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Avelorn Teams

 0-16  Linewomen  70,000  6  3  4  8    GA  SP 
 0-4  Sisters  100,000  7  3  4  7  Pass, Catch  GAP  S 
 0-2  Handmaidens  120,000  8  3  4  8  Block, Stand Firm  GA  SP 
 Re-roll counter  50,000 gold pieces each. 
 Apothecary  Yes 
 Star Players  High Elf 

Player Pics




The Sisters of Avelorn were once the greatest archers in Ulthuan, only the most dextrous, keen-eyed and skilled warriors would be allowed to join the ranks of the guardians of Avelorn. The Handmaidens like the Sisters were hand picked warriors. Only the fastest and strongest Sisters would be selected to join the handmaidens as personal guards to the Everqueen and defenders of the inner sanctums.

When war subsided throughout The World and Blood Bowl grew in popularity High Elf teams began playing the sport. Buoyed by the success of High Elf teams the Everqueen tasked her Hand Maidens and Sisters to form teams of their own. No other teams in the game could match her finest warrior's dexterity and determination. They played for the Everqueen to prove that Avelorn is the greatest of all High Elf kingdoms.

Avelorn is a High Elf matriarchy. It is as powerful as any other Elf kingdom in or outside of Ulthuan. It was important that when translated to Blood Bowl that the team would function as a tier 1 team just like all the other Elf teams in the game. (Though there is still much debate about High Elf teams being the worst of the existing races). Though the background material is rich and detailed, there are really only two positionals that could be incorporated into the team - the Sisters and Handmaidens, and both have very defined roles. The Linemen would keep the same stat line as the linemen in High Elf teams. The only difference being that all the Linemen in this team are female.

The Sisters role in warhammer fantasy/roleplay are archers, among the finest in The World. Their dexterity is unparalleled. Sisters are the most numerous unit/soldiers of the region, because of this they are the focus of the team, though possibly not the stars. They would take the role of throwers/runners and also catchers. Their dual purpose felt so fitting because of how dexterous they are. Their stat line falls between a catcher and thrower, not quite as fast as most Elf catchers, but faster than most Elf throwers. Their Av needed to be 7 as they cannot be as restricted by armour as the other Elfs in the team. They need the freedom to move around and manipulate the ball without any hindrance.

The Handmaidens are the Everqueen's elite guards. They are unyielding, powerful, fast and graceful. They take the role of the Blitzer in their team. 0-2 because they are so elite and also I did not want to detract from the real focus of the team which is the Sisters. Also 0-4 would make the team too good. I wanted this player to be a potential rival to Dark Elf Blitzers, Elf Blitzers, or Wood Elf Wardancers in terms of being one of the most elite players in the game. No other positional has the same mix of high Ma and Av as the Handmaiden. Block was a standard pick as they are the Blitzers. I also gave them Stand Firm due to their background. This makes them one of the most expensive positional players in the game, and the true stars of the team. A possible equal to the Wardancer in some ways, though they function in a different way.

In testing this team has performed as a top end tier one team to date. Which is as expected. They are performing better than High Elf teams which does not concern me too much, but so far they have not been dominating so there is currently no need for change.

Teams design by Garion, Guardikai and Mach Jacob
Background and rationale by Garion
Player art by Knut Rockie and coloured by Garion
Icons by Autoaxpert and Machjacob

Last update: October 30, 2018