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How to find a game

When a league starts the commissioner will start a new 'kick off' message thread. The is message will be sent to all the competing members.

When you wish to play a game respond to this thread saying that you wish to play and stating your team and league (Rookie, Open or Rumble).

You can post an advance warning e.g. "I'll be free to play at 20:00 bbtime is anyone up for it". If you know that a coach is on a very different time zone it may help to contact them directly and negotiate a time.
Fill out your coach bios adding your time zone and when you are most likely to be online. It helps if people know who you are.

If someone responds, agree a game name and start the game.

How to start a game

Step 1: Decide a Game Name (anything you like e.g. rookie) and tell it to your opponent via PM or chat.

Step 2: Go on your home page and find the team that you are looking for and press "Play" (or "Resume" which is on the right in red writing.

Step 3: A pop-up will come up in top right corner (if using safari) open it up and java script will load.

Step 4: Once game is loaded there be a pop-up which is about fantasy football, get rid of it then another box will come up.

Step 5: There should be 3 lines, top is team name, your name and empty box, click on the empty box.

Step 6: Type in the Game Name. Be careful it is case sensitive.

Step 7: Click "Start new game".

Step 8: Done. you ave successfully created the game now all you have to do is wait for your opponent to arrive.

Joining a game.

Step 1: Receive a Game Name from your opponent.

Steps 2 - 7: As above

Step 8: Now you are ready to play.

hope you find this helpful and have fun playing

Last update: June 3, 2015