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Orc Big 'Uns Teams

 0-16  Little Big 'Uns  50,000  6  2  3  8  Stunty, Right Stuff, Dodge  A  GSP 
 0-6  Big 'Uns  90,000  5  4  2  9    GS  AP 
 0-1  'Uge Big 'Un  120,000  4  5  1  9  Loner, Thick Skull, Always Hungry, Mighty Blow, Really Stupid, Regeneration, Throw Team-Mate  S  GAP 
 Reroll counter  70,000 gold pieces each 
 Apothecary  Yes 
 Star Players  Orc 

Player Pics

Player Icons
Little Big 'Un

Big 'Un

'Uge Big 'Un

In Orc training camps there is always one or two really big Orcs. The rest of mob call them Big 'Uns.

The big Warbosses started travelling round all the Orc clans and took the biggest Orcs they could find with them to start their own teams. Not great with the human languages the Orcs simply named these teams Big 'Uns. The only problem is Big 'Uns are quite rare, so to make up the numbers they took the biggest toughest Goblins they could find and the biggest Trolls too. They called them Little Big 'Uns and 'Uge Big 'Uns.

The Big 'Uns as you can quite imagine are not the sharpest of players but what they lack in smarts they make up for in brute force; much to their Warboses' delight.

Orc Big 'Uns are based on Big 'Uns from the Orc army book. They are not Black Orcs, although their stat line is similar. They are essentially really over sized orcs that are given the best armour. The Warhammer background essentially says Orcs goal in life is to grow bigger and stronger all the time, the fittest biggest Orcs at the peak of their size are called Big 'Uns and they are led by the biggest of all Big 'Uns who they call their warboss. In Blood Bowl this player would be you the teams coach. This is also true of Goblins, who the Orcs refer to as Little Big 'Uns, and like the orcs get equipped with the best armour. Although Trolls are not mentioned as having Big 'Uns it doesn't seem a stretch to have 'Uge Big 'Uns and I liked the comedic name as it is very in keeping with the humour of Blood Bowl.

Once we started designing the roster in line with Big 'Un background in mind it quickly became apparent we were looking at something of a Lizardmen variant. So that is how the number of players you can take were selected.

The Stat lines were straight forward. Little Big 'Uns are Goblins but tougher and better equipped, so they gain +1 Av to make them Av8. The Big 'Uns are essentially giant powerful Orcs, so they gained the Orc stat line +1 st and -1ag because of their huge size. Similarly the Troll just needed to be a bit tougher than normal Trolls so gained Thick Skull.

Season 2 Changes
New team to Season2.

Season 3 Changes
255 games played 49.41% win percentage, this puts the race firmly tier1, as expected. They are very similar to lizardmen so I almost expected them to perform a little better. I have locked the team in now, I am comfortable with the roster and how it is performing.

Team design by Garion, Guardikai, Burnalot and Calthor
Player Art by Knut Rockie, coloured by Garion and Ryan Fitz
Background and Rationale by Garion

Last update: November 6, 2019