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BB7s Inducement List

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LRB6/CRP Inducements allowed in BB7s

0-2 Bloodweiser Babes: 50,000

Players on the team gain a +1 modifier, per babe, to recover from being KO’d for this match.

0-3 Bribes: Goblin teams 50,000; any other team 100,000

Each bribe allows you to attempt to ignore one call by the referee for a player who has committed a foul to be sent off, or a player armed with a secret weapon to be banned from the match. Roll a D6: on a roll of 2-6 the bribe is effective (preventing a turnover if the player was ejected for fouling), but on a roll of 1 the bribe is wasted and the call still stands! Each bribe may be used once per match.

0-1 Extra Team Training: 100,000

One extra Team re-roll that may be used for this match only.

0-1 Halfling Master Chef: Halfling teams only, 100,000

Roll 3D6 at the start of each half to see what effect the chef’s cooking has on the team. For each dice that rolls 4 or more, the team is so inspired that they gain a Team Re-roll, and in addition the opposing team is so distracted by the fantastic cooking smells emanating from their opponent’s dug-out that they lose a Team Re-roll (but only if they have any left to lose).

0-1 Igor: Any team that cannot purchase a permanent Apothecary can hire an Igor for 100,000. An Igor may only be used once per a game to re-roll one failed Regeneration roll for a player.

0-2 Wandering Apothecaries: 100,000

Any team may hire a Wandering Apothecary for 100,000 if your team can normally purchase a permanent Apothecary. The rules for Wandering Apothecaries are identical to the rules for purchased Apothecaries. Only one Apothecary may be used to re-roll each Casualty roll.

Last update: October 11, 2011