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Marbäck Fangtastic Four
P [L] Vampire

Marbäck Fangtastic Four

Pars omni nocte.

From the dark corners of the world they come, the Lords and Ladies of the Night. Immortal, swift and strong - these creatures have long since cast their humanity aside. They are the undead, but not the mindless rotting corpses risen from the grave by necromancers, but cunning and beautiful, blessed with various superhuman abilities. All this comes at a prize, however, for their unholy lives are sustained by drinking the blood of the living. This is a horrible curse, and most vampires go mad with the thirst, becoming little more than mindless beasts, hunting and killing their pray.

But there are those who are able to resist the thirst. Focused and disciplined, these expectational individuals swear of the red liquid altogether and focus their skills on something far more dangerous, sinister and savage:

This is the story of four such creatures, and their... ehm... snack bags (you wouldn't force someone to quit cold turkey, would you?). They stand tall as some of the most powerful Blood Bowl players ever, at least in their own minds. They are the Marbäck Fangtastic Four, and they are freakin fabulous!

The Gang:

Other Stuff:

Oscar von Clot
Full title: His Grace, His Lordship, The Duke of Phang, The Lord Protector of Bate, The Prince of Shadoovs, Oscar Cicero Frederick Heinrich Otto Samuel von Clot IV - Smiter of the Sun, Conqueror of Maidens, Butcher of Blood Oranges, Bane of Garlic.

The von Clot family is old, by anyone's standards, and is able to trace it's lineage back for almost two millennia. Of course, this is not as hard as it sounds when some of the older members of the family are still alive (or well, undead) to keep their eyes on the clan's whipper-snappers. Oscar is the runt of the family, being only a little older than three hundred years.

Oscar is the fast kind of the vampire, able to move at breakneck speed over the pitch. He is the fastest of the Fangtastic Four and as has evolved into the teams natural catcher and scorer. This, along with his delicious moustache has allowed him to gather a huge amount of female fans (who all of course thinks his evil ways can be redeemed) and there exists to date over four hundred fanfiction (or should we say fangfiction?) stories about him on the internet, most are of an erotic nature and are rather poorly written. His raw and manly attraction usually draw waves of fans to the arena who are rather uninterested in the game of Blood Bowl, but wouldn't mind a crazed von Clot hurrying off the pitch to find a quick snack.

Interesting Trivia: To date, Oscar von Clot is the only Vampire who has appeared in every single game the Fangtastic Four has played.

Sanguine Sally
Full title: Lady Sallionora Anastasia Octavia Marietta Belinda of House Sanguine, Marquesa of Protosylvania, Cupbearer of the Blooded Court, Bleacher of Fangs, Lifter of truly Heavy Stuff, Deliverer of the Triple Skull, Thrice Awarded "Batsy" winner.

Sanguine Sally is the strong kind of vampire. Really, really strong. Despite her human sized figure, she is able rival even an ogre in terms of physical prowess - as the players of Snotre Damn recently found out (and we don't mean the green little buggers). She is able to throw punches like nobody's businesses and should certainly not be messed with, in theory that is - Nuffle is a fickle god and will most likely see her dealt with in an untimely fashion.

Of all the vampires in the Fangtastic Four, Sally is the one who has her Blood Lust most under control. Her secret? She spends the hour before a game begins by rolling all the 1s out of her dice.

Interesting Trivia: Despite her near ridiculous amount of strength, Sally has not yet managed to deliver a single causality.

Count Casper Cruor
Full title: Count Casper Oliver Alexander Cruor, The Shadow Nomad, Wielder of the Damned Rapier, Settler of Scores, Inheritor of Wealth, The Blood Soaked Duellist, "He who is extra easy to injure".

Somewhat rare amongst vampires, "Count" Casper Cruor is not actually a noble at all, but rather the son of a wealthy merchant and as such the inheritor of a large amount of money. His title is therefore the result of a purchase rather than a linage of blue blood. Casper is what the other refers to (behind his back, of course) as "Nouveau Riche" or "New Money", something of an insult since the commonly held view among vampires is that the amount of wealth one has is secondary to the time one has been in possession of it.

