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Goblin lineups

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Starting Rosters

 Goblin Roster 
 Positional  MA  ST  AG  PA  AV  Skills  Normal  Double  Price 
   0-16  Goblin Linemen  6  2  3+  4+  8+  Right Stuff, Dodge, Stunty  A  GSP  40k 
   0-1  Looney  6  2  3+  -  8+  Chainsaw, Secret Weapon, Stunty  A  GS  40k 
   0-1  Bomma  6  2  3+  4+  8+  Bombardier, Dodge, Secret Weapon, Stunty  AP  GS  45k 
   0-1  Doom Diver  6  2  3+  6+  8+  Right Stuff, Stunty, Swoop  A  GS  60k 
   0-1  'Ooligan  6  2  3+  6+  8+  Dirty Player (+1), Disturbing Presence, Dodge, Right Stuff, Stunty  A  GSP  65k 
   0-1  Fanatic  3  7  3+  -  8+  Ball & Chain, No Hands, Secret Weapon, Stunty  S  GA  70k 
   0-1  Pogoer  7  2  3+  5+  8+  Dodge, Pogo Stick, Stunty  A  GSP  75k 
   0-2  Trained Trolls  4  5  5+  5+  10+  Always Hungry, Loner (3+), Mighty Blow (+1), Projectile Vomit, Really Stupid, Regeneration, Throw Team-Mate  S  GAP  115k 
 Re-roll  60k each  Tier  3 
 Special Rules  Badlands Brawl, Bribery and Corruption, Underworld Challenge  Apothecary  Yes 

Comments on Goblin Starting Rosters

Goblins are cheap but also fragile so it's important to start with a bench.

At a minimum you want to start with 13 players and go from there. Ideally, you would be looking at

  • 11 Goblins- 440k
  • 2 Trolls - 230k
  • 2 Re-rolls - 120k

Total: 790

From there, add weapons, Re-rolls, Fan Factor and apothecary to your preference.

New Winnings Rules and Team Management

New treasury rules have changed management and starting for Goblins. Dedicated Fans (Originally Fan Factor) and scoring touchdowns now is influential on winnings again but in BB2020, it no longer counts towards TV. While the meta has yet to found, DF is now worth considering for gob rosters.

Winnings are calculated as such. Both teams add each point of Devoted Fans, starting at 1 by default, (DF, known as Fan Factor last edition) and a D3 each. Teams can buy up to a maximum of 5 DF, making a total of 6 (first one is free). They add the score together then multiply by 5. To illustrate the formula:

(DF+D3) + (DF+D3)? * 5

Mathematically each extra point of DF, touchdown and D3 adds 5k extra gold. After a win or loss, the coach rolls a D6 to see if their DF changes.

Good luck with your Gobbos!

Variation 1 Standard Build (3 RR, 15 players)

  • 11 Goblins
  • 1 Looney
  • 1 Fanatic
  • 2 Trolls
  • 2 Re-rolls
  • 1 Apo
  • Total 950k

Bank 50k

Your bread and butter. You get 15 players, a Fanatic and Looney, two trolls and two re-rolls with an apothecary. You also bank 50k gold. This should give you a decent start to begin replacing the inevitable dead goblins.

In addition to this, you may potentially start your first game with a bribe, assuming the opponent is 1000k.

This line up can be customized in a multitude of ways, such as:

  • Replacing a goblin with a pogo
  • Replace a goblin with a hooligan
  • Replace the third re-roll with an apothecary.
  • Replace a goblin for 5 DF

It is best to keep the doom diver off as he was badly nerfed this edition.


Variation 2 Deep Bench (3 RR, 15 players)

  • 12 Goblins
  • 1 Looney
  • 2 Trolls
  • 2 Re-rolls
  • 1 apo
  • Total 920k

Bank: 80k


  • Buy apothecary for trolls
  • Buy hooligan
  • Drop a goblin and buy 5 DF

This roster lets you start with a deep bench and potentially start with a bribe. With 15 players and ideally a bribe on hand, you can foul the opposing team with impunity and potentially cause major damage.

Investing in DF now helps your income. Starting with some DF not only will help your income, it lets you likely get a bribe game 1.


Variation 3 Retro Gobbos (3 RR, 14 players)

  • 12 Goblins
  • 2 Trolls
  • 3 Re-rolls
  • 1 Apo
  • 5 DF
  • Total 990k

Bank: 10k

If you want a different kind of Goblin team reminiscent of the old days, this can be fun. Don't expect to win much but do expect to foul a lot!

You will also be assured of good winnings throughout a league.


  • Bank 60k Gold and don't invest in DF
  • Get another goblin instead of DF and bank 20k Gold
  • Drop the apothecary for another goblin or Reroll.

Last update: May 28, 2024