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Beastmen Teams

 0-16  Gor  60,000  6  3  3  8  Horns  GS  APM 
 0-4  Ungor  50,000  7  2  3  7  Dodge  GA  SPM 
 0-4  Bestigor  110,000  6  4  3  8  Horns  GS  APM 
 0-2  Bullgor  150,000  5  5  2  8  Horns, Frenzy, Mighty Blow, Wild Animal, Loner, Thick Skull  S  GAPM 
 Re-roll counter  60,000 gold pieces each 
 Apothecary  Yes 
 Star Players  Chaos 

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Beastmen live throughout the world, living on the edge of civilization, found throughout the lands of Kislev and the Dark Forests of the Empire, but they are most numerous in the Chaos Wastes to the North and South Polar Regions.

Beastmen have always played Bloodbowl with their Chaos allies, but this is not enough to satisfy their blood lust so they have recently started roaming the lands in war herds searching for games anywhere they can find them. Pestigors have joined the Nurgle teams, Slaangors - Slaanesh teams, Khorngors - Khorn teams and Tzaangors - Tzeentch teams and Gors the Beastmen teams. Gors as with Chaos make up their linemen, but unlike Chaos teams, Beastmen have introduced an element of agility and speed in to the mix - the Ungors; smaller, weaker but more nimble than Gors; the Ungors typically work as the ball carriers in the team allowing the Gors and Bestigors brutalize their opposition.

Beastmen teams do not have a home stadium. Like most other Blood Bowl races they are nomadic teams that grow in number as they travel, recruiting Beastmen children along their way. They have no interest in winning a trophy or fame, they only play for the thrill of battle, to honour their gods and for human women.

The Beastmen roster represents Beasts of Choas, it is essentially the same same as a standard Chaos team, using Gors as Linemen just like Beastmen in Chaos teams. Bestigors are St4 as it fits their fluff; being stronger than standard Beastmen and they essentially fill to role of the Chaos Warrior. They are slightly different in that they drop a point of av for an increase in Ma, which means there is no price change, and they also have Horns adding 10TV to their starting cost.

The extra Ma is what really differentiates this team from the standard Chaos team and the additional positional Ungor adds to this. It means a Beastmen team will typically be a little faster than standard Chaos, have extra mobility from Dodge on the Ungors but at the cost of lower Average St and Av.

The reason Beastmen were given an extra positional over the standard Chaos roster was to make them a little different in feel but also because it fits their caste system. The only other role in Beastmen society outside of the ones listed in the rosters are the Shaman who would act as the Apothecary and team wizard, and the Pestigors, Khorngors, Slaangors and Tzaangors who are aligned to specific chaos gods and they have no place in an unaligned Beastmen team.

Ungors are more nimble, but a lot weaker than standard Beastmen which made their starting skill selection straight forward, they also do not have horns unlike the other players, as their horns are very under developed so they could gain no St benefit from them. Using the roster creation guide this also meant that a standard starting roster will consist of 4 Bestigors, 4 Ungors, 3 Gors and 3 re-rolls which balances the team out quite nicely. The decision not to allow Mutations on single rolls was taken again to distance them from the standard Chaos Teams, but also because Beastmen teams are nomadic and do not all live in the Chaos wastes (unlike Chaos Teams), thus their chances of freak mutations are much less and instead must rely on gifts from their gods instead.

The roster also gives coaches the option of taking two Minotaurs instead of just one unlike the Chaos rosters. This is mainly for fluff reasons as a Beasts of Chaos team is more Blitzer centric than normal Chaos who's Chaos Warriors generally function as Blockers early on, while this team has no Blockers, even their St4 players will function as Blitzers as they lack the high Av to truly work as Blockers. It also fits the fluff of the Warbands marauding the lands looking for games, taking a minotaur or two for protection through the savage lands of the world. It is also unlikely that a second Minotaur would be of any real benefit to the team due to their high cost and the nega-trait Wild Animal. But it adds more individuality and a fun alternate way of approaching the roster. I also changed the Minotaur name to Bullgor, the name Beastmen give to Minotaurs.

This team was created to be a better starter team than Chaos, aiming for around the bottom of Tier 1. However its goal was also to make them slightly worse than a standard Chaos team at a high TV. This was another reason why I wanted Mutations to be doubles only. Otherwise this team would be better than standard Chaos at low and high TV.

Season 2 Changes
After 1 year Beastmen teams have played 296 games with a win percentage of - 48.82%. Which is right in the middle of Tier 1. No changes made. The roster is performing exactly as expected.

Season 3
After another season has passed 427 games played with a win percentage of 49.06%, again squarly in Tier 1 as expected. No changes made. The team has been locked in now, I am comfortable with the roster and how it is performing.

Team design, background and rationale by Garion
Player Pics are drawn by Knut_Rockie and coloured by Garion
Player icons by Whatball, Garion, King_mad and Fanky

Last update: April 12, 2020