Count Casper Cruor is the friendly neighbourhood kind of vampire, being generally a pretty neat guy to be around. He conducts himself in a proper and honourable manner, preferring to challenge his opponents to duels instead of jumping them from the shadows. Indeed, Casper is a capable duellist and by far the Fangtastic Four's most competent fighter. His tendency to fight fair is however something of a weakness, which has led to a nasty and lingering injury that might well lead to his eventual doom.

Interesting Trivia: Count Casper Cruor is perhaps the most well rounded vampire in the team, having a decent mix between completions, casualties and touchdowns.

Clair Claret
Full title: Grand Duchess Clairabelle Anna Maria Sophia Victoria Miranda Claret II, She That Thirsts, The Red Fledgeling, Night's Knight, The Midnight Fang, Snacker of Snacks.

Clair Claret is the youngest of the Fangtastic Four, being sired after the team had formed (the logic being that The Fangtastic Three did not sound nearly as good), as a consequence Clair has not yet managed to control her desire for blood, and is prone to bursts of wild rage when the thirst becomes too overwhelming. This is looked upon by the rest of the Fangtastic Four with some manner of nostalgia, as they've "all been young once".

Clair is the feral kind of vampire, quick to anger and completely relentless once she begins an attack. She is not much for subtlety and prefers to push her opponents out of the field. The Grand Duchess is also a proficient passer, though this may be due to the fact that the older vampires of the team prefer to leave mundane duties such as picking up the ball to their thralls.

Interesting Trivia: Despite her designated role as the team's berserker, Clair has so far proved most useful as a thrower, being the vampire with the most successful completions.

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The Vampires are, by right, the uncontested heroes of Marbäck Fangtastic Four. And while the common thrall is hapless to say the least, once in a blue moon the odd useful player appears in their ranks. Every thrall in the team can count on the kindness of their benevolent lords, but those who manage to win the vampires respect will receive rewards beyond their wildest dreams, being showered with honours, riches, and state of the art training and equipment. These fortunate few are recorded here.

Sir Vant
Slanderous tongues would say that Sir Vant's rise to a unique position as the only thrall who could merit the attention of the teams apothecary is due to his status as a noble. This is of course nothing but cheap lies, the team structure of Marbäck Fangtastic Four is utterly meritocratic and Sir Vant has proven himself an enormous asset time and again. During the bad early days of the team he once led a small squad of other thralls when every vampire had left the pitch to... attend to urgent businesses elsewhere... He actually managed to score a touchdown beyond all odds, something which was rewarded by an amused Nuffle with super human agility, rivalling that of the vampires themselves. Since that day Sir Vant has been the teams official thrower a rare honour which has allowed him to avoid line duty, something which has proved fatal to his fellow thralls.

In a match against the ogres of Snotre Dame, Sir Vant was grievously wounded and his armour completely destroyed, leaving him even less defended than a regular thrall. It is however expected that the vampires will replace his broken armour "any day now".

Simon Olovsson
Vampires are definitely "in" right now. As such, even when the Fangtastic Four are low on funds the fans are willing to back their team for all they're worth. This is primarily done through the crowdfunding project "FangStarter" which allows fans to make a financial contribution in exchange for a few perks. Simon Olovsson, the manager of one of LÖBBL's most prestigious teams - Lekfulla Gutar, went a bit overboard with his support for the blood suckers and pawned some of his teams victory rings in order to afford one of the highest available perks - the rare honour to be able to enter the pitch as a thrall to the Fangtastic Four! Whether or not this proves to be a sound decision remains to be seen...

