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Automatic marking of skills

As you are probably aware you can add marker text to players using shift + click in the client allowing you to mark skills etc.

FUMBBL also allows to use an automatic marking adding similar labels based on a set of rules. You can either define those rules yourself or rely on a minimalistic set of defaults.

To define your own set of rules go to https://fumbbl.com/p/clientoptions where you can either import markings from another coach and/or define your own.

Each rule consists of the following fields:

  • Marking: the string to display
  • Type: defines if the marking applies to all skills or only those gained by spp
  • Teams: defines if the marking applies to your own team, the opponent's or both
  • Skills: the skills that need to be present for the marking to be displayed (can be combined with Injuries)
  • Injuries: the injuries that need to be present for the marking to be displayed, you can define the same injury multiple times (can be combined with skills)
  • Apply Repeatedly: defines if a marking should be displayed multiple times if the conditions are met more than once (actually only makes sense when used with injuries, e.g. nigglings)

Additonally you can define a separator string to be displayed between multiple markings.

Should several markings be met by a player only the more specific one will be applied, e.g. if you have a marking matching for Block and Dodge and one for Block then only the first one will be displayed for a player with both skills.

Should you have a marking with Block and Dodge and one with Block and Tackle then both will be displayed for a player having all 3 skills.

You can activate the automatic marking in the user settings of the client, in case you notice that a rule needs adjustment you can change it on the website and switch the setting to manual and back to automatic. That way you can tune your settings during a match.

Markings matching for skills will be displayed before markings only matching injuries, within these groups the single markings will be ordered alphabetically.

Default markings defined by the client are:

  • Block -> B
  • Dodge -> D
  • Tackle -> T
  • Mighty Blow -> M
  • Sneaky Git -> Sg
  • Dirty Player -> Dp
  • Claws -> C
  • Diving Tackle -> Dt
  • Side Step -> S

All are applied to both teams and for gained skills only.

Last update: February 5, 2023