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Snotling lineups

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Starting Rosters

 Snotling Roster 
 Positional  MA  ST  AG  PA  AV  Skills  Normal  Double  Price 
   0-16  Snotling Linemen  5  1  3+  5+  6+  Dodge, Right Stuff, Side Step, Stunty, Swarming, Titchy  A  G  15k 
   0-2  Stilty Runners  6  1  3+  5+  6+  Dodge, Right Stuff, Side Step, Sprint, Stunty  A  G  20k 
   0-2  Fun Hoppers  6  1  3+  5+  6+  Dodge, Pogo Stick, Right Stuff, Side Step, Stunty  A  G  20k 
   0-2  Fungus Flingers  5  1  3+  4+  6+  Bombadier, Dodge, Right Stuff, Secret Weapon, Side Step, Stunty  AP  G  30k 
   0-2  Pump Wagons  4  5  5+  -  9+  Dirty Player (+1), Juggernaut, Mighty Blow (+1), Really Stupid, Secret Weapon, Stand Firm  S  GA  105k 
   0-2  Trained Trolls  4  5  5+  5+  10+  Always Hungry, Loner (3+), Mighty Blow (+1), Projectile Vomit, Really Stupid, Regeneration, Throw Team-Mate  S  GAP  115k 
 Re-roll  60k each  Tier  3 
 Special Rules  Bribery and Corruption, Low Cost Linemen, Underworld Challenge  Apothecary  Yes 

Variation 1: Two Wagons

  • 9 x Snotlings
  • 1 x Stilty Runner
  • 1 x Fun Hopper
  • 1 x Fungus Flinger
  • 2 x Pump Wagons
  • 2 x Trolls
  • 3 x Re-rolls
  • Total 825k + 135k Petty Cash from Low Cost Linemen
  • +5 x Dedicated Fans

Recommended Inducements

  • 3x Bribes
  • Riotous Rookies

Each Lineman is worth 15k Petty Cash, on top of what you get for being under the opponent's TV. Riotous Rookies combined with Swarming means you start with an extra 2d3+1 Journeymen each game, and can field d3 extra players each drive - put your Journeymen on the Line of Scrimmage, and don't be afraid to expend them. Max Dedicated Fans to make replacing players easier. You do not want to start at 1000TV with Snotlings, as Bribes and Rookies are so important. As long as you carefully manage your purchases, a Fun Hopper here, a Fungus Flinger there, you should be able to maintain large Petty Cash amounts in most matches.


Variation 2: Four Rerolls

  • 6 x Snotlings
  • 2 x Stilty Runners
  • 2 x Fun Hoppers
  • 2 x Fungus Flingers
  • 2 x Pump Wagons
  • 2 x Trolls
  • 4 x Re-rolls
  • Total 910k + 90k Petty Cash from Low Cost Linemen
  • +5 x Dedicated Fans

Recommended Inducements

  • 1x Bribe
  • Riotous Rookies

Variation 3: Morg and Hakflem (Leagues only)

  • 11 x Snotlings
  • 1 x Fungus Flingers
  • 2 x Trolls
  • 1 x Re-roll
  • Total 475
  • +5 x Dedicated Fans

Recommended Inducements

  • Morg
  • Hakflem
  • Bribe OR Riotus Rookies

If you want to destroy a league and make your opponents dread to play BB against snotlings (or at all), use this build.

Few, if any, teams can hope to compete with this lineup out of the box. If you wish, you can swap out Morg for Varag or Ripper if you wish to add a wizard as well.

Keep in mind this is less of a team and more like a cookie cutter list from a Resurrection tournament, as most of your Cas and TDs will be done by the two stars and little or no players development will take place.

Remember that this build won't be paired against almost anyone in Box or Gamefinder due to pairing caps.

Last update: January 15, 2024