The life of a thrall is often cut short by vicious opponents, this is of great sorrow to their vampiric overlords, for the vampires of the Fangtastic Four treat their servants with respect, dignity and friendship. To lose a thrall to the dishonourable ways of the other teams in LÖBBL is a great tragedy, which will certainly be avenged. The heartbroken vampires bury their slain friends here in the hallowed grounds of the graveyard, where their remains can be treated in death with the same respect that they were in life.

Menial Mary
Killed by - Pappa Doktorn, Final Order
Menial Mary was the first to fall, and was killed during Marbäck Fangtastic Four's very first game. To add insult to injury, Mary was then risen as a zombie by the necromancers of the Final Order. Mary was not known for anything in particular, and never had the time to become great.

Jeeves Hireling
Killed by - Simon Strömavbrott, Tranemo Terrors
After only two games Jeeves Hireling's life was cruelly snuffed out by the psychopathic murderers of Tranemo Terrors. Jeeves was the very picture of politeness and wanted nothing more than to please his vampiric masters. In an act of unspeakable horror, he was brought back by the foul powers of Nurgle as a blighted Rotter, the ultimate insult to his existence. Jeeves had not preformed anything of note.

Percival Serf
Killed by - Josef Stelkramp, Final Order
Marbäck Fangtastic Four did not preform well during their first season. They had been beaten several times and as such, had to face the Final Order in the so called "pig bowl", the match to decide which was the worst team of the season. During this match Percival Serf, with eagerness, sacrificed himself to hold the line against the (other) undead horrors, securing vampiric victory at the cost of his own life. His sacrifice was unfortunately not rewarded, for the Final Order once again raised their beaten foe as a mindless zombie.

Adam Assistant
Killed by - Thor II, Baddans Vikings
After narrowly escaping the Poison Division with their lives (or unlives) during their second season, the Fangtastic Four squared of against the brutal Norsemen of Baddans Vikings. Much thanks to the whims of Nuffle, the vampires won the day, despite harsh sunlight threatening to turn them into ash. During this game, however, the faithful thrall Adam Assistant was mortally wounded by a crazed berserker. Adam was a helpful fellow who once managed to badly hurt a snottling - what a feat! The teams apothecary, Dr. Hyde, was of the opinion that mr. Assistant could well have been saved, but unfortunately he was on his lunchbreak during the time, something the good doctor did not wish to interrupt.

Charles Sycophant
Killed by - Donald Weresås, Målsryd Weavers
Sometimes, life is harsh. Sometimes, everyone seems to be against you, no matter what. Sometimes, the encouragement you so require is nowhere to be found. During such times it helps to have a friend, or rather minion, like Charles Sycophant. Someone who gives you an eager "yes" no matter how deluded or misinformed your opinion may be. Charles was one of the greatest bootlickers who ever lived, but unfortunately this did little to save him against the Målsryd Weavers who saw it as their duty to wipe his too eager smile from the face of the earth. Charles had preformed nothing of note, but his counsel - or rather his lack of counsel, will be sorely missed.

Andrew E. Hand
Killed by - Ralf Låren, Målsryd Weavers
The semifinal against the Weavers during their second season turned to a massacre of epic proportions. Nearly every thrall playing for the Fangtastic Four, along with some of the vampires had to be carried of the pitch by medical staff. It was indeed an orgy of cracked ribs, fractured bones, smashed hips and groins. Most players did eventually recover from their wounds, but some did not. One who did not survive was Andrew E. Hand. While his career was not particularly long, nor very eventful, he was mourned greatly.

Igor Attendant
Killed by - Vargen, Baddans Vikings
During his early career, Igor Attendant was severely injured and unable to run at fast speeds. This would have been reason enough for retirement, but since this was during a period of economic difficulties for the Fangtastic Four, Igor selflessly volunteered for permanent line duty, reasoning that he did not have to move fast to soak up punches for the glory of his vampiric masters. As the coffers where once again filled with gold, the kind vampires offered Igor a generous retirement plan, but the faithful thrall wanted to play one last game. This turned out to be a horrific mistake, since the game was against their old foes, Baddans Vikings, who fiercely attempted revenge against the heroic Fangtastic Four. During this final game the frenzied Vargen tore him to pieces! Igor's selflessness shall be forgotten, and he will be avenged.

