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Black Dwarf Teams

 0-16  Chaos Dwarf Linemen  60,000  4  3  4+  5+  10+  Thick Skull, Block  GS  A 
 0-2  Chaos Dwarf Mutants  60,000  4  3  4+  5+  10+  Thick Skull, Block  GMS  A 
 0-2  Chaos Dwarf Thrower  70,000  5  3  3+  3+  9+  Thick Skull, Sure Hands, Pass  GP  AS 
 0-2  Chaos Dwarf Kicker  80,000  4  3  4+  4+  10+  Thick Skull, Block, Kick, Dirty Player  GS  AP 
 0-2  Chaos Dwarf Blitzer  100,000  6  3  3+  5+  10+  Thick Skull, Block, Catch  GS  A 
 Re-roll counter  70,000 gold pieces each. 
 Apothecary  Yes 
 Special Rules  Favoured of... (choose either) Chaos Undivided, Khorne, Nurgle, Slaanesh, Tzeentch 
 Tier  1 

Player Pics

Player Icons





Famous Teams
Black Death, Scarfaced Scavengers

Chaos Dwarfs never used to allow Hobgoblins in their teams, or Minotaurs. Their teams were made up of skilled Chaos Dwarf Blitzers, Throwers, Linemen and occasionally they would field particularly mutated Chaos Dwarf, on occasion a Troll and rarer still they would field firethrowers - flame throwers forged in the hell fires of the dark lands.

This all changed with the success and popularity of the Zhar-Naggrund Ziggurats. The year was 2494 and the Ziggurats became the first Chaos Dwarf team to field Bull Centaurs and Hobgoblins. The spectators loved it. The hobgoblins were dirty cheats kicking any opponent that lay at their feet while the Bull Centaurs were at times unstoppable. The Ziggurats had a larger fan base than any Chaos Dwarf team before them and all the teams of the region soon followed their lead. The old style of play was forgotten. The face masks were discarded in favour of the more ostentatious big hats and their more simplistic tactical approach to the game was adopted.

As the years rolled by. The Ziggurats infamous style and system of play was the norm and Chaos Dwarfs and Hobgoblin fans started looking elsewhere to get their kicks. Hobgoblin teams started forming, drawing large numbers of spectators away from the Chaos Dwarf stadia, and with the numbers of Hobgoblins willing to play in the Dark Lands reaching an all-time low the Chaos Dwarves started forming teams made up entirely of Chaos Dwarves once more. The all Chaos Dwarf teams reclaimed the armour design donned during the NAF era of the sport. Casting aside their impractical head wear in favour of the steel face masks and helms worn by great teams such as the Scarfaced Scavengers. They would take on a name once given to them long ago - the Black Dwarfs, and they would not let any lowly Hobgoblin near them, this is a team for the pure blooded Chaos Dwarfs, to play in the style of the legendary teams of their ancestors.

In 2nd ed the Chaos Dwarf roster was just a typical Dwarf team with a few alternate options, it started with 4 Blitzers but you could change 2 Blitzers for Throwers, so I have just removed this option and made it 0-2 Blitzers and 0-2 Throwers. Similarly You had the option to change two Linemen for either Chaos Dwarf Mutants or Firethrowers. I didn't include the firethrowers because they were never really covered in the rules for Blood Bowl, though their Warhammer rules were covered in White Dwarf long ago. They were really forgotten about along side other 2nd edition oddities such as the Chaos See saw amongst others. So I just gave them the 0-2 Mutants option, who are just Linemen with mutation access.

The Linemen are basically the same as Dwarf Blockers/Longbeards though Tackle has been removed. This is because they are not Blockers, the Blockers are already in the standard Chaos Dwarf team. These are more basic Chaos Dwarf Linemen and not quite a skilled as the Blockers.

The Mutants as said before are just Linemen dropping S access for Mutation access.

The Blitzers and Throwers stats were basically taken straight from 2nd ed and translated to this edition. The Blitzer has Catch because 2nd Ed teams were generally more rounded and they have a higher Cool rating, Cool being how cool he is when Catching etc...

The Kickers are again just Linemen with the Kick skill, this is again a throw back to 2nd ed, I added the Dirty Player skill too, to make the player more interesting and it stands to reason that a Chaos Dwarf would use his Kicking ability to kick downed opponent players.

Season 2 (2020 Edition) Changes
No changes made other than introduce the Pa stat inline with the standard rules.

Team design, rationale and background by Garion
Player Pics by Knut Rockie and coloured by Garion
Icons by Cowhead

Last update: January 13, 2023