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Basic HTML

Just an assortment of tags that you can use in your team bios if you dont know HTML...

<i>Text</i> Italic Text

<b>Text</b> Bold Text

<i><b>Text</b></i> Italic Bold Text, you can combine multiple tags

<u>Text</u> for underlining text

<big>Text</big> For big text.

<u><i><b><big></big></b></i></u> Ugly - please dont

<a href="Link address">Link Description</a>

  • If this doesn't seem to work use <url=Link adress>Link Description</> instead

<img src="Address of image"> for putting an image on the screen

<embed src="link"> for adding sounds but be careful not everyone will be able to hear it

<table>Table<tr>Row<td>Cell Text</td></tr></table>

  • To make a row within your table, add <tr></tr> tags for each row, and to add cells within each row, add as many <td>text</td> as you need. You can manipulate your table by adding parameters to the table tag, i.e. <table align=center border="3">

<sup>Text</sup> and <sub>Text</sub> give you superscript and subscript text

<font>Text</font> allows you to mess about with font colour size etc by adding parameters within the font tag, like <font color="gold">Text</font>. You can even change the font type!

<p align="left">Text</p> Will left-align Text instead of the standard Centered. Exchange left with right for right-align.

There are more useful tags but this should be enough to get you started, if anyone has other tags they feel are useful, then post them here

BlackNWhiteDog html code for beginners All you need to get started eiditing your team bios!





Last update: February 9, 2007