To the victor goes the spoils, and the Marbäck Fangtastic Four has amassed tons (or rather grams) of trophies during their illustrious career. They are all displayed here, in the Halls of Honour.

The Best of the Rest
During the 4th season of LÖBBL, the newcomers Marbäck Fangstic Four suffered defeat after defeat, and only managed to avoid total humiliation in a close battle against the Final Order. For this, they were awarded the BoTR Trophy. It's not very valuable.

Quite different from the rest of the castle, the Manager's Office is pleasant, well furnished and decorated in a contemporary style. Individual matches might be won and lost on the pitch, but it is here that the grander game is being played - a game of finances, talent scouting and budget cutting.

Stephan de Bylin - The Manager
Stephan de Bylin is the Manager and owner of Marbäck Fangtastic Four (as well as The Pleasing Peacocks, and the Waffer-thin Mints) and a complete sociopath. He is a man so devoid of sympathetic qualities that he has been divorced nine times during his life (quite a feat since he's been married only seven times). There are few vices de Bylin has not, at some point, indulged in. This includes but are not limited to: Drinking, gambling, smoking, wastefulness, violent behaviour and drug abuse - indeed, during a party in the late nineties he sniffed so much pixie dust that most of the emotion receptors in his brain burned out, leaving him only capable of feeling anger, lust, slight annoyance, avarice, narcissism and a thirst for coffee.

De Bylin is not a good manager, he has little love for the players in his teams and only value them for the money they are capable of earning him. He shows an alarming lack of interest in preserving the life and dignity of his employees, going so far as to raise the question on whether or not other people actually deserve to exist. This is perhaps most obvious when he refuses to discharge players when they've become obsolete, preferring to send them to their deaths on the line of skirmish instead of retiring them with a paid pension.

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Progression: Standard
1 Oscar von ClotVampire7448Blood Lust, Hypnotic Gaze, Regeneration, Dodge, +MA, Block, Side Step 1941004357110k (110+90k) 
2 Sanguine SallyVampire6558Blood Lust, Hypnotic Gaze, Regeneration, Dodge, +ST, +AG 185300539110k (110+110k) 
3 Count Casper CruorVampire6448Blood Lust, Hypnotic Gaze, Regeneration, Block, Dodge, Mighty Blown184404444110k (110+60k) 
4 Clair ClaretVampire6448Blood Lust, Hypnotic Gaze, Regeneration, Block, Dodge, Frenzy 167503238110k (110+60k) 
5Robin RailwayThrall6337  100000040k (40+0k) 
6Eva EnablerThrall6337  100000040k (40+0k) 
7 Sir VantThrall6346+AG, Sure Hands-av181220012340k (40+60k) 
8Uther UnderlingThrall6337  500000040k (40+0k) 
9Chris ChainsThrall6337Wrestle 600011740k (40+20k) 
10Harry HelperThrall6337Kickn1800021940k (40+20k) 
11 Simon OlovssonThrall6337  300000040k (40+0k) 
12Paul PeasantThrall6337  500000040k (40+0k) 
13Lucky 13Thrall6337  1100000040k (40+0k) 
14Jennifer SerfThrall6337Wrestle 1000021940k (40+20k) 
15Ulric UsherThrall6337  200000040k (40+0k) 
16William WorkerThrall6337  500000040k (40+0k) 
16 players  
Coach:GrimLavamancer Re-Rolls (140k):5  
Race:Vampire Fan Factor:7  
Team Value:1830k Assistant Coaches:0  
Treasury:140000 Cheerleaders:0  
Tournament Weight:1830k Apothecary:Yes  

Games Played:19 (9/0/10) |TD Diff:3 (24 - 21) |Cas Diff:-30 (14/6/4 - 31/15/8)
Last Opponent: Grottfolkets BK