to Pig Bowl play off´s, but was out after the first match.

In game 32 Blekinge Bulls enter the Fumbbl Cup XVII.

Then it was time for Svenska LÖBBL X. Here is a diss song from Mighty Crusaders of Nässjö (Orc) coach BlueberrySlayer (it´s in swedish). Thank you BlueberrySlayer.

Then Blekinge Bulls joined Svenska Ligan: Vinterkuppen X. The first game was against Kära Örebroare (Necromantic Horror) and the really good coach Dragons. I was a 4+ pass (with reroll) from winning the game in turn 7 of 2nd half, but missed the pass and lost 1-2 in overtime. In turn 7 of 2nd half nr. 3 Ronnie Peterson (flesh golem) killed nr. 7 B. Bootó (woodelf lineman) and now he is playing for Kära Örebroare as a zombie.

B. Bootó as a zombie.

Because the wood elves lost the match they came to Svenska Ligan: Vinterförlorarna X. In the jumbofinal they meet Astrids Orker (Ork) and their good coach Bone. The game was even, but in overtime the elves manage to do the winning touchdown and became winner of Svenska Ligan: Vinterförlorarna X.

In game 36 the Bulls meet the famous Elfheim Eagles (High Elf) and their coach Valen Swift. The wood elves got a real beating and lost with 2-6. In 2nd half, turn 6 nr. 8 Legolas (Thrower) was killed by Prince Moranion (Starplayer). Also nr. 13 Fanafriel (Lineman) got a smashed hip (-MA) and nr. 14 J. Goldfinger (Catcher) got a damaged back (Ni). This is Blekinge Bulls biggest loss in the team history so far. And then I count all the teams table top games too.

Elfheim Eagles

Then it was time for the team to enter Svenska Ligan LV: Allsvenskan. The first match was against Kära Örebroare (Necromantic Horror) and the really good coach Dragons. The game ended in a draw with 1-1. N. Surehand (Wood Elf Catcher) was killed during the game and now play as a zombie for Kära Örebroare. This is the second player that team steal from Blekinge Bulls.

Once more the team joined Svenska LÖBBL: Season XI. During the först match against KaosPatrullen (Chaos Pact) and their coach Nohistor J. Greenbeard (Treeman) was sadly killed. Rest in Peace!

The team joined Warpstone Open XIV: Qualifier V and the first game was against Colours of my Life (Wood Elf) and the coach doclystria from Germany. The match ended in a loss 0-2 for the Bulls.

..to be continued...


Team goals on FUMBBL
  • Meet famous teams like the Nandorins or Left My Heart In San Francisco.
  • Meet famous coaches like Christer (founder of FUMBBL), sann0638 (NAF president).
  • Let the team meet coaches from as many diffrent countrys as possible.


List of coaches country the team has meet

1. Canada (coach: Gozer_the_Gozerian, team: Cheesy Baggers/Skaven)
2. Poland (coach: Micanser, team: Politoed/Slann)
3. Spain (coach: CarlosRofi, team: Rat´s Horns/Skaven)
4. United Kingdom (coach: bigf, team: Esmeralda´s Apron v.2.0/Halfling)
5. Norway (coach: Slaapaav, team: Wulfenburg Wolves/Human)
6. Germany (coach: fertfert, team: prinzipielles Nurgeln/Nurgle)
7. France (coach:RayMontador, team: Les Vents Pires/Vampire)
8. Netherlands (coach: SkavenLordVinshqueek, team: Lower Altdorf Lakers/Underworld Denizens)
9. Hungary (coach: miasmatalon, team: Pssissoss/Snakemen)
10. Argentina (coach: ramesses, team: Once Momias del Caos BBC/Chaos Chosen)
11. Lithuania (coach: Mazylis, team: Mes laimesim!/Halfling)
12. United States (coach: MonkeyMan576, team: Fastville Speedsters/Skaven)
13. New Zealand (coach: Wozzaa, team, Jalapeño Poppers/Halfling)
14. Sweden (coach: Inforthepain, team: Verminton Tailgunners/Skaven)
15. Switzerland (coach: Macabeo, team: Lizardy Road/Lizardman)
16. Italy (coach: buttinho, team: sul tetto del mondo/Wood Elf)
17. Malta (coach: Bugrum, team: [NAFC] Nhassrukem/Dark Elf)
18. Belgium (coach: Zed, team: Left My Heart In San Francisco/Halfling)
19. Finland (coach: Grazy124, team: [SL] Dead Hunt /Von Carstein)
20. Portugal (coach: pedro_fgomes, team: FeH2/Orc)





List of races the team has meet on FUMBBL

Elven Union
Shambling Undead
Chaos Chosen
Necromantic Horrors
Chaos Dwarf
Chaos Renegades
High Elf
Underworld Denizens
Dark Elf
Khemri Tomb Kings
Wood Elf
Daemons of Khorne


List of races the team has meet in Secret League

Orc Big Úns
Sisters of Sigmar
Norse Dwarf
Khainite Assassins
Border Princes
Black Dwarf
Forest Goblin
Northern Nippon
Four Nations
Pirates of Sartosa
Undead Pirate
Blood Dragon
Savage Orc
Daemons of Khorne
Sea Elf
Daemons of Nurgle
Clan Eshin
Daemons of Slaanesh
Clan Mors
Daemons of Tzeentch
Hobgoblin Slavers
Clan Moulder
von Carstein
Daemons of Malal
Kingdom of Ind
Clan Pestilens
Clan Skyre
Witch Elf


J. Greenbeard from Blekinge Bulls surrounded by hordes of orcs from Redvillage Butchers (old picture).

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Progression: Standard
# Name Position Ma St Ag Av Skills Inj G Cp Td It Cs vp Sp Cost  
1 J. GreenbeardTreeman26210Mighty Blow, Stand Firm, Strong Arm, Thick Skull, Loner, Take Root, Throw Team-Mate, +AG, Guard, Grab, Multiple Blockn3700014553120k (120+100k) 
2 Da Green FearWardancer9347Block, Dodge, Leap, Strip Ball, Tackle, Sure Hands, +MA, Side Step 3812300132138120k (120+110k) 
3 Green NinjaWardancer8347Block, Dodge, Leap 1000000120k (120+0k) 
4 A. SvenssonLineman8357+MA, +AG, Dodge, Leap 39840096570k (70+110k) 
6 MithrellLineman7347Kick 920001770k (70+20k) 
7 CeledorLineman7347Block 1301001870k (70+20k) 
9 ArildorLineman8437+MA, +ST-ag15000142270k (70+80k) 
11 Golden HandsCatcher8247Catch, Dodge, Sprint, Block, Side Step 21330032790k (90+40k) 
12 ElrandorilLineman7347Block 9010111070k (70+20k) 
13 FanafrielLineman6347 -ma400000070k (70+0k) 
14 J. GoldfingerCatcher8247Catch, Dodge, Sprint, Block, Leapn16310021690k (90+40k) 
11 players  
Coach: Anganatyr Re-Rolls (100k): 5  
Race: Wood Elf Fan Factor: 9  
Team Value: 1890k Assistant Coaches: 0  
Treasury: 40000 Cheerleaders: 0  
Tournament Weight: 1890k Apothecary: Yes  

Games Played:40 (12/10/18) |TD Diff:-1 (56 - 57) |Cas Diff:-58 (39/10/7 - 65/35/14)
Last Opponent: Colours of